Oppositions express anger over the government’s immigration bill

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The immigration bill announced Wednesday by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin angered opposition parties, especially the right and far right, but also the left wing of the EU hemicycle.

– Le Pen denounces a “worsening of illegal immigration networks”

At the microphone of “France 2”, Marine Le Pen, president of the National Assembly (RN) group at the National Assembly, denounced, through this bill, a “worsening of illegal immigration networks”.

“It is a question of considering the regularization of a certain number of illegal immigrants who are used by leaders who should in turn find themselves before the criminal court to hire irregular people”, launched the head of the far-right party, referring to the government’s will to granting a residence permit to people who find themselves in a situation of irregularity, but work in a sector that is struggling to hire.

Marine Le Pen also denounced the logic of the government, which she called that of the “fait accompli”.

“Since there are 7,000 people in an irregular situation working in our country, they need to be regularized,” he noted.

“We have been doing the same thing for immigration for 40 years. We see that the situation gets worse every year,” said the president of the RN group at the Palais Bourbon.

Same story for Louis Aliot, candidate for the presidency of the RN, who denounced, for his part, “a call to the air for additional immigration”.

Referring to the government’s willingness to grant a residence permit to people who find themselves in an irregular situation, but work in a sector that is struggling to hire, the mayor of Perpignan admits that there are indeed jobs in tension.

“But what level of salary do we give to a young man who goes to the construction site or who goes to the kitchen?” low-income restoration offered by employers.

For his part, the mayor of RN of the city of Béziers, Robert Ménard, interviewed by CNews, admitted that there are “many jobs” that only “immigrants” accept and that “the French no longer want them. TO DO”. He says he is in favor of a future law that will allow illegal workers to be regularized.

“I think it’s a good idea, as long as you really monitor and on a case-by-case basis, that it’s not a new sector for people returning to France,” said Robert Ménard.

– Angry left and right

On the side of the Les Républicains party (LR, right), Éric Ciotti, candidate for the presidency of the opposition party, denounced “a form of deception to go once again towards a form of regularization”, taking a position similar to that of the far right.

“We cannot expel people who undergo an OQTF [Obligation de quitter le territoire français, NDLR] and therefore, a brilliant idea found by the two ministers: let’s go to regularize foreigners in an irregular situation, who have illegally entered the territory, on the grounds that they could fill jobs in tension “, chastises the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes.

Among the members of the left-wing alliance Nupes (New ecological and social popular union), Aurélien Taché, deputy for Europe Ecology-The Greens, interviewed by BFMTV, estimated that “there is no immigration problem in France, but a problem of the exploitation of migratory subjects by the right and the extreme right ”.

The elected left denounced the communication battle of the government and the right wing of the French political spectrum, on the migration issue.

For his part, the deputy of La France Insoumise (LFI) for Picardy, François Ruffin, expressed his opposition to “chosen immigration”.

At the microphone of Radio Sud, the elected Nupes asked for “status and income” for all care professions.

“People must be able to live off their jobs and have a status and an income” for all tense jobs such as housekeeping.

For her part, on social media, MP Eelv, Sandrine Rousseau, was outraged by the government’s “deadly mechanics”, or rather “reserving the hardest and most precarious jobs for the most fragile, discriminated and foreigners”.

– Government Immigration Bill

We recall that this Wednesday the French Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, announced that a new immigration bill should be presented at the beginning of 2023.

According to the minister, the text that will be put to the vote of the legislators provides in particular for the regularization of irregular migrants to allow them to work in “jobs in tension”.

The tenant of Beauvau therefore intends to fight “against illegal work” and to relieve sectors such as “hotels, restaurants, construction and public works”, which encounter difficulties in recruiting.

“What we want is to completely stop the undeclared labor market with strong sanctions […]and make changes below and below, ”he begged.

However, Gérald Darmanin felt that this bill would be “the strongest immigration text presented by a government” and that it contains many proactive measures against immigration.

“I do not make the link between immigration and delinquency, but some foreigners in the big cities commit most of the acts of delinquency”, said the minister who added that he would ask “the agents of the prefectures to properly perform the obligations to leave the French territory. “.

The minister also announced measures to tighten the living conditions of undocumented immigrants, such as ending access to social housing.

On the microphone this Thursday morning, from CNews, Gérald Darmanin indicated that more than 18,000 people in an irregular situation have been deported since the beginning of the year, describing an increase of “over 20%” compared to 2021.

The Interior Minister also expressed the government’s willingness to reduce the processing time for asylum applications to 60 days, while the current processing time varies between three and six months.

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