Scientists in rebellion “against climate failure”

Montpellier (Hérault), report

On Saturday 15 October, around 11 am, under a sun too hot for this autumn month, about forty scientists and about twenty activists from Alternatiba gathered in the center of Montpellier to ask radical public action , emergency front the climate crisis .

Words launched with force by Florence Volaire, researcher at the Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology (CEFE). Grab the speaker microphone to brave the crowd of passersby in front of the Opéra Comédie, during this wild conference hammered: We are in danger. […] Each ton of CO2 issued aggravates this danger. Céline Teplitsky, also a CEFE researcher, spoke in turn, warning of the rapid decline of biodiversity and ecosystems. And for this we must act quickly resumes Florence Volaire, specifying the priorities: get out of fossil fuels , stop deforestation or invest in low-carbon buildings .

Scientists mobilized in Montpellier, 15 October 2022. © David Richard / Reporter

Teachers-researchers and young PhD students of CNRSCIRADO,IRDSupAgro and the University of Montpellier responded to the appeal of Scientist Rebellion, an international collective born in the wake of the platform of 1,000 scientists, in February 2020, judging the necessary rebellion in the face of the climate crisis and the inertia of governments.

Scientists called for measures against global warming in Montpellier on October 15, 2022. © David Richard / Reporter

We need to get out of our offices and mobilize

The best data on biodiversity decline will not save lions or elephants. It is time to campaign, to spread our knowledge, to convince people that it is a priority argues Riccardo Poloni, PhD student in ecology, behind one of the large panels summarizing threats to the living, held by the first row of demonstrators. If we say to act urgently, we must get out of our offices and mobilize, otherwise it will not be perceived as an emergency agrees Chiara Pistocchi, professor-researcher at the Agro Institute of Montpellier, convinced of this radical changes are needed, otherwise we go towards catastrophic events .

They require political action commensurate with the ecological crisis. © David Richard / Reporter

This unprecedented mobilization of Scientist Rebellion and its partners was deployed in several cities in France. The kick-off was given in Toulouse on 14 October. With the support of activists fromANVCOP21ten scientists stopped a carbon neutral forum associating the metropolis and the newspaper The gallery, in which TotalÉnergies participated. The opportunity to denounce the climate bombs , including the opening of new fossil fields, as well as local road infrastructure projects. And to protest against a judged event of greenwashing .

Scientists have intervened in several events in France. © David Richard / Reporter

Paris, Nice, Berlin …

On 15 October it is in Paris that the collective of researchers in rebellion was invited to the Fête de la science to highlight the abysmal gap between the discourse the climatic awakening – official theme of the event – and the climatic inertia of the French state which earned him a sentence in court, recalled Kévin Jean, one of the organizers of the Scientist Rebellion collective. On the same day, in Nice, an employment conference was organized with ANVCOP21, Extinction Rebellion and Alternatiba06. In their sights, the extension of Nice airport and the massive urbanization of fertile land in the Var plain .

These scientists are expected to intervene in other events in the coming days. © David Richard / Reporter

It is now in Germany that Scientist Rebellion amplifies the mobilization by betting on civil disobedience actions. On 16 October, in Berlin, about sixty scientists from all over Europe, aided by a dozen Letzte Generation (Latest Generation) activists, interrupted the World Health Summit by blocking the entrance to the building. liberation from the collective. under the banner Unite against climate failure ( United against climate failure ), they denounced the political fiction of + 1.5 ° C warning him climate crisis = health crisis and calling for immediate measures commensurate with the challenges. The beginning of a series of actions that must last a few days.

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