RUGBY. France – New Zealand: Blues in the hard, follow the game live

France – New Zealand. In front of the reigning world champions, the French imposed their compact and conquering defense and prevented the Black Ferns from setting the pace. Follow the match between France and New Zealand live with us.

Mark France


Mark New Zealand

New Zeland


08:59 – Ménager’s brace (22-25)!

Superb reaction from the French. After a good touchdown on the opponents 22 meters and a violent maul, N’Diaye opens the way by breaking the curtain. The Black Ferns do not have time to reform in defense and under the goalposts Ménager signs a brace flattening in strength (22-25).

08:57 – Demant takes the break (17-25)

In front of the goalposts, 20 meters away, Demant increases the gap in favor of the Black Ferns and forces the French to score at least one brace in comeback (17-25).

08:55 – French women suffering

The French fold to the rhythm of the New Zealanders. They can no longer stop them from gaining speed and the discoveries are multiplying. Behind a won melee, Murray reverses a Tricolor and escapes within 22 meters before receiving support from Demant. The game bounces off the left wing and Leti-L’Iga is well stopped by Boulard. Let’s go back to a foul by Ménager 20 meters in front of the posts.

08:52 – Successful transformation of Demant (17-22)

In front of the goalposts, Demant, who took over from Holmes, had no problem putting the Black Ferns ahead by 5 points (17-22).

08:51 – Fitzpatrick rehearsal (17-20)

Hard blow for France. After the penalty returned, the Black Ferns are conquerors in touch in the tricolor 22 meters, Connor leading the maul up to 5 meters from the goal area. Under the poles, Fiztpatrick comes out launched and scores on the foot of the right post (17-20).

08:50 – The penalty returned

After watching the video, the penalty obtained by Khalfaoui is canceled and finally given to the Black Ferns for a screen in the action of Ferer.

08:49 – Deshayes comes out

Second change for the French with the exit of the left pillar Deshayes for Lindelauf.

08:48 – Khalfaoui scratches

Just entered the game and fresh, Khalfaoui gets to get his hands on the ball in Connor’s arms on the ground and gets a penalty.

08:46 – Fall of the wings

Organisms begin to suffer when the balloon no longer comes out. In the right wing position, Fall breaks a tackle and runs away to reach the opponents 22 meters where he breaks away from the supports and loses the ball to the ground. The Black Ferns get up quickly and regain possession.

08:46 – Les Bleues sanctioned on the ground

While the Frenchman had recovered the initiative, Deshayes is penalized on the ground for holding the ball.

08:43 – Launch it blocked

Sochat’s shot is blocked at the bottom of the formation by the Black Ferns. Now they will try to restart from their field but the blue remain high.

08:40 – Holmes is still wrong (17-15)

At 25 meters, moved to the right, Holmes crosses too much of a penalty and misses his second consecutive kick that leaves the Blues ahead of the score (17-15).

08:39 – Boulard stuck on the ground

While the French try to raise with the left, Boulard comes into contact with the black defense. Despite Fall and Ferer’s support, she gets busted by Ponsonby. You penalty for the Black Ferns.

08:38 – Boulard stops Woodman

The New Zealanders are finally setting the pace and go wide with Woodman. The winger, deprived of the balls, launches and hits Boulard who had closed the French wing well.

08:36 – The failed transformation (17-15)

Moved to the right, 25 meters away, Holmes misses completely and sees his attempt pass in front of the posts and end up on the left. The Bleues maintain their lead (17-15).

08:36 – Tui signs the goal for the Black Ferns (17-15)

Bad start of the second half for France. On a ball returned to the foot, Holmes taps to follow behind the blue curtain. Boulard is the first on the ball but Tui behind her pushes from the knee and manages to flatten before the dead ball is released (17-15).

08:34 – Ferer against in touch

New Zealand’s shot on the French 40 meters was blocked by Ferer.

08:33 – Abused recovery

Autumn comes to cut newcomer Kennedy who is boxed by Escudero. The Frenchman scratches the ball and gives it to Bourdon whose rebound goes directly into touch. A recovery that therefore does not benefit the Blues.

08:31 – Pick up in Auckland

The semi-final between France and New Zealand resumes with the kick-off for Demant.

08:17 – Conquering France!

It’s the break at Auckland’s Eden Park and France spoils New Zealand’s party by taking the score ahead (17-10). Perfectly inserted in their match, the Blues immediately take advantage of it in scoring to never give up again, carried by their suffocating and aggressive defense. If we feared a decline at the end of the first act with Fluhler’s rehearsal at the end of the line, Vernier came to record the second tricolor rehearsal, the first having been the work of Romane Ménager, after a new sequence perfectly recited behind an impeccable conquest. Well in place, solid on the fundamentals and in the fight, the French leave no room for the Black Ferns, unable to pack this semi-final.

08:16 – Drouin does the conversion (17-10)

In front of the goalposts, 10 meters away, Drouin has no problem overcoming the transformation and putting Les Bleues ahead by 7 points.

08:15 – Try vernier (15-10)!

The response of the French was not long in coming. Shortly before the break, Vernier arrives to conclude the good sequence of his teammates. After a successful touchdown and a penetrating maul, Ménager created a fixation under the posts before the cross ended in strength flush with the left post, sinking Bremner. The Bleues take the lead again (15-10).

08:14 – Penalty for the Blues

On the New Zealand attack, Sochat pinned the opponent’s ball carrier to the ground and collected a penalty thirty meters away. Drouin makes contact in the 22 meters.

08:12 – Holmes draws (10-10)

Moved to the left, glued to the sideline, Holmes applies and rolls up his transformation nicely as it passes under the Eden Park ovation. The Black Ferns return to score (10-10).

08:11 – New Zealanders try it (10-8)!

The French are penalized with a free kick under the goalposts after the scrum. Cocksedge plays fast, careful Demant who opens wide on the left. His jump pass overflows the tricolor defense and Fluhler escapes Boulard to score the first try for the Black Ferns (10-8).


The semifinal between the Black Ferns, nickname of the New Zealanders, and the Blue will take place from 7:30 am (7:30 pm local time), near the Eden Park in Auckland.

The World Cup semi-final between New Zealand and France will be broadcast live on TF1.

The World Cup semi-final between Ruahei Demant’s New Zealand and Gaëlle Hermet’s France will be available in streaming on the MyTF1 platform.

BetClic: New Zealand: 1.30 / Draw: 21 / France: 3.30

Sports Betting: New Zealand: 1.32 / Draw: 22 / France: 3.30

Winamax: New Zealand: 1.32 / Draw: 21 / France: 3.35

France: 1. Deshaye, 2. Sochat, 3. Joyeux – 4. Ferer, 5. Fall – 6. Hermet ©, 7. Escudero, 8. R. Ménager – 9. Bourdon, 10. Drouin – 11. M. Ménager , 12. Vernier, 13. Filopon, 14. Grisez – 15. Boulard.

New Zealand: 1. Love, 2. Ponsonby, 3. Rule – 4. Roos, 5. C. Brenmer – 6. A. Brenmer, 7. Mikaele-Tu’u, 8. Hirini – 9. Cocksedge, 10. Demant © – 11. Woodman, 12. Fitzpatrick, 13. Fluhler, 14. Tui – 15. Holmes.

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