EVENING FACT The Courbessac baker returns from the window

The old bakery closes in October and it is in the extension that Daniel has kept his workshop and sells his bread (photo Norman Jardin)

After the last baker in the neighborhood leaves, the artisan sells bread and sweets through the window of his workshop. If the operation is only meant to help, it excites local residents who find bread and social connections.

When I saw him sawing the bars of the window I knew he was coming back explains Jean-Luc. Le Courbessadier is happy to find the merchant he lost two years ago, but also to be able to buy bread for him in the neighborhood. Because for a few weeks Courbessac no longer had a baker, the last one had left the sector in October. That’s when Daniel Chaila kicks in. He was a baker in Courbessac from 2010 to 2020 and explains why he pulled the curtain two years ago.

Christelle and Daniel help the Courbessadiers from the departure of the last baker (photo Norman Jardin)

It was no longer feasible, business was less. At first the parents of the students from the school came to our house, but one day the town hall did some work and the parking lot ended up on the other side of the school. As a result, parents have failed in my business to go where it is easier to park. ” analyzes the craftsman who has since continued to work in his workshop to supply his stall in the Halles de Nîmes and for his deliveries.

“In the evening and early in the morning people would come and ask me to sell them bread”

In October, the young baker who took over in 2020 in turn stopped his business in Courbessac. In fact, the inhabitants of the district had to travel several kilometers to buy bread. “At night and early in the morning, the locals came regularly to ask me to sell them bread”, explains Daniel, who then has an idea: ” I told my wife, since we’re here, I’ll open the shop window and we’ll sell the bread there. ” Does the initiative help but is it destined to last?

The window gives access to the laboratory (photo Norman Jardin)

“Here we only earn 100 euros a day during the week and a little more at the weekend, but that’s not a problem because I work on the construction site all morning. On the other hand, I couldn’t hire someone “, he warns the craftsman that for this Sunday he has prepared 120 baguettes and four special breads. The baker offers bread and cakes and to structure the store, Daniel sawed the bars of a window to open the access allowing contact with the Courbessadier.

“I put a bell on the windowsill so that customers warn me of their presence”

Sales are the domain of Christelle, Daniel’s wife, who is in great demand by customers. “They are happy to find us, they thank us. I put a bell on the windowsill so that if I am not in the room the customers will warn me of their presence “, she explains. And this morning, there are a lot of buyers. There is Henri, who is very happy to find Christelle and Daniel: ” Without them, I had to go and buy my bread at the Mas de Mingue bakery, but that’s no good there. “ In Courbessac, the craftsman did not need publicity and the information was transmitted orally. The baker is back!

Daniel has prepared 120 baguettes and four special breads for this Sunday (photo Norman Jardin)

As for David, he’ll save fuel. ” I went up to Marguerittes for my bread and pastries. ” The return of the baker is also synonymous with social ties in a neighborhood where the only shop open on Sundays is the tobacconist. “It is very important for us but also and above all for the elderly who sometimes do not see anyone during the day”, Pierre is moved, who in turn rings the bell.

“I don’t want them to go!” “

Despite this beautiful story, the Courbessac baker faces the same problems as his colleagues in this time of inflation and economic crisis: “Flour has increased threefold this year. There is also energy and all the raw material that took 20%. There is competition from supermarkets. But we don’t want to raise our prices otherwise we will lose customers and sell the baguette for € 1. ” From this Monday the baker will perhaps have new customers because with the start of the school year more people will pass by the shop which is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:30 to 12:00.

The presence of Christelle and Daniel brings back some social ties to Courbessac (photo Norman Jardin)

Meanwhile, the baker will continue to help the Courbessadiers with bread and pastries. As for Jean-Luc, he is categorical: ” I don’t want them to go! ” Time will tell if the bread formula outside the window is viable, but lovers of crispy buns here hope they’ve finally eaten their dark bread.

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