Angry, French laboratories denounce the government’s “cure for austerity”

These professionals refuse to reduce their budget and agree to go on strike from November 14, due to lack of agreement with Medicare.

Discontent rises from the side of laboratory technicians and biologists. Mobilized since October 27, they denounce a “care of austerityby the government. In question, the Social Security Funding Bill for 2023 (PLFSS), in which the executive plans to reduce the budget allocated to medical biology, partially subsidizing the state for the acts performed by these professionals. The budget would thus be reduced by € 250 million per year for ongoing procedures, until 2026.

This decrease constitutesan unprecedented financial threat“, Annoys the president of the Medical Biology Alliance (ABM), Alain Le Meur. This budget cut would be questionablethe quality of care, employment in the territories, the innovation capacity of the laboratories and their network“, Denounces the representative. “In ten years the volume of medical biology proceedings has increased by 30% while the envelope has only increased by 3%“, He insists.

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To underline their dissatisfaction, the 4200 French laboratories went on strike on October 27, in an original way: until November 2, all laboratories suspended the transmission of Covid test results to the SI-DEP portal. This allows you to identify all the achievements of the French nationally. This break is also noted by the statistical service of the Ministry of Health, the DREES, which specifies that “private sector laboratories accounted for 79% of test reports for the week of October 17-23” And “many of them were no longer broadcast between 27 and 30 October“.

Last week the Minister of Health, François Braun and the Minister in charge of public accounts, Gabriel Attal sent a letter to the presidents of the trade unions to denounce a suspension “inadmissible“.”This situation has been all the more inconsistent and reckless as it has taken the French hostage and blinded the authorities to handling an epidemic that continues to kill every day.“Adds the Ministry of Health.

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A strike that could get stronger

Among the professionals mobilized various unions such as that of biologists, that of medical biologists, that of medical biologists, that of clinical biology laboratories, as well as members of the Association for the advancement of medical biology. “This is the first time everyone has aligned in this movement“, Insists François Blanchecotte, national president of the biologists’ union.

Problem, if the test results were still transmitted directly to patients and doctors, the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM), dependent on the SI-DEP system, no longer issued sick leave. “We hadn’t thought about this repercussionrecognizes François Blanchecotte. He adds that “all laboratory digitization work“, Also scheduled for 2023, were interrupted, to increase the pressure on the state.

Faced with discontent, discussions between the trade unions and Thomas Fatôme, director general of CNAM, will begin on 7 November. “We are ready to return several million euros of the money raised in relation to Covid-19 but we do not accept the reduction of our budget“, Stresses François Blanchecotte. Depending on the conclusions of the exchange, he already warns of a possible tightening of the strike, which would lead to “the closure of all workshops for several daysfrom November 14th.

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