IT Junior profiles among the highest paid in France

The tense context in IT employment means that in France the industry ranks second on the list of professions that pay best young workers behind lawyers, according to a study by Walters People. Taking advantage of a favorable situation, technical profiles from 0 to 5 years are fine with annual salaries that can quickly exceed 500,000 euros.

For young people working in the digital professions, the signs are green in France after the uncertainties related to the pandemic. This is the main result of a study conducted by the Walters People studio with the aim of identifying the professional situation of digital juniors. The results reveal that there are always plenty of IT hires right after school, with various specialties and salaries that can quickly exceed $ 500,000 per year. Consequently, digital and also e-marketing are in second place among the sectors of activity that best remunerate junior profiles, behind the legal branch. Among the most popular professions we find the CRM project manager, with at the beginning between 400 and 550 K € per year. The exchanges relating to the acquisition of traffic follow € 350/500 K in front of the e-commerce project managers (€ 380/500 K). The data collected confirm the renewed optimism of recent IT graduates, with 62% saying they are confident in their professional future.

Concerns related to the health crisis have lessened, as 80% of respondents believe there will be many offers in their field over the next 12 months. 42% also say they are open to an interim contract for the next position. The study also shows that 96% of these young professionals declare that, in the event of a crisis, they are open to offers in sectors other than the one in which they operate. If digital professions remain favorable for these young people, it is in particular due to the continued expansion of the number of jobs in these specialties, explains Walters People. This development is also accompanied by an increasingly clear opening of companies to younger profiles, in particular when these justify a first work-study experience. Companies are looking for candidates with technical skills and who are quickly up and running, which puts well-trained young professionals in a position of strength because they are too few. In this context, carriers continue to raise their expectations. To recruit them, companies have no choice but to offer them attractive salaries.

Affluent juniors in the digital marketing professions

In France, the remuneration of start-ups is very high in the technological and digital marketing specialties. (Source: Walters People / Image credit: Walters People)

Salaries that should go up but not go up

In promising professions such as the product owner, young candidates who are aware of the shortage are raising the stakes around their mastery of technologies or their specialization in the field. In other IT disciplines, experience can still remain a prerequisite, with a limit of about 3-4 years from which the doors open more. However, in this market, wages should only see a reasonable increase, despite the ever increasing demands from junior profiles.

Nearly a third of young IT professionals are undecided about the level of compensation they will receive. (Source: Walters People / Image credit: Walters People)

These, sometimes too greedy, must keep in mind the reality of the market and stay consistent with it, warns the recruiting company. If they want their expectations to be met, candidates will need to demonstrate that their skills and mindset are fully aligned with those of the coveted company. On all these technological functions, work-study training can become a real springboard. Companies appreciate this first experience, especially if it allowed us to see different sectors and environments. Finally, beyond the mastery of tools and technologies (which can also be acquired alone in parallel with traditional training courses), the mastery of the English language has become fundamental. Recruiters are looking for multiple profiles which they often project in an international environment.

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