Social security, the elderly, Covid … 7 major health problems in Munich

The Government Councilor-Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Christophe Robino, organized a press conference on Thursday 3 November.

Work in progress, major projects, challenges to be faced … This Thursday, November 3, Christophe Robino, Government Councilor and Minister of Social Affairs and Health, brought together journalists from the Principality to hold a press conference in which many requests. be mentioned. Monaco Tribune takes stock.

1. Will the social security agreement between France and Monaco be reviewed?

This is a point that has raised many questions, including in the political class. In fact, the Principality and France met during a mixed Commission on 10 and 11 October to address the issue.

Recalling that about 70% of CHPG patients are citizens insured with the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM), 99% of whom come from the Maritime Alps, Christophe Robino wanted to reassure users, in the face of recent concerns:

For my part, I am quite optimistic: the discussions we have had with the French public authorities have allowed us to highlight the consequences of the revision of this agreement. I do not think that today it is planned to reconsider the possibility, for the residents of 06, of free access to the Monegasque health facilities, which is excellent news and which testifies to the concern of Monaco not to limit itself only to residents, but to have this policy of collaboration with the department. “

Christophe Robino also detailed the contours of this collaboration between the Maritime Alps and the Principality:

I am completely in favor of building a regional project, together and for all, concerning the development of the assistance offer in Monaco and in 06. We need to coordinate on what we do in Monaco and France, especially in the Alps Maritime. We are complementary: for example, we are regularly asked to take care of patients in oncology and radiotherapy, where the French authorities find it difficult to take care of them in a reasonable time. (…) In the other direction, we exploit the neurovascular structures of 06.

2. Where is the CHPG bronchiolitis epidemic?

In addition to the previous point, Christophe Robino discussed the recent bronchiolitis epidemic, which led the CHPG to emergency hospitalization of the children of the hospitals of the Riviera, including the Lenval hospital, unable to cope with the surge in cases.

At the CHPG bronchiolitis is the object of particular attention, the pediatric ward is particularly in demand. We had to take in many patients who were redirected to the CHPG by Lenval. These are always situations to which we are very careful. In France this generates a lot of concern, but I think that today the efforts that have always been made by the government in relation to the hospital are bearing fruit. We are not in the same situation in terms of staff shortages, shortages of means … We cannot really compare what we have with what is happening in some regions of France. You should be aware that, in some establishments, up to 30% of the beds are closed due to lack of staff. In Munich, no bed is closed. The attention paid to the public establishment has always been very important and today we measure its importance. “, He explains.

3. Are there ways to support city medicine?

Not wanting to focus only on the Princess Grace Hospital Center, Christophe Robino also mentioned a topic that is very close to his heart, and for good reason: As soon as he took office, the Government Councilor-Minister initiated two measures: to authorize settled practitioners. in having two cohabitants, against a previous one, and allowing them to be replaced (especially for holidays) by doctors who have recently retired and are still able to work.

For several years, the policy has been to consolidate the provision of care within the hospital and personally I think this is a mistake. Today the delay or the possibility of having an appointment with some specialists is extremely long, if not impossible. I am thinking in particular of pediatricians or gynecologists. Unfortunately, many doctors no longer take new patients. The Government Minister-Councilor regrets.

To revitalize the city’s medicine, and facilitate the installation of new doctors, Christophe Robino mentioned the possible creation of specific structures, similar to French clinics: ” we must find a solution so that doctors can establish themselves with reasonable and affordable rents, so that this is not a reason to refuse to settle in the Principality. We will work hand in hand with the Council of the Order of Doctors, so that we can find and address the specialties in difficulty.

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4. When will Beausoleil Children’s Psychiatric Hospital open?

Another very important point for Christophe Robino: the imminent opening of the day hospital for child psychiatry in the nearby town of Beausoleil. ” The Monegasque government is not confronted with the French authorities, but it is a fact: the ongoing negotiations for the opening essentially concern administrative arrangements and some delays mean that we have not been able to conclude this agreement. However, I hope that it will be concluded by the end of the year and that the opening of this hospital can take place in January. “, He explains.

This structure, semi-financed by the Principality of Monaco, should allow the reception of 35 young people in difficulty, 50% of whom will be resident or educated in the Principality.

5. Disabled Adult Benefits, New Homes… What are the plans for people with disabilities?

During the press conference, the Councilor for Government discussed at length the various advances in support of people with disabilities.

First announcement, and last but not least: a ministerial decree will have to be published very soon to allow the deconjugation of the Allowance for Disabled Adults (AAH): ” The topic had already been raised a year ago. It was necessary to think of a way to apply it without disadvantage for a certain number of couples of which one of the members received this allowance. We have therefore implemented various measures that make it possible not to disadvantage those who benefit from the couple’s allowance, compared to the individual allowance, which will be assigned based on the income of each beneficiary.

Another major project: the construction of a house, in collaboration with Amapei, as part of the Grand Ida project, which will allow the construction of nine apartments, which should see the light during the second half of the year. . ” We are also awaiting the building permit for another project, the Devens house, which will replace the one in Cap d’Ail, which is aging, and which will house 19 residents. These are two major projects, which allow the care of disabled people who need more permanent support than some people who can live independently. », Christophe Robino points out.

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6. What about aged care?

Also on the table is the care of the elderly and, above all, the search for solutions to build new EHPADs.

The addiction study, updated in 2018, highlighted a growing need for facilities for non self-sufficient elderly people, and in particular for heavy facilities. We will need 360 beds by 2040, so it is important to be able to create a new facility in Munich by 2025, by 2030 at the latest. patients who will stay at home, in order to guarantee, once or twice a night, that there are no particular worries, which allow a certain number of people to be kept at home.

We are also evaluating the construction of intermediate structures, such as Villa Speranza. These facilities would allow patients to be welcomed for one or two days a week and to assess their risks (malnutrition, falls, disease screening, etc.). Finally, we must continue to work on communication between the hospital and the city. Often the elderly hospitalized for acute pathology, upon returning home, find themselves in a rather risky period. If there is a gap between leaving the hospital and returning home, if the relay was not performed well, the person generally has to go back to the hospital.

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7. Covid, vaccinations, suspended CHPG personnel: where are we?

When asked about the vaccines proposed to combat Covid, Christophe Robino said he was very in favor of the serum effective against the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 variants.

I just think wellHe smiles. I believe we now have hindsight about this type of vaccine: the million vaccinated people in the world testify to a widely acceptable risk-benefit. (…) Before vaccination, the death rate in nursing homes was appalling. Although the virus was less virulent, vaccination led to a drastic reduction in mortality in these establishments. The vaccine does not prevent contagion, but it absolutely reduces it. (…) The new vaccine has an interest: it has adapted to the latest variants, and in particular to the Micron.

Christophe Robino also encourages people over 65 or with comorbidities to make reminders.

Regarding the unvaccinated suspended CHPG personnel, the Councilor-Minister of Government also provided some answers regarding an upcoming reinstatement: ” as long as the exceptional measures persist, the obligation [vaccinale] is maintained. At the end of the 18 months provided, therefore in May / June 2024, we will review whether or not to maintain this vaccination obligation, unless the ministerial decree is repealed by that date. You must know that not all unvaccinated caregivers are suspended: those who did not want to be vaccinated have been suspended, those who could not due to contraindications are still working, with more important precautionary measures. Only 2% of CHPG staff were suspended.

Christophe Robino also added that the earthworks on the hospital site are now completed. The end of the operations would therefore be expected for 2032.

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