“My Health Area” includes a new catalog of services

Since the beginning of 2022, a new public service has been put online to allow the French to manage their own health monitoring: My healthcare space. This secure digital space now includes a new catalog of services.

Recall that, established by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and Health Insurance after an experimental phase, its goal is to become the future health record of the French, allowing them to keep health documents and data, history of the disease, prescriptions and treatments, allergies, vaccination history, etc.

A new catalog of services available this month

Since this month, my healthcare space has been enriched with a catalog of state-certified websites and applications. This novelty should allow users to be better guided in the choice of digital tools used to monitor their health. These services will facilitate scheduling medical appointments, daily blood pressure or weight measurements, chronic disease monitoring, or even accessing healthcare facility patient portals “, Indicates the Health Insurance in a news of November 3, 2022.

Referenced by public authorities, these digital services can be free or paid and provided by public and private actors. Twelve in number, they cover a variety of areas:

  • AppFine (Openxtrem): a portal designed to facilitate the exchange of administrative and medical information between facilities and patients, but also between doctors and patients in the community;
  • The ameli account (Health Insurance): a personal and safe space for beneficiaries of Health Insurance. It allows you to track your health reimbursements and carry out the procedures online;
  • FreeStyle LibreLink (Abbott): a mobile application aimed at people with diabetes: allows the display of interstitial glucose data from Abbott FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors;
  • ID-U Santé (Abbott): a secure personal emergency file which, in the event of an intervention by the emergency services, is directly accessible to them for optimized and individualized assistance;
  • Libheros.fr: allows patients and their relatives to make an appointment for home care (nurses, physiotherapists, midwives), home care or order medical equipment;
  • Mapatho: offers news related to the disease, lists of healthcare professionals recommended by patients and associations and resources to improve the patient’s daily life;
  • Child Health Memo (MSA): complementary to the health record, it informs parents about important health events in the life of their children from 0 to 16 years and allows them to manage appointments with complete peace of mind;
  • My medicines at home (La Poste Group): allows you to organize the delivery of your medicines by postman or courier in case of emergency and to make an appointment at your partner pharmacy, close to your home;
  • MyGHT Limousin (Exolis): portal implemented by the Limoges Hospital Center (CHU) which allows the patient to complete his pre-admission procedure, read the documentation sent by the service that receives him, and thus be taken in charge without going through hospitalization;
  • sante.fr: a website launched by the public health information service that offers reliable and useful information for the management of your health. Its directory brings together more than 500,000 professionals, health and medical-social structures;
  • Vidal Ma Santé: an application that helps its users to integrate their treatments into their daily life;
  • Withings Health Mate: Helps its users analyze what matters for better long-term health by leveraging an ecosystem of connected objects and connected medical devices.

New features expected in 2023

In 2023 the catalog of services will be progressively enriched to allow users to exchange ” smoothly and safely »Their data with My Health Area.

More concretely, the user can choose to:

  • Store your data in My health space from different sources (applications, websites, medical devices, connected objects, etc.);
  • Sharing data from your My Health Space profile with digital catalog services.

For example, a person using an application that collects data from a connected object (scale, blood pressure meter, blood sugar sensor, etc.) may decide to automatically store their measurements in My Health Area.

In any case, the user’s consent will always be requested. The latter will thus maintain control of his health data.

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