Marl. In the Senate, Françoise Férat presents a resolution to develop a scientific culture

Senator de la Marne Françoise Férat believes that a true scientific culture must be developed in France. © Senate (archives)

Organized from Ministry of Higher Education and Researchthe science fiction took place from 7 to 17 October across the country. It will continue abroad and internationally from 10 to 27 November. But this celebration was also the occasion for the Senator of the Marne, Francoise Feratdeposit a motion for a resolution ” for the development of a scientific culture in France “.

Disaffection for science courses

This desire responds to a real need, according to her. The senator recalls, in fact, that “recent observations testify to the decline in mastery of French students’ skills in mathematics and the disaffection of students for science courses. ”

This disaffection is all the more curious since, as the senator also recalls, «the French recognize by a large majority that they have faith in science. Scientific subjects (global warming, nuclear, pandemic, vaccines, etc.), regularly at the forefront of the media and politics, fuel reflections and debates, but also controversy and suspicion. What place for science in our societies that are fed 24 hours a day with information? “

Important problems

For Françoise Férat, this disaffection is also very harmful since “The global challenges to come are interdependent on science and technological advances. She therefore states: “The whole population must have codes and keys to understand the fundamental issues that will change our life, our habits and our certainties. “

Training citizens

Finally, the senator concludes: “This is why scientific culture must develop at school, but also in the media to train citizens. Science and math should not be reserved for an elite, but shared with as many people as possible to forge critical thinking, factual reasoning, and understand fake news and conspiracy theories. ”

The draft resolution by Françoise Férat includes 12 prescriptions (see below).

A simple position of the Senate

It should also be remembered that, as the Senate website recalls, “the purpose of the proposals for resolutions of article 34-1 of the Constitution is to make the Senate take a political position on a specific topic, without being able to call it into question to question the responsibility of the government or contain any injunction against it. Nothing therefore says that, even if adopted, this resolution will influence government decisions.

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Motion for a resolution on the development of a scientific culture presented by Françoise Férat, senator

  • aspires to increase citizens’ confidence in the scientific process;
    – hopes that the training of school teachers in mathematics and science will be strengthened;
    – believes that the teaching of scientific subjects can integrate new methodologies (experiences, transversality, etc.);
    – Recommend to draw inspiration from Finnish or Singaporean methods for learning mathematics and science: cooperative methods, use of concrete teaching models, individualized exercises according to the level of each pupil to maintain their motivation, etc .;
    – Encourages better teaching to students of the methods used to give credibility to knowledge and to judge for themselves the validity of information;
    – wishes to develop scientific activities outside school hours;
    – Examine ways to encourage girls to take science classes;
    – encourages the government to develop an authentic scientific culture, including with local authorities, associations for the dissemination of science and the living forces of the nation;
    – encourages public service television and radio channels in prime time, as well as their digital applications, to give an important place to information programs, the transmission and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge;
    – encourages regular, fun and participatory meetings between scientists and citizens;
    – Encourages scientific experiments and conferences in “public” venues or events;
    – Since the media plays an important role in the dissemination of scientific culture, it considers it important to train journalists and press directors on scientific methods.

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