Purchasing power, health, environment, discusses the Nupes in Haute-Loire

The round tables took place this Thursday, November 3, in the foyer of the Pierre Cardinal Center in Puy-en-Velay. As a symbol of the difficulty of uniting the left in a historically right-wing territory?

Not if we listen to Laurent Johanny, member of Générations.S and municipal councilor of Le Puy:

When we see the dynamics of Nupes at the national level, obviously this must have an echo in all departments. This forum that brings together different political organizations but also people from various municipalities is proof of this.

They were therefore just over thirty to meet around different laboratories. The discussion focused on issues such as health, the Sixth Republic, local initiatives, purchasing power and the fight against the environment.

Environment and purchasing power, a common front

Selected times. As far as health is concerned, the covid crisis has marked the minds, but it is the more global management of the budget of the establishments that the four seated activists find “catastrophic”.

A consensus therefore … Less obvious at the table of the Sixth Republic. “Okay, but what do we put in?” asks an activist. “I don’t think we have to provide a turnkey solution,” replied another, a cardholder from the Independent Workers’ Party (POI).

On the other issues, those present could have grouped together as the centers of interest are transversal. The cost of energy affects the environment and at the same time affects households’ wallets. Ditto for the water problem.

It should also be noted that waste management remains in the throat of some, even several years later. “They spent 40 thousand euros for a study to know how to manage our waste. And all that paid by the taxpayer”.

Bring a new approach

The word merges left and right of the room and in the midst of all this Matilde and Flavian, 25 and 31, listen carefully. “We have just arrived in Haute-Loire, before we were in Pas-de-Calais”, indicates Mathilde. “We were already involved in a Nupes action group there, so it was natural to get involved here too,” continues Flavian.

The presence of the couple residing in Brioude lowers the average age and brings a breath of freshness. “We were well received and it was important for us to understand the problems of the territory. Issues that are much more environmental than social, as we have seen in the North”.

And to try and shake things up, might a slightly different approach pay off? This is what Flavian is convinced. “Doing actions during a Sunday football match, pulling out of supermarkets, or even having coffee debates … You have to get out of the sacrosanct presence on the markets”. Although the latter remains important.

Ideas are therefore not lacking, but it will also be necessary to investigate the question of financing these actions and find a workhorse without a hitch. Because as Azelma Sigaux recalls, the candidate who came second in the 2nd constituency in the last legislative elections, “there are issues that divide within Nupes”.

A first brainstorming that “intends to continue” the Nupes, as announced by Laurent Johanny. “There are other ideas that are germinating, not necessarily in this form, but the whole thing is to show that yes, the Nupes exists in the department and contributes to the debate.

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