Lotois Nicolas Geneste wins the title of super world champion of pizza

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Nicolas Geneste, pizza maker Lotois, won the title of super world champion at the Pizza World Cup in early October in Rome. A company he is very proud of. He returns to this great adventure.

“I’m super proud”, smiles Nicolas Geneste. This pizza chef, who runs the shop Authentic Pizza in Bretenoux, he won the title of super world champion at the Pizza World Cup. This competition took place in Rome at the beginning of October. Nicolas Geneste, who has already participated in many competitions, would never have imagined winning the title. Yet he entered the Lotto with a 60cm cut, “and I don’t even know what to do with it!”, He jokes.

It wasn’t his first attempt. In 2017 he entered the World Cup. He won the 5th place in the marinara pizza category. If he does not start titled, he leaves Rome with a new acquaintance: Laurent Raimondo, French, who won the super champion title for the first time. Subsequently, this “pizza monster”, as Nicolas describes him, becomes his coach. Because the idea of ​​trying your luck at the World Cup goes through the mind of the pizza maker Lotois. Together, they review the different doughs, how to spread them well, many little tips to improve Nicolas’s style. From that moment on, recipe ideas sprout in the minds of those who live in Corrèze.

“We are no longer in the approximate”

Bad luck, in 2020 the competition is canceled with the covid. The following year it was Nicolas Geneste who was unable to go: “the recipes were written, there was nothing left but”. So this year he does not miss the opportunity.

Nicolas adds the finishing touches to one of his pizzas.
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In Bretenoux, Nicolas prepares some dishes, including his own pasta. He leaves on a truck, accompanied by Maxime Mathiot (French champion of acrobatic pizza) and lands in Rome. The Lotois registered in nine categories. “Mentally 9 categories is complicated. It is nothing compared to a service given that 200 can be used. But in competition mode every little detail is important, we are no longer in the approximate ”, explains the pizza chef.

Nicolas participates in the Neapolitan pizza (margherita) as well as the marinara. “They are part of the Italian heritage,” he says. He also makes a 100% apple dessert pizza. Other categories include: focaccia, shovel, calzone, or even a special “southern flavors” (with 100% Italian products). And that’s not all: there are still two categories. The pan: “it’s a pizza to share, a bit like mom used to do then. It’s a thick, rustic, crunchy but soft dough inside. I used a typical Italian recipe: tuna mayonnaise, capers, anchovies. But I added porcini mushrooms and finely cut slices of veal. It’s a typical Piedmontese dish. I finished third “, confirms Nicolas satisfied. And the last category is that of pizza frita: a typical Neapolitan dish where the dough is fried. “Once again I played between France and Italy. I did it in the calzone style, but I added the veal blanquette. I was judged by Luciano Sorbillo, an institution in Italy, and he told me it was very good. There I had already won, no need for a podium “, confides Nicolas. However, at this stage, he wins the silver medal.

“I don’t believe it”

So how did Nicolas find himself super champion? “The more categories we do, the more points we get. And I was the one who won the super champion title because I amassed more points,” says Nicolas. He continues: “At first I was aiming for a small podium, I would have liked it. But when I was told that I was the super champion I didn’t believe it. They did it in Italian too!”, He laughs.

Nicolas Geneste is the super world champion of pizza.

Nicolas Geneste is the super world champion of pizza.
photo DR

And this year was the 20th edition of the Pizza World Cup, which saw things big. “With all the champions we spent one night on the streets of Rome, riding around on a London bus and having a party. That moment will only happen once in my life”, the pizza chef amazed. Because competition is more than that. It is a human adventure. “My peers told me I deserved the title. Their recognition makes me extremely happy,” admits Lotois. And does he intend to participate in the next edition? “Completely”, Nicolas enthuses.

Back in Bretenoux, the pizzeria Authentic Pizza will reopen this Friday. But already many customers have congratulated him via messages. “Some even stop while driving or cycling to talk to me!” Says Nicolas Geneste. There is no doubt that many will come to taste a pizza made by the super world champion.

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