COP27: what does France intend to defend in Sharm el-Sheikh

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At the Elysée we assure him: “It is an important COP. Especially since the world climate summit organized by the UN, which opened this weekend in the seaside resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, is “a moment of implementation of the Paris Agreement”, of which France wants to be guarantor since its signature in 2015. Emmanuel Macron is present to remind him of this, on the occasion of the “summit of leaders” which brings together more than one hundred heads of state and government.

He should be speaking Monday afternoon. With some major priorities in the baggage for COP27: in particular the exit from coal, the link between climate and nature, agriculture as well as the relaunch of the “partnership on forests and the protection of carbon reserves”. An event must also be dedicated to it in its presence.

Maintain direction

The Head of State, however, arrives in a geopolitical climate that has little to do with what reigned a year ago, at the opening of the previous high mass, in Glasgow. Because the war waged by Russia in Ukraine has put energy security issues back at the center of the game and many countries around the world are making structural choices in this area. It is a crucial moment, we judge it at the Elysée. One of the main challenges of this COP27 will therefore be for countries to deliver on their climate commitments.

“We will be very careful to ensure that there is no impact on mitigation [la réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre, NDLR] compared to Glasgow, “said someone close to the negotiations. Incidentally, France intends to remind that” it achieves its climate goals and continues its transition “, as does the European Union.

“We all – in particular the main issuing countries, namely those of the G20 – must step up our efforts to reach the limit of 1.5 ° C. [de réchauffement]presses the Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, responsible for climate negotiations for France, in a column on the “World” published on Sunday with several international political leaders.

“Share only”

As appeals from southern countries are becoming more pressing for developed countries to inflate their financial support to enable them to combat global warming and its devastating effects, the Elysée says France will be “at the rendezvous you of solidarity” with poor countries and with emerging countries. In line with the “new contract between North and South” that Emmanuel Macron considered “urgent to build” during a speech before the United Nations General Assembly at the end of September.

Funding, including for climate change adaptation that rich countries pledged to double last year, is lagging behind. France, “keeps its fair share”, assures the French presidency: 6 billion dollars will be mobilized every year until 2025, of which over 2 billion for adjustment.

At COP27, therefore, Paris intends above all to plead with the other major economic powers to keep their commitments. In a column published on Friday by the “Guardian”, Emmanuel Macron, with Senegalese President and African Union President Macky Sall and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, insisted: “All countries must honor their commitments as soon as possible by financing the action for the climate “.

France also says it is “open” to discussion on one of the issues that has become one of the thorniest between North and South on COPs: financial compensation for “loss and damage” which designates the irreversible climate damage suffered by the most vulnerable countries, which neither mitigation nor adaptation can prevent.

However, in the eyes of Paris, creating “another” new structure, as the countries of the South demand, would not necessarily be the most “relevant”. France has worked on “solutions” such as early warning systems, explains the Elysée, who stresses that “the money already exists in other funds”.

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