thunderstorms and an exceptional heat wave over France!

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For this afternoon and this evening some thunderstorms are expected between the center-west and Île-de-France. Poitiers photo here.

The heat wave hit the south of the country as expected this weekend, when the 30-degree mark was surpassed in many stations in the southwest. The temperatures recorded Sunday afternoon in the southwest of the country were often 10 degrees higher than normal for the mid-October season.

The city of Dax, for example, recorded an exceptional temperature of 30.9 ° C yesterday afternoon. In the Hautes Pyrenees, mercury rose to 30.8 ° C in Adast. Bordeaux also recorded an exceptional temperature of 30 degrees yesterday afternoon – these are the last 30 ° C ever observed in the resort!

Very hot between Tuesday and Wednesday!

A disturbance affects the north-western regions with overcast skies this Monday morning some rain between the Pays de la Loire and Upper France. The sky is very cloudy in the direction of New Aquitaine with possible small showers locally. Maritime entrances are also maintained around the Languedoc-Roussillon. In the east, the sun shines generously.

This afternoon the weather promises to be unstable in the western part of the country with cloudy skies and rain. We will monitor during the day and in the evening. a stormy area between the Poitou-Charentes region, the Center-Val de Loire and the Île-de-France. In the evening, thunderstorms could also arrive in the Basque Country. The sun will resist between Alsace, the Alps and Corsica.

Temperatures will drop slightly this afternoon in the southwest due to the haze of clouds and sand particles from the Sahara. However, the values ​​will always remain very high for the season with highs often entered between 26 and 28 degrees. Further north, mildness will also be present with 20 ° C in Lille, 21 ° C in Paris and Nantes, 22 ° C in Le Mans, 24 ° C in Orléans and 25 ° C in Bourges and Nevers.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be exceptionally hot in the Southwest.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be two exceptionally hot days. In the southwest, many cities could see 30 degrees or more. Peaks near 33 degrees are also modeled for Wednesday afternoon in the southwest (Dax in particular in the Gers). If the sky is still cloudy enough on Tuesday north of the Loire, Wednesday will be sunny in most regions. Wednesday could also be the hottest day nationwide with 33 ° C in Auch, 29 ° C in Périgueux, 28 ° C in Clermont-Ferrand, 26 ° C in Nantes and 23 ° C in Paris.

Heat record?

Heat records could be broken between Tuesday and Wednesday. It will be a priori record of the decade for the majority. Pau could thus beat the heat record of 30.7 ° C of 13 October 2019. Montauban could also beat its heat record of 12 October 2001 (29.7 ° C). In the end, Toulouse could also beat its old record of 13 October 1968, which stood at 28.3 ° C.

A less hot and wetter weekend

From Thursday, more unstable weather will reach most regions and temperatures will drop by a few degrees. Despite everything, the values ​​will remain extremely mild for the season (average of 22 ° C in the north and 25 ° C in the south). On Friday, unstable weather will continue in the north of the country with locally thunderstorm showers. The clearings will be more beautiful towards the south (except around the Languedoc-Roussillon where the maritime entrances will still be numerous).

The weekend should look like Thursday and Friday with shared skies among clouds, glades and stormy showers. Mildness will always be in place with an average of 20 degrees in the north and 25 degrees in the south. The feeling will therefore remain summer for the whole week in the south of the country!

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