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As part of our Master 1 courses in Scientific and Technical Communication and Culture, our mission was to cover the Science festival in the Isère by group according to 4 themes.

Our team of Chloé Ettouati, Stéphane Romanin, Anaëlle Gateau and Noé Bastard worked on the theme “Science and games”. Many fun events were offered in the metropolis of Grenoble to discover science while having fun. These events allowed to involve the public in a fun way and thus offer very playful scientific animations. Here are the events we have chosen to cover:

  • “Cooperative evening” where Marie Treibert and Stéphane Bec talked about the evolution around the game “Spore”;
  • “In search of the missing variable” And “Floralpina” to Science Square;
  • “Equilibrium”subsequently canceled;
  • “City of risk”an online game on the assessment of natural risks at the scale of a territory;
  • “Clima tic tac”a cooperative game on climate change and its consequences;
  • “Fox hunting”an orienteering competition based on the use of transceivers;
  • A “Game night” at EVE, to discover many science-themed board games.
Maxime Carré at the microphone of Science Magazine on RCF Isère.

Furthermore, in order to illustrate the events covered, we wanted to highlight the point of view of Maximum Square, coordinator of the Isère Science Festival. For this we have created a interviewfor the radio RCF Isèrein which he was able to answer our questions on the role of open science in this great event for scientific culture in France.

We have divided the work according to our schedules and our respective desires, in order to cover all the above events and involve all the members of the group in the different formats chosen: tweets, stories and Instagram posts, videos, articles and interviews.

We managed to respect the program that we had set ourselves while remaining flexible on our different formats, depending on the type of event once we arrived on site, we adapted some publications. By posting a tweet rather than a thread on “Sam said to play”for example, we were more in tune with the scale of the event.

Some “Science and Games” events covered by our team.

Of course, we encountered some difficulties, particularly with regards to upstream communication with managers and stakeholders due to the short time frame given to us for synchronization. Fortunately, the people we met were for the most part very open about our project and we were able to exchange easily without necessarily giving notice of our presence. They were also very understanding of the changes in publication dates and formats based on our impressions on the ground.

Our video formats led us to manage audiovisual equipment and tools for which, for the most part, we had no training. However, it was important to experiment with them as these tools will be useful for the rest of our journey. The unexpected move of the event “Equilibrium” it was formative because we realized the difficulty of managing an event like the science fiction. Finally, we were able to understand the importance of image rights in a public environment: not having foreseen this element, we favored faceless shots (of hands, objects, people from behind, etc.) with courtesy the oral consent of the people .

Our favorites:

Anaelle : The game night organized by The can openerOf the University of Grenoble Alpes allowed us to go from table to table to discover games that we would not have known otherwise. Futuristic puzzles, a game of 7 families on computer science or associations of research subjects with everyday topics in mathematics: this evening allowed everyone to understand the scientific problems related to everyday life, but also to delve into less known disciplines.

The special 7-family game “Computer” offered by L’Ouvre-Boîte.

Stephen : The reception of the casematefor the evening in cooperative mode it was very pleasant, the managers of the evening were kind and immediately put us at ease. Spore is a game that Chloé and I knew, it helped to better understand how the game plays out. At the end a question was asked to the spectators present in the room: with a comic up for grabs, this allowed to close by creating a final interaction with the public.

The “Evening in cooperative mode” on 07/10 at Casemate.

Chloe: The game team “Floralpina” was made up of a young man in civil service and the co-creator of the game, very smiling with a strong game dynamics. This collaborative board game has suspense and twists, it is not “too easy”. There are different versions depending on the time you want to dedicate to it.

Sophie Vialatte-Bissuel, co-creator of the game “Floralpina”.

Noah : I enjoyed discovering the game “Tic-tac for the climate” proposed during the event “Saturday to play”. I found this game very representative of the complexity of climate problems while remaining suitable for a young audience. Although not the target audience of the event, the Gabriel Péri media library team warmly welcomed us and invited us to participate.

Discovery of “Climate Tic-tac” at the Gabriel Péri media library.

Article written by Chloé Ettouati, Stéphane Romanin, Anaëlle Gateau and Noé Bastard as part of the teaching “Digital technologies, strategies and mediation” supervised by Laura Schlenker, as part of the Master in Communication and Scientific and Technical Culture of the University of the Alps of Grenoble.

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