Tintamarre Festival a musical embarkation in 7 stops in Vichy (Allier)

Music for all ears, even those of the youngest, intertwines the strength of the Tintamarre festival, initiated by the Musiques Vivantes Association and the Vichy culture. A 13th edition from 8 to 19 November, in Vichy. But also a show in Bellerive and Cusset.

Twelfth edition of Tintamarre much appreciated by schoolchildren of the agglomeration of Vichy (Allier)

The secrets of the sustainability and success of this festival? Quality programming with creative professional companies, which, around sounds, make you dream, laugh, tease the imagination. They create real artistic jewels for a young audience. The duration of the shows is scheduled according to the age of the young spectators (from 35 min to 1 hour and 1 hour and 30 for the Imen S concert).

Light! Then jazz in Bellerive at the end of the festival in Bellerive

At the family show

A family outing. This annual event offers the opportunity for children and parents to see a show together. All this facilitated by the family pass (€ 18 for 4 people). An interesting incentive from the organizers to experience the live show not only in the school environment.
Double effect. That of presenting various show halls such as the Opera to the public. In recent editions it has hosted a musical highlight with a headliner. This edition is Imen S that will make urban pop notes and lyrics resound (Saturday 12 November).

“Operanimals” at the Vichy Cultural Center

A geographical extension. Vichy Culture and Living Music think of this cultural event in terms of territory. In early autumn, it’s not about chasing witches, it’s about being among them. And to concretely manifest the desire to weave and strengthen ties with the other cultural sites of the agglomeration. Also, for the second year, the festival takes place on Cusset which hosts the opening show Diva Syndicat! at the theater and Bellerive, the closing one of the Lumière festival! So jazz, at the Geyser.
School sessions. Since its creation, the Tintamarre festival has been highly appreciated by schoolchildren in the agglomeration and beyond. In 2021, 3,300 students were welcomed.
An action is performed upstream in the classroom by a Living Music musician: discovering sounds, learning songs or jingles,
Cheub’s paw. With each edition, illustrator Cheub (Jérôme Schirtzinger) brings his creativity to life for the program cover and posters.

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Cheub Tintamarre illustrative poster

The program of the Tintamarre festival

Tuesday 8th November. Syndicate Diva! Organized by the Cie Mise à feu, musical theater. At 8 pm at the Cusset theater. All audiences from 6 years old. Price 6 €. Reservations at or on the website www.ville-cusset.com/theatre
Saturday 12th November. Pop concert by Imen S. Urban at 8 pm at the Opéra de Vichy. Full € 40; reduced € 30; under 26 years € 30.
Sunday 13 November. Noises … Musical Theater of the Atrium Ensemble at 10 am at the Vichy Cultural Center. From 1 year. Price 6 €; family pass (4 people) € 18.
Go wash. Musical Theater of the Cie Sing Song at 4 pm at the Vichy Cultural Center. From 4 years old. Price 6 €; family pass (4 people) € 18.
Wednesday 16 November. The Choum brothers. Odyssée ensemble & Cie musical theater at 6pm at the Vichy Cultural Center. From 5 years old. Price 6 €; family pass (4 people) € 18.
Saturday 19th November. Work on animals. Opera Theater of Music and Canvas Productions at 10 am at the Vichy Cultural Center. All for 1 year. Price 6 €; family pass (4 people) € 18.
Light ! so jazz. Jazz and dance Carré Blanc Cie Michèle Dhallu, at 4 pm at the Bellerive Geyser. All for 1 year. Price 6 €. Reservations at or on the website www.ville-bellerive-sur-allier.fr/billettrie-en-ligne/
Ticket office for Vichy. For performances at the Cultural Center or at the Opera. Reservations at 15 rue Maréchal-Foch or on the website https://billetterie.opera-vichy.com/

Fabienne Faurie

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