Dr. Berset’s remedies to save the health system

“Health system: what to do, Dr. Berset?” The Socialist Federal Councilor was a guest of the Health forum organized by Time and Heidi. news, Thursday at the University of Lausanne, which brought together 500 people. The head of the Department of the Interior was specifically questioned about his recipes to curb the rise in health premiums in Switzerland. The Fribourgeois have begun to paint the picture of the situation and have regretted that there is a “cartel of silence” in this sector: if effective measures are recommended that affect one of the health actors, the other actors are silent, hoping that when a next reform regarding them, they will be able to take advantage of the same silence, so that stillness reigns.

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Are the socialist’s recipes too statist? “When I took on health care in 2012, every time I argued something I was accused of wanting to introduce the single up to a back door,” she said. Today, when I propose measures, people reply that I want to nationalize our system, like in Cuba. I fight in a very pragmatic way to improve things ”.

Recall that, after four years of relatively stable premiums, they have returned to growth with an average increase of 6.6% for 2023. The shock is less brutal than the 10% predicted in particular by the umbrella organization Santésuisse, but cash-in remains serious, especially for cantons such as Neuchâtel (+ 9.5%) or Jura (+ 7.9%). The slight decline in premiums of 0.2% for 2022 will therefore only be a temporary recovery, favored by the pressure that Alain Berset had exerted on insurers to lower the level of their reserves.

The Bernese Jura hospital is transformed into a global network of integrated care in which the insurer Visana participates. Its purpose is to lower healthcare costs by eliminating unnecessary interventions and thus offer policyholders low premiums. Will the assistance network be able to improve the system? “We must never lose hope that these innovations can make things better,” said Alain Berset.

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“Masks, I didn’t even have any”

Another debated topic: the covid pandemic. Is the psychodrama of masks behind us in this period? This event was “the fairly simple translation of the conviction of living in a world where there are only certainties, believe the Fribourgeois. It was not up to the Confederation to have reserves of masks for everyone ”. The minister then turned to the room to be thrown away: “Who in this room had a box of 50 masks and who does not work in the health field?” Only ten hands went up. “I didn’t have one either, the federal councilor reassured. This shows that this situation was thought to be impossible. I spoke to the managers of a large German-speaking hospital: they discovered that when they ordered the masks they received them three days later. However, as for storage costs, they did without it.

The services of the Federal Office of Public Health announce a new wave of covids for mid-November. Are we ready to face it? “We are dealing with phenomena that are complicated to control. We no longer see the situation from the start where there was no immunity. The sub-variant does not reach neutral ground and this changes things. During the development of Omicron, it was seen to escape immunity. We are now well prepared to avoid a large number of serious cases. The problems at first were the influx of cases into the ICU. It can be avoided with acquired immunity. But we’re not going to wipe this virus off the face of the earth, we’re going to have to live with it.

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Does the Confederation have the opportunity to act quickly or is it up to the cantons, with which there is no dialogue? “There was no lack of dialogue, she argues. In autumn 2020, the French-speaking cantons made necessary and difficult decisions such as closing restaurants. This was not the case for everyone. I still see myself in videoconference with the cantons to tell them: forward.

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