The secrets of the entrances to Italian museums

The Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia Gallery or even Pompeii: Italian museums are among the most visited in the world. But how do they organize and manage their millions of appearances? Do our Italian neighbors manage their wealth in a fundamentally different way from us? Return for Forbes France on the organization of the most beautiful Italian museums with the private company Opera Laboratori which collaborates with more than 50 museums in Italy.

Opera Laboratories – Private company that promotes public / private partnerships

The numbers speak for themselves: tens of millions of visitors a year, 75 million in revenues and more than 50 museums under management. Opera Laboratori is undoubtedly the Italian leader in museum management. But what do Opera laboratories actually do for these museums? The approximately 1,000 employees take care of website management, ticketing, online and live bookings, communication, exhibitions and even restoration, especially fabrics. In this way Opera Laboratori can optimally manage the concessions of partner museums, reducing costs. In fact, with time and experience, the company, based in Florence, has developed a real museum expertise. Sales and reputation are optimized. Opera Laboratori, together with the partners Renzo Ruggeri and the noble Winspeare family, work “art for art”, preserving, disseminating, managing and re-evaluating the Italian cultural and museum heritage. The president and CEO Beppe Costa explains: ‘Our past, rich in experience, allows us to project ourselves into the future with vision and innovation. Sharing beauty over time is the real purpose of our work.L . Furthermore, the strength of our company– continues the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – it is given above all by the people who work there. “. With over twenty years of museum management, the Italian managerial activity continues to expand.

Eike Schmidt – director of the Uffizi Gallery, Maddalena Winspheare, former director of the Sillabe publishing house in Livorno, Beppe Costa, managing director of Opera Laboratori © Opera Laboratori

The list of museums under management is staggering : The Uffizi, the Accademy’s Gallery, the Cathedral of Florence, Pompeii, the Brera Gallery in Milan. And again: the complex of the Cathedral of Siena and Arezzo, the Treasury of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, the Palatine Gallery, the Museum of Fashion and Costume, the Boboli Gardens, the Bargello National Museum, the Church and Museum of Orsanmichele, the Casa Martelli Museum, the Medici Chapel, the San Marco Museum or even the Archaeological Museum of Florence. More than 50 institutions in total. Sergio Risaliti, director of the Novecento museum in Florence, who has also worked in France, explains the differences in management between our two countries in perfect French: ” the museum and art administration in France are very efficient, open to innovation. On the other hand, the Italian museum administration is perhaps slower but remains more creative. We have also successfully collaborated with Opera Laboratori for the organization of exhibitions

Privatizations and exceptional visits: from Barack Obama to the Duomo and Elon Musk to the Offices

Opera Laboratori designs events in exclusive contexts such as museums, gardens, villas, libraries and historic buildings, courtyards and cloisters, environments that combine beauty and culture with the hospitality and meticulous organization they offer. ” We can organize private openings for your event, allowing your guests to be the only privileged “visitors” of the chosen venue : the Uffizi, the Accademia Gallery of Florence, the Bargello National Museum and the Brera Art Gallery… ”Explains Daniele Petrucci, CEO of Opera Laboratori. Guided tours of the permanent collections or temporary exhibitions can thus deepen the knowledge and enrich the participation of guests, as evidenced by the private visit of the American billionaire Elon Musk or Barack Obama to the Florence Cathedral.

Eike Schmidt, director of the Uffizi in Florence and Elon Musk in 2021 @Galleria degli Uffizi

Organization of exhibitions – the case of Sienese art

Opera Laboratori also deals with the organization of exceptional exhibitions: the Sienese banking art Monte dei Paschi di Siena – undoubtedly the bank with the richest artistic heritage in the world with nearly 30,000 works! Andrea Ceccherini – art history expert of Sienese origin explains: “Siena is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Italy which gave birth to 3 popes of the Piccolomini and Chigi families. Its cathedral is a jewel and more particularly its pavement, a real open book that traces the path of knowledge. A unique masterpiece in the world. All the greatest artists of the Renaissance admired this work, from Michelangelo to Vasari. The wealth of the city derives in part from the pilgrimage of the Via Francigena – in French “via francigène” (which can be translated as “way that comes from France”) – is a pilgrimage route that connects Canterbury to Rome through France and Switzerland. ” Like the Camino de Compostela, it is an important medieval pilgrimage route and has given Siena considerable importance as evidenced by the magnificent museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala with a total area of ​​over 14,000 square meters. The Arte Senese exhibition allows you to fully understand the cultural richness of the city over the centuries“. If the tourist spends on average only a few days, even a few hours in the city, this undoubtedly deserves more time.

Exceptional Sienese art exhibition © Opera Laboratori

Giving a voice to museums and cultural heritage that do not have them

Opera Laboratori also gives a voice to museums and cultural heritage that do not have them. The communication office of Opera Laborati, with its press office, its media planning and its graphic creativity is able to carry out a meticulous work of revaluation of the territory. Among the activities carried out, the setting up of the presence on social media, the launch of advertising campaigns, the production of press releases, the sending of periodic newsletters to profiled targets, direct marketing, road billboards, the organization of educational paths and information for schools and tour operators. There are many activities to re-evaluate nuggets that have fallen into oblivion as we will see with the temple of Brunello (DOP), an Italian red wine produced in the Montalcino region in the province of Siena.

Tempio del Brunello tasting table © Opera Laboratori

Establishment of new museums – The Wine Museum – ‘Most innovative place’ in Italy

About an hour from Florence, this is the perfect getaway. Behind this magnificent enhancement there is once again Opera Laboratori. The Brunello Temple is a captivating and engaging journey that allows visitors to discover Brunello di Montalcino (AOC – Denomination of Controlled Origin)prince among the wines of Montalcino and a delight for the taste buds. The experience begins with a video station with virtual reality viewers that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the villas, castles, vineyards and villages that dot the vast and varied territory of the municipality. A true virtual reality experience that combines the breath. Who said that Italian museums are not modern?The Tempio del Brunello in Montalcino is one of the winners of the sixth Remarkable Venue Awards“, explains Andrea Acampa,” an annual awards program honoring the best museums and attractions from around the world awarded by Tiqets, the world’s leading online booking platform for museums and attractions“. The Brunello Temple is therefore a perfect example of fruitful collaboration between private and public: it was designed and built by Opera Laboratori in collaboration with the Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino, the Municipality of Montalcino and the Archdiocese of Siena. .

The Tempio del Brunello, winner of the sixth Remarkable Venue Awards © Opera Laboratori

Bringing art to life by organizing new experiences: Da Vinci Experience in the Florentine Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte. A new form of museum

Without doubt the most original museum in Florence. For your next visit to Florence, this is a visit you won’t forget : Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces and inventions came to life with a new immersive production until November 1, 2022 at the Duomo dell’Immagine in Florence, inside the Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte. Since 2017, the immersive exhibition has visited more than 20 cities around the world and has been seen by over 900,000 spectators. In 2019 it was chosen by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the official production for the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death. In this deconsecrated church you let yourself be carried away and subjugated by the art of the Florentine painter.

Experience Da Vinci an engaging exhibition with Oculus Quest © Opera Laboratori

If on an artistic level the Italians have been models for the French for centuries, could we not perhaps be inspired today by their management of heritage? After all, Opera Laboratori goes far beyond just ticket management. The Italian company truly re-evaluates the Italian cultural heritage by centralizing, innovating and rationalizing the life of museums throughout Italy. Thus, the Italians have not finished inspiring us.

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