Five good reasons to go to the Clisson film festival

Dominique Morin, the president, with Roger Griveau, a volunteer from cinema Le Connétable and Valérie Loiret, the employee, have come up with a very busy schedule. © HSM

This year the Festival from cinema the agent a Clisson in the Vineyard of Nantes it will start with a little delay compared to previous editions.

“With the 10 years we celebrated, at the beginning of September, with special evenings, the small week of shift allowed us not to rush everything”, points out Roger Griveau, one of the 70 volunteers of the association.

Instead of straddling October and November, the event will take place November.

Never, in 49 editionssuch program had been proposed: with 9 movie in previews and 5 on the national release and 14 guests of the world of cinema.

To see the movies first of all

Nine films will in fact be previewed. The Christmas challenge it will be the first of these, broadcast on Wednesday 2 November, at 8:30 pm.

It will be released in other French cinemas 15 days later.

The story of a professional footballer who, after being the first French picked up the Golden Ballis experiencing a very difficult season.

Video: currently on Actu

There will be also Anger Annie, scheduled for Thursday 3 November, while the release is only scheduled for 30 November: a film that immerses the viewer in the France of the 70s, at the center of the Movement for the Freedom of Abortion and Contraception (Milac) with Laura Calamy. The public will also have the opportunity to find out 16 yearsby Philippe Lioret, from November 4, while its release is scheduled for January 25.

The Torrent with André Dussolier and José Garcia will be visible on November 7 instead of November 30 in the rest of France.

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We will also mention Storm, a film about the potentially dramatic relationship between a jockey and his horse, which will be screened on November 22, a month before its theatrical release; or even the whirlwind of life with Lou de Lâage and Isabelle Carré scheduled for November 21st instead of December 7th

And Only one night, The Franco-Iranian drama aired on November 10 instead of the 16. In short, enough to have an opinion before its release.

To meet cinema professionals

For this 49th edition, no less than 14 guests will come to Connétable during the festival. To present their film but also to exchange with the public.

Among the best known, the director Anne Le Ny who will come to support his film Stream, a thriller set against the backdrop of a marital drama on November 7th.

Filippo Lioret there will also be Sabrina Levoye, actress of the film 16 years Screening on November 4th.

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Among the other guests, Florian Hessique and Aurore Planas, director and actress in The Christmas challenge; Marlène Sérour, casting director in the worst, where four children play their characters; Olivier Treiner, director of whirlwind of life and Romain Rousseau, producer of Storm.

To be a member of the jury

Sure, Clisson is neither Cannes nor Deauville, but there is still a list of awards.

Certainly small, because it comes down to two prizes: that of the public and that of high school youth Charles-Péguy following the cinema option.

All films shown are not in competition. The organizers made a selection: 7 for each category (which can be found in the festival booklet). Therefore, anyone can be a member of the jury. A prestige.

To see movies that weren’t shown at the Constable

This festival is also an opportunity to see films that would not have screened in Clisson.

For example, let’s mention Eo, an Italian-Polish film, which tells the world seen through the eyes of an animal; or butterfly visionUkrainian drama escaped from a prison in Donbass or even Detecta dramatic comedy about the struggle of workers to buy back their factory promised to an investment fund.

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Movies committed and sometimes broadcast in the original version with subtitles. Even when it’s a comedy, like The school is ourswith Jean Pierre Darroussinthere is this message conveyed about the possibilities of another school system.

The festival will also give a place of honor to local initiatives: so does the association Passion Clissonwith Antoine Caron, trainer in beekeepingwill discuss the importance of bees for biodiversity after the documentary by Perrine Bertrand and Yan Grill, Being with the bees.

Similarly, a group of farmers, including Maréva Hervouet in Vieillevigne, will come to talk about the Crisp, documentaryand discuss the lack of recognition of their work by the profession, which is essentially male.

To revive the cinema

Cinema is experiencing a long Covid. The 7th art did not return to its level of attendance prior to the health crisis.

On average, cinemas have lost 30% of viewers. At the Constable, it’s even 50%. spectators unless they were identified between 2021 (31,761 entries) and 2019 (63,213).

All the saltassociations in particular hope to have higher levels by the end of 2022.

The agent has not stopped mobilizing since the end of the crisis. The 49And the festival edition is an example of this.

Note that a “classic” program is being set up in parallel with the festival.

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