Territorial food plan in the South of the Channel: a film to talk about it

Food will be at the center of the Alimenterre festival. © actu.fr

As part of the Alimenterre festival and its Territorial Food Project, the urban community Mont-Saint-Michel – Normandy (Manche) organizes six evening debates. These evenings are open to everyone.

Brouains, Saint-Hilaire

Presentation of the film The last of the dairy by Mathurin Peschet (One Thousand and One Films, 2020, 52 ‘).

What if in 2050, in Brittany, there were only a handful of milk producers left, at the head of tens of thousands of cows locked in buildings, alone with robots? The rate of disappearance of farms over the past fifty years has directly led to the extinction of milk producers. Is this future inevitable? I make this film so as not to resign myself.

Yohann Levray, an economics professor at an agricultural high school will moderate the debate that

will close with an aperitif.

At the Moulin de la Sée, Friday 4 November at 8:30 pm Free. Reservation: 02 33 49 76 64.

Conference room of the agricultural school of the Mont Saint-Michel bay (route de Fougères), Tuesday 22 November at 20:00 Limited number of seats. Reservation until

In Avranches

A land without bees? by Elsa Putelat and Nicolas Dupuis (EKLA Production, 2021, 55 ′).

The warnings and alarms are numerous. Today we know that bees are threatened

Video: currently on Actu

Around the world. In France 56 million bees die every day. What are the solutions envisaged? How does the human being respond to this situation? The answers are different. Some are grotesque, futuristic, others innovative, still others united and collective. We travel around the world to meet the various players and discover the solutions envisaged. From America to Asia, passing through Europe, behind the answers given, the world of tomorrow is taking shape.

Julie-Anne Kervella, specializing in the history of beekeeping; Aurélien Morlier, sector manager of the Manoir des Abeilles de Pontorson, will be present. This debate will end with a glass of friendship.

Theater, boulevard Léon Jozeau Marigné in Avranches, Tuesday 15 November at 7:30 pm Free.


Conference on food and the Territorial Food Project 2021-2022 (90 ′).

In 2021 the urban community launched a Territorial Food Project (PAT). Since then, various meetings have been organized with food stakeholders, from field to table, to reflect on the future of our dishes. Two PhD students in geography from the University of Caen, Morgane Esnault and Léna Jegat, will talk about the topics: “The canteen is not good”, a welcome idea? and “Food self-production in family gardens: what contribution to local food systems?” “

Theater, boulevard Léon Jozeau Marigné in Avranches, Friday 18 November at 7:30 pm Free


The share of others by Jean-Baptiste Delpias and Olivier Payage (CIVAM Network, 2019, 55 ′).

Feet in Quentin’s cereal fields or Nathalie’s scrub, during a discussion about good food with David, in the Keredern district of Brest or with the volunteers and in line for food aid, The part of the others looks at a multitude of lived situations . These situations taken together make it possible to question the agricultural system as a whole, to the point of imagining a

social food security… Tasting of products harvested from local producers and processed.

Conference room of the agricultural school of the Mont-Saint-Michel bay, route de Fougères to Saint-Hilaire, Tuesday 29 November at 20:00 Reservation until


For a few more bananas, the chlordecone scandal by Bernard Crutzen (Camera One Television – Zistoires – RTBF Belgian Television, 2019, 53 ′.

Everyone in the West Indies knows him. He is an endocrine disruptor that makes Martinique the world champion in prostate cancer. It has contaminated a third of agricultural land, tubers, meat, eggs … It is a persistent and toxic pesticide that we will not get rid of for several centuries. For a few more bananas, it contaminated everything … even politics.

François Fèvre, the film’s producer will be present at the debate, which will end with an aperitif and dinner.

Salle des fêtes, 2 place de l’Hôtel de Ville in Pontorson, Friday 25 November at 19:00 Limited number of seats. Reservation at

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