Music, cinema, theater: a week full of culture

Monday 7: Country life, gourmet tasting at Food Traboule

Image source: Food Traboule

Wow Food Trabole come back to treat us with a tasting of 22 Cotes du Rhône Villages named in the company of brilliant winemakers who have been able to help Mother Nature produce the best she has. To bathe it all, masterclasses on the theme of wine will be conducted by professionals on the themes of White wines And territorial agreements. A must for our bon vivant in chief!

Useful information :

Food Traboule – 22 rue du Boeuf, Lyon 5

From 19:00 to 23:00

Price: 15 €

Event reserved for adults

Buy tickets and more information here.

Tuesday 8: The Walking Words Festival

Image source: Festival Parole Ambulante

Who has never dreamed of expressing their ideas? The literature festival Word that walksstarted by Espace Pandora in 1996, returns to express their ideas on the theme of travel. To free itself, the word really needs all its most obvious and constant support: music, plastic arts, theatrical performances … This 2022 edition I would like to interview some of the attentive actors of our ” sick planet “.

Useful information :

Various locations in Bron – 69123

From 2 to 8 November

Read more here.

Wednesday 9: Céline Iannucci at the Café-Théâtre Complex

Image source: The complex

Achieving Happiness with Personal Development: Reality or Mirage? This is what he will try to find out Celine Iannucci through his foolish show “It is not difficult to be happy“. Doubts, misunderstandings and inevitably complexes (lol) will be highlighted in this show with which more than one can identify.

Useful information :

Café-theater complex – 7 rue des Capucins

From 12 €

More information and ticket office here.

Thursday 10 : Thursday dance

Dancing meditating, isn’t this the beginning of happiness? If you are as intrigued as we are, you can also come and skim the dance floor to test the dance of the 5 Rhythms, a dance that combines meditation and free and spontaneous movement. Open your heart, move your body and soothe your mind in just 2 hours, an unbeatable value for money!

Useful information :

La Boca – 15 ter Rue Louis Adam, 69100 Villeurbanne

Prices: € 20 (normal), € 15 (reduced), € 25 (assistance) (cash payment)

More information and ticket office here.

Friday 11: Tutankhamun, discovering the forgotten Pharaoh

Image source: Tutankhamun exhibition, la Sucrière

Discovering the Forgotten Pharaoh”, This is the exhibition that traces one of the greatest archaeological explorations in history led by Howard Carter, the one that led to the discovery of the tomb of the young pharaoh with a tragic fate. In the midst of Egyptian treasures, come and discover the mysteries surrounding the life of Tutankhamun and more than 200 period objects al sugar.

Useful information :

La Sucrière

49-50 Quai Rambaud, Lyon 2

Until 24/04/23 from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 Saturday and Sunday until 19:00

Price: € 17 individual, € 13 youth, € 11 child, € 52 family package

More information and ticket office here.

Saturday 12: Take the festival track

I assure you that I prefer to hear “Take the climb” than “Take the door”. How come ? One is synonymous with joy and music, the other is synonymous with someone who found out I was crazy. Of a positive nature, I give you the program of the first: 3 evenings, 7 establishments, 10 collectives, 2 tattoo artists, 2 nail art, tooth buds very groovy and more!

Useful information :

From 10 to 13 November

Slopes of the Croix-Rousse, Lyon 4

Prices: Free before, € 8 per evening, + € 2 after the party at Paradox, € 5 without the PLP bracelet

More information and ticket office here.

Sunday 13: Big Fish at the Lumière Institute

Image Source: Tim Burton’s Big Fish

The budding cinephiles could not miss theInstitute of Light welcomed Mr. Tim Burton same during the Festival of light in October to assign him the Light Award 2022. Fortunately, although the festival has ended, the extensions are still ongoing in the coming weeks. We therefore recommend that you end the week in beauty and sweetness with a screening of Big fish to the Institute!

Useful information :

Lumière Institute – Rue du Premier Film, Lyon 8

At 16:30

Price: € 8 full, € 5 reduced

Read more here.

Good cultural week 🤩


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