French Championships, in Chartres: Maxime Grousset, the best for last

It was worth waiting for the last race of the last day of competition. Because Maxime Grousset and his mustache had saved the best for last. This Sunday evening, the 23-year-old Caledonian finished the French championships in spectacular fashion, crushing the final of the 100 freestyle. Without competition to his size, the Caledonian slammed into the once canonical Odyssey basin of 45”61. A time that places him in second place in the world record, behind the Australian Kyle Chalmers (45 ”52).

Young people pointing the tip of the nose

“I would have liked to get over it, but I’m happy nonetheless, Grousset tasted in the mixed zone. I wanted to be under 46 ”, I’m 45”60. You could say that I really broke the barrier. “

And he signed an unprecedented hat-trick in the waters of Chartres, having dominated Florent Manaudou on Friday night in the 50m, before continuing the next day in the 200m. “I thought I died after my 200s, but I have recovered very well, it’s fantastic. These are truly successful leagues. Now it will be necessary to materialize on an international level. ”

When the Olympic champion Florent Manaudou swims with the children of Mainvilliers

The appointment is already fixed, it will be from 13 to 19 December, on the other side of the planet, in Melbourne, Australia, where Grousset will probably fight for the medal. France will present itself with about twenty swimmers, according to the selection communicated this Sunday evening by the staff. This is four more than the initially planned quota.

New title for Bonnet

These days, in Chartres, some have won the ticket, like Mewen Tomac, for example. In the shadow of Yohann N’Doye Brouard last summer, the Amiens defender won three titles at Eure-et-Loir, the third, this Sunday, on 50 backstrokes. Other youngsters have also pointed their noses to these championships, such as Carl Aitkaci in the frog, Pauline Mahieu on the back or even Émilien Mattenet in the mix. The three took their second personal title on the last day and were awarded with the selection for the world championships.

French Championships in Chartres: Charlotte Bonnet continues her raid!

Charlotte Bonnet will obviously be away too and will remain the great host of these French championships. The Nicoise, coached by Philippe Lucas, completed her Chartrain harvest with a fifth gold medal in the 400 freestyle. With two French records as a bonus, Friday and Saturday, she will have flown over the competition!

The podiums this Sunday
Men’s 1,500m freestyle:
1. Damien Joly (Vanves) 14’33”38, 2. Logan Fontaine (Rouen) 14’36”82, 3. Marc-Antoine Olivier (Dunkerque) 14’37”77 … 100m women butterfly: 1. Marie Wattel (Marseille) 57”11, 2. Anna Ntountounaki (GRE) 58”12, 3. Lilou Ressencourt (Nice) 58”94, 4. Lili-Rose Berthelot (Roanne) 59”00. .. 50m breaststroke men: 1. Carl Aitkaci (92 Stars) 26”70, 2. Antoine Viquerat (Toulouse) 26”72, 3. Samy Boutoil (MAR) 26”88, 4. Kacper Pastula (Villejuif) 26”91 .. . Women’s 400m Freestyle: 1. Anna Egorova (FFN) 4’02”09, 2. Charlotte Bonnet (Nice) 4’06”27, 3. Valentine Leclercq (Villefranche-en-Beaujolais) 4’09”56 … Men’s 50m back: 1. Mewen Tomac (Amiens) 23”27, 2. Stanislas Huille (Marseille) 23”58, 3. Yohann N’Doye-Brouard (Annecy) 23”78 … 200m backstroke women: 1. Pauline Mahieu (Canet) 2’04”26, 2. Emma Terebo (Amiens) 2’06”28, 3. Aëla Janvier (Amiens) 2’08”37 … 200 m mixed men: 1. Emilien Mattenet (Charleville) 1’56”30, 2. Jérémy Desplanches (SUI) 1’56”54, 3. Enzo Tesic (Nogent 94) 1’56”55, 4. Clément Bidard (Mulhouse) 1’56 ” 75 … 100m mixed women: 1. Florine Gaspard (BEL) 59”88, 2. Anastasia Urbaniak (Amiens) 1’00”80, 3. Giulia Rossi-Bene (Annecy) 1’01”02, 4. Zoé Carlos-Broc (Massy ) 1’01”15 … Men’s 100m Freestyle: 1. Maxime Grousset (Clichy) 45”61, 2. Mikel Schreuders (ARU) 47”36, 3. Charles Rihoux (Nice) 47”39, 4. Thomas Piron (Lyon) 47”71 … 4x50m mixed freestyle: 1. CN Marseille (Huille, Metella, Gaspard, Wattel) 1’32”95, 2. Toulouse OEC (Guth, Yebba, Ditière, Touati) 1’33”70, 3. CN Marseille (Berol, Lebois, Curcan , Henique) 1’33 ” 97 …

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