“Music has the power to make you happy”: Jenifer opens with her latest album

It had been four years since he had heard from her last. four years ago New page. Here’s Jenifer back with his n. 9.

Nine as the opening of horizons in numerology, as is not lacking in this new album. New not so new, because this record smells good in sound sixties And seventiesa period of creativity dear to the Nice people who won the Stella Ac ‘ twenty years ago.

His Revolution, it was the public who allowed it. The interpreter ofUnder the sun he has multiplied platinum records, sold five million albums, performed hundreds of concerts.

In an interview, his infectious energy and laughter immediately break the ice.

How was this N ° 9 juice born?

With a lot of heart! We have allowed ourselves to be freer than ever. I say “we” because there is still a good idea of ​​a group on this album, I would not have done it without the extraordinary musicians who accompanied me, who wrote the songs.

It’s an album that gives you energy … Did you need something positive?

The goal is to invite people to dance, to put their worries aside. Entertaining, making people happy, this is, in my opinion, the power that music offers. And for that I wanted to bring people back to the center of this album. Today we hear a very synthetic sound that is well suited to many projects, but here I wanted authenticity.

You recorded at Eastcote Studios in London, which hosted the Sex Pistols, Amy Winehouse and Adele. Why this choice?

It is a studio where you can record on tapes, in conditions of inhabit and immediately, it brings a different sound. The musicians play together, in an old booth with old microphones. There is a soul. Modernity, I added it later, in particular with two directors, Julio and Jordan, who come from the city and are used to working on less vintage software!

The patina is also carried by the brass, very present on this record …

We started thinking about songs in the middle of Covid. I missed people, I wanted to celebrate, do a concert like a big show with so many musicians on stage, something generous and authentic. When I think about my musical projects, I need to think about the form it could take on stage. And I pictured myself in an atmosphere, with brass around!

It sounds very sixties and seventies … What do you like about that era?

The overflowing fantasy of those years! There were a lot of cheeky musical proposals. And then there is also the aesthetics. The clothes, the haircuts … I’m lucky that people lend me clothes – the price of which is often noted (laughs) – and while I enjoy it! Visually, with the 60s and 70s, there is a lot to do!

There is this ballad, Waitinga little on the sidelines in the album and talking about family … Was it important that she was there?

It’s a bit like the UFO on the album, more classic than the others. I couldn’t ignore it, because it touched me a lot. Talk about the sense of family, I obviously thought of my descendants but also of the cycles of life, of people who may be nostalgic for the passage of time. It took me a while to sing it, it’s one of the few ballads on the album that I have to sing with I see youwritten and composed by Yseult.

Hoshi also signs a title …

Yes is Meloncholya very sunny and very bright song!

Have you ever thought about composing your own songs?

I love to write and compose … In what I do there is always a bit of my touch: I create leads, I share my ideas … But I don’t know how to do it alone; I love working with others in the studio, creating musical ping-pong … It’s like doing a school presentation where everyone brings their little idea, it’s so cool!

2022 is also the year of your twenty-year career, do you have the feeling that you have explored everything you wanted?

It happened very quickly! It is often said that you have to savor the present moment, that’s what I did. I am fortunate to have experienced many amazing human adventures through different scenes, tours, album recordings. I have taken various musical directions, I am epicurean in my life as well as in my musical affinities. I love to learn. Through all these challenges, I do a reset every time. Be inside The voiceto the Stella Ac ‘I always take it as a new challenge to take up.

Are there universes you would like to exploit?

I have so many wishes! I listen to everything, rap, electro, pop, soul and I want to do it all! That’s why growing old is not painful for me, I still have so much to learn, so many ways to activate my curiosity.

You will soon be celebrating your 40th birthday …

But why is everyone talking to me about it ?! (laughs). But it’s fine! Even if there are days when I say to myself: “It’s ok anyway”I am comfortable with my age.

Back to Star academy Twenty years later, what was it?

It made me so happy to come back there to participate, I have always had a lot of tenderness and gratitude for this adventure which has given me an incredible springboard. It’s a showcase for artists in the making, a pretty healthy reality show … Then it’s up to the candidates to work on this beautiful foundation!

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