The 10 cutest pop culture heroes and heroines

It is the International Day of Kindness, 24 hours to celebrate kindness, generosity and kindness. And who better than characters from manga, video games and series to promote these qualities?

Today is the day of kindness. The occasion to ask oneself why this quality is often derided, exploited, considered boring … In short, because it is often underestimated. Pop culture isn’t the last to belittle or even torture characters qualified as likable. Yet, some heroes, some heroines remind us that this value is fundamental for the good functioning of society, throughout the year, and not just for 24 hours. Popular culture is also there to show us that kindness, far from making us noodles, can be a strength, even make us heroes. Try by ten.

1 Izuku Midoriya, My academic hero

While he’s not the most beloved character in history and many find him too boring, too crafty, and too nerdy, Deku is still a cream of the crop. Simply love. His mantra? Being able to save lives with a smile on your face. In other words: never get tempted by the dark side of your emotions. Even when it comes to saving his former stalker, Katsuki Bakugo, from the hands of a monster. Kindness embodied.

© Kōhei Horikoshi, Crunchyroll

2 Goku, dragon ball

Just like Rocky Balboa, it takes a lot to disrupt the course of the Saiyan’s will. Goku is a machine. But a pleasant and smiling car. Saiyans are conquistadors and even though it was a blow to the head that made him forget he came to planet Earth to destroy it, he is changing for the better. Very often, he does not hesitate to put his life on the line to save his comrades or just humanity in its entirety. He never has a word on the other, he doesn’t bring her back, he does whatever it takes to motivate and train his fellow combatants, and always with the banana.

© Toei Company, Glénat

3 Yoshi, Super Mario

Sometimes clothes make the monk. This little green dinosaur looks too cute, and it really is. He’s brave, he doesn’t hesitate to rub against bigger and stronger than him: Bowser, Yoob or Tap-Tap the Golden to name a few. He is supportive, always ready to lend a hand, available and knows how to put his ego aside when Mario needs a mount. Above all, he is humble. When he is offered to become the leader of the Yoshi clan in Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars, refuses the offer, not sure if he can take this responsibility. Everything is said.

© Nintendo

4 Ned Flanders, The Simpsons

Being alongside The Simpsons doesn’t have to be easy every day, to say the least. Between Bart demonstrating limitless creativity when it comes to imagining new nonsense, Marge who can let her maternal instincts take over, Lisa and her saxophone, or even Homer and her annoying character, you have to be basically friendly to stay calm. under all circumstances and continues to greet them every morning. And this, for more than 700 episodes. It requires respect.

5 Tohru Honda, fruit basket

His mother dies, he finds himself on the street, living in a tent, yet he never lets go of his joie de vivre. It is this natural empathy that becomes the main theme of the manga. La lycéenne de 16 ans territ chez la famille Sôma, victim d’une malédiction (ils se transforment en animaux lorsqu’ils touchent une personne du sexe opposé) et lei va apprendre à les connaître, à les écouter et même les aider à vaincre le mauvais sorte. The very definition of kindness.

© Studio Deen, Delcourt

6 Samwell Tarly, game of Thrones

Loyalty first of all. Jon Snow can attest to this: Sam’s not the kind to turn around. But Samwell Tarly is also good pasta. It is his ability to listen, his attention and his kindness to him that will make him climb the ranks within the Night’s Watch. It is also these qualities that will put Gilly, a brute who will become his companion, on his way. He will take care of her and her child without asking further questions. A rarity and a ray of sunshine, especially if we consider the costumes of the West and North Continent.


7 Leslie Knope, Parks and Entertainment

For her, love is at the center of everything. For seven seasons, in a political universe that is not always healthy and in the midst of a shovelful of characters with whom it is not always easy to live with, Leslie Knope manages to stay the course: pursue her dreams and try to make her world a best place. All while remaining sociable, smiling, not stingy with compliments, welcoming, comforting, attentive, attentive, pragmatic, positive, ambitious, frank and respectful. She is simply a golden person.

8 Kimmy Schmidt, The indestructible Kimmy Schmidt

We find Kimmy Schmidt halfway between innocence, generosity and the inevitable resilience. After being kidnapped by a guru in a bunker, the young woman discovers real life. She takes him wholeheartedly, without resentment or bitterness, even though he lives in New York and her karma isn’t always favorable to her. Better: she makes her mission to help others, a bit like Amélie Poulain, and rekindle the flame in them.

© Netflix

9 Hurley, Lost

A plane crash is certainly the best possible experience to test someone’s kindness, a case of extreme urgency. Surviving on a desert island after going through hell is exactly what Hugo Reyes is going through, says Hurley, and nothing can disturb his good mood. Neither the mysteries of the island, nor the low blows, nor the isolation. Not even the Others, the bad guys Lostwho also end up having a soft spot for Hurley’s good nature.

© American broadcasting company

10 Jessica day, New girl

She is so friendly that she gets annoying sometimes. New to an apartment in Los Angeles, Jessica goes to great lengths to be accepted by her only male roommates. And she never cracks in the face of Nick’s characteristic laziness, Coach’s hyperactivity, Schmidt’s stiffness or Winston’s awkwardness. She dances, sings, gives, smiles … In short, everyone radiates around her.

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