Starred chef Adrien Descouls supports university health research

Adrien Descouls, brilliant in the cult show Top Chef, immediately proved himself at the helm of his Orgines au Broc restaurant, now crowned with a star in the Michelin Guide. However, despite this meteoric rise, the young chef from Auvergne has not closed himself off in the attitude of an untouchable star. On the contrary, he remains attentive to his environment, the concept of his restaurant reminds him constantly. It is therefore not surprising to see him involved alongside the Clermont Auvergne University Foundation and show his support for university health research.

In the kitchen for the Foundation’s gala dinner

Recent evidence of his involvement in local life, Adrien Descouls took over the small kitchen of the Salon de Jaude, the panoramic restaurant run by CROUS on the top floor of the IAE Clermont Auvergne School of Management on Boulevard Charles de Gaulle, for a gala orchestrated by the Foundation UCA. That evening, last October 11, while with part of his brigade, he voluntarily feasted the taste buds of invited political leaders, decision-makers and entrepreneurs, the presentation of three new chairs of health advocacy took place in parallel, the implementation of which requires a significant collection funds.

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Cutting-edge academic research

One of the missions of the University of Clermont Auvergne Foundation, which was also the first foundation linked to a university in France, is to support development and influence in all its facets, including the pursuit of excellence. As such, it will soon host three new advocacy chairs, perfectly illustrating the high level of work of researchers.
-Meat 3D oral twins, led by Professor Emmanuel Nicolas, Dean of the UFR of Dentistry, aims to pool different platforms and skills in the field of digital dentistry. The idea is to acquire the latest generation technologies by adding biomaterials in 3D printing and subtracting by processing, optimized by specific human technical skills. These technologies make it possible to develop simulation procedures for teaching and research purposes in continuing education according to the principle that no first act must be performed on a patient. The chair will help promote the UFR of Dentistry nationally and internationally.
-The second sponsorship chair project launched by Professor Yves-Jean Bignon aims to bring thermal medicine into modernity. While this remains based on the properties observed in the 17th century, it could go straight into the 21st through biological and molecular research. While only 5 universities in France offer spa medicine teaching, the Clermont faculty could play a prominent role given its geographic location in the heart of the Massif Central spa area.
– The third project is called Neuronation and follows the mobilization that had allowed the acquisition by the CHU of Clermont, of a microscope intended for pediatric neurosurgery. At the center of this project, the neurosurgeon Guillaume Coll, disciple of the famous Professor Chazal, who wishes to implement a program of assistance for children suffering from cerebrospinal fluid circulation disorders that affect balance, walking creating dysfunctions of the sphincter and cognitive disorders.

Get involved like Adrien Descouls

Earning a star by cooking is not for everyone, but everyone can be involved like Adrien Descouls, but in their own way, to support research excellence together with the Clermont Auvergne University Foundation. Individuals and companies can make donations to the UCA Foundation to help finance professorships, knowing that donations to foundations open up rights to tax breaks as with any sponsorship operation.

More information on donations by clicking HERE

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