7 romantic movies to see at least once in a lifetime

In this beautiful season, romantic films are making us eyes. Of the tender “Games for children” humorous “Stupid, crazy love” through the stormy “20 years apart”these overflowing works of feeling happily flirt with our cinephile soul of blue flowers.

Much more than just entertainment, these poetic films clearly melt our tender hearts. Difficult to dodge these arrows that Cupid sends us according to the scenarios. Heading to 7 must-see romantic movies that make you want to savor love with a capital “A”.

1 – Love at first sight in Notting Hill

One day Anna Scott, a renowned actress of the Hollywood scene, accidentally rushes into the picturesque bookshop of William Thacket, an ordinary man who excels in the art of awkwardness. This clash between two radically opposite social strata is the fascination of this film. unmistakable romance. This bookshop located in the very chic district of Notting Hill in London suggests the beginning of an adventure, incredible to say the least.

Away from the classic romance that ravages our makeup with touching statements, this film blends tenderness and comic notes for the maximum pleasure of our cheekbones. The quote “Opposites attract” takes on all its meaning behind the unexpected meeting between William and Anna.

2 – The holiday

This is a romantic movie in perfect osmosis with the long-awaited Christmas atmosphere. Iris, English victim of a one-sided love and Amanda, American in amorous depression they swap their homes over the holidays, just to mend their broken hearts. As Iris stores her luggage in a luxury residence near the mansion, Amanda discovers a rustic but cozy country house. This inverted stay, perceived as a new beginning, is punctuated with surprises.

Each on his side, the two women, resigned to ending their relationship, find themselves face to face with the men, fascinating, in their own way. Amanda meets Iris’s brother, a bit “eccentric” while Iris basks in the presence of Miles, a friend of Amanda. These cross romance swing between sweetness and humor.

3 – Current love

A “so British” setting, a kitschy setting that can be devoured without problems, sincere and bright characters… could this be the equation of a successful romantic film? In any case, this is what we suggest “Current love” that infuses rose water in every detail. In this story that eventually contains several, love crumbles like wildfire. Unexplained, uncontrollable and powerful, feelings arise without warning.

The new Prime Minister, the writer with a wounded heart, a couple tormented by suspicions of infidelity, a wedding witness secretly in love with the bride … love hovers in the air and spreads almost rampant. Sometimes comforting, sometimes offensive, love is an inexact science that necessarily leaves traces in its path. This is the teaching of this romantic, benevolent and funny movie.

4 – Games for children

This romantic film with a profound message is lived in the light of nostalgia. Sophie and Julien are childhood friends who made the game “cap or not cap” their battle cry. During their tender age, they don’t spend a day without each other, that’s the rule. Together they form a shared duo between fraternity and passion. Foolish companions, the two souls face every challenge against a background of “cap”, without feigning fear.

Explosions of laughter, jokes, fears, pain and complicity intertwine, giving way to a troubled relationship. This playful parade is ultimately an indirect way of revealing one’s attraction to each other. Over the years, the two friends lose sight of each other. It is only when they reach thirty that their paths just cross again the famous game takes the turn of love.

5 – 20 years later

Alice Lantins, 38, is there perfect example of exemplary working girl. Beautiful, ambitious, radiant, devoted body and soul to her work as a journalist, she is anything but in decline. Yet her reputation as a stubborn woman is slowly driving her away from her professional goal. : becomes the next editor-in-chief of “Rebelle” magazine.

Aware that this dream is unfairly consumed, embarks on a fiery adventure with Balthazar, an architecture student who is just over twenty years old. This is the joker he needed to reach this position, so dear to him. Alice then invents an idyll from scratch, largely mastered with this young man who could be his son. Problem: comedy gives way to real, deep and visceral feeling. This romantic film suspended above the ideas received jumps between voluptuousness and turmoil, giving free rein to sincere emotions.

6 – dear John

Take out the tissue boxes, this romantic movie is a concentration of scenes as moving as they are heartbreaking. The script is a bit cliché, but it is a caress in itself. John Tyree, a licensed special forces soldier, meets Savannah Curtis, a dreamy student on a paradise beach. It is love at first sight. For two weeks, this all-opposing duo sculpt a palpable fusional relationship. But John has to go back to his mission and Savannah to college.

Despite the distance, their love swells according to the letters that the two lovebirds are exchanged daily. However, Savannah fears for her partner’s life and feels completely helpless. The young woman is tormented by doubts. What if John was taken hostage? What if he was killed with impunity? When tragedy brings John back to his better half, the couple are put to the test. But will love come out victorious?

7 – Stupid, crazy love

This time you may be crying with laughter, so keep the tissues nearby. This romantic film is a sparkling seduction lesson to see urgently if your morale is dry. Cal Weaver, in his forties accomplished at work and in family life, is accomplished. But this perfect facade is crumbling when he learns that his wife Emily, whom he has seen since high school, has cheated on him and is filing for divorce.

Completely overwhelmed in the dating arena, Cal is one of those “losers” who stammer when it comes to flirting. He becomes a pillar of the bar and connects the tête-à-tête with his he beers, until the day he meets Jacob Palmer, a Don Juan with sharp discs. Jacob becomes something of a coach, Cal’s official love doctor. If her appearance has passed a course, her heart remains locked on Emily, her lost love.

These romantic movies promise a complete love cure. Impossible to resist the sensual charm of Ryan Gosling or the sensitive side of Pierre Niney. In duo or solo, these grandiose creations perfectly reproduce this unique sensation of the taste buds in the belly. Single, these movies are likely to push you a little more into handcuff season …

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