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Every two weeks, Maze reporters give you an overview of the albums and EPs that have made headlines.

Malo ‘- PAUSE (EP)

Malo ‘, whose real name is Malory Legardinier, is a young French-Australian singer with an atypical universe. Her pinched and slightly shrill voice may be displeasing at first listen, but we soon find the eccentricity and joviality of Lewis OfMan to which she Malo ‘looks a lot like. We let ourselves be carried away by the ingenuity and dynamism of this young French pop service. Some dancing titles are characterized by the singer’s lightness and sincerity, while others are more penetrating like wait And Love on request draws on melancholy and introspection, with an instrumental straight out of the hits of Chris Isaak and Lana Del Rey. The Malo ‘style still seems to mature, PAUSE reveals fluctuations and would certainly benefit from homogenization. But there is no doubt that this is an artist to follow.

Released October 21

Favorites: wait, Love on request, Pause

Marion Bauer

Dry wash – Stumpwork

It is on an esoteric bass riff that Florence Shaw pronounces her first words ” Should I propose friendship? to launch Dry Cleaning’s incredible second album. Just a year later New long legthe quartet offers this second vibrant and silky work: Stumpwork. From the first notes ofAnna calls from the Arctic to the latest feedback fromIcebergwe enter a nebulous, dreamy and poetic world, transported by spoken transcendent of Shaw.

This second effort shows a more attentive and less hasty group than the first album. The guitars to the sound of Johnny Marr of the Smiths as per the title of the same name Stumpwork or even the saturated and rhythmic bass of Hot penny day, demonstrate a new, more constructive and imaginative phase for dry cleaning. Disturbing post-punk with guitar riffs taken from Tom Dowse onwards No decent rain shoes Where is it Driver’s story goes back in time and makes a lively nod to their predecessor. But the master strokes come from the rhythmic and melodious piece Gary Ashbya strange song about a disappearing turtle and his family in a panic, and the title on the acoustic guitar à la REM Kwenchy Kups that speaks to us of simple and joyful childhood memories.

A magnificent new album that once again hits hard in the fragile bubble of rock.

Released October 21, 2022

Favorites: the whole album

Thomas Soulet

Dealer- Hide in plain sight

Collins brings the rhythm and soul of the 60s and 70s to life with this new opera, Hide in plain sight. This album that has hardly ever seen the light of day sprinkles us with joy, love and good vibes through its 9 delightful titles. Both with the groovy Madison And Someone to love soul influences of the seventies or country folk à la Van Morrison’s Man dreaming hard, Collins explores the creative and endless meanders of the early 60s and 70s. It is thanks to avant-garde artist Annette Peacock that the Californian musician will regain hope in music to invent this superb endeavor.

Also thanks to his friends, whom he will invite to play on the album: his partner Tim Presley on the romantic title Babythe seductive Kate Bollinger and their gentle ride Picture of youor even Bambole and Sedona in the real boogie disco à la Stevie Wonder mighty cut. A fascinating and captivating journey through time that will hopefully allow Michael Collins to never doubt Drugdealer again.

Released October 28, 2022

Favorites: Madison, Someone to love, Picture of you, Valentino, Man dreaming hard, mighty cut

Thomas Soulet

Loyle Carner- hugo

Stop being wise. After two widely acclaimed records, often with a relaxed pace and flow, Loyle Carner is making a strong comeback. This force is called hugo, a short 10-track album for 34 minutes, an uplift from the heart of London and from the heart. If he was already used to autobiographical incursions, in particular by paying homage to his mother several times in the two previous works, the British had never raised the themes evoked in this record so high: racism, inequality or even marginality in a society that does not accept differences. , an important subject for someone who, as a child, was sidelined by school because he was hyperactive.

To illustrate all these arguments, Loyle Carner opens, evoking in particular the abandonment of his father, a native of Guyana, this country that is part of his roots and to which he pays homage in George, named after the capital of this South American state. He also invites Guyanese poet John Agard to open the title. Because despite more raw and crude texts than usual, Loyle Carner does not forget poetry, using in particular the metaphor of the piano, composed of white and black keys to evoke her crossing.

To make his music, Loyle Carner knows how to add light touches of the influences that have always been for hip-hop: drums with jazz accents (plastic), choirs from the blues (Nobody knows) or even a refrain laid in the pure R’n’B tradition of the 2000s, here by Olivia Dean (Homer). A subtle and skilful mix, poised between what it takes to not betray and at the same time win a place in the ears of those who are not used to listening to rap. He is successful and at just 28, Loyle Carner has established himself as one of the greats of the genre.

Released October 21, 2022

Favorites: Rush, Speed ​​of the situation, plastic

Kevin Dufreche

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