two men arrested for murder

This was announced this Sunday by the public security department of Yucatan in Mexico the arrest of two mens as part of an investigation for homocide. It could be that of Assya Madjour and her spouse Michel Amado, two missing berets
from the end of August. On social media, the Mexican authorities speak of the double murder of two Frenchmen, whose disappearance was reported in mid-September. The places, dates and nationalities correspond to Michel and Assya. Two bodies were found
in the Basque couple’s hotel undergoing renovation on October 18 in Valladolid, but its authentication takes time.

The alleged former employee

Two men aged 34 and 41 have been arrested and are suspected of double murder in an organized gang. They must be presented to a judge. One of the two is none other thana former employee of Michel and Assya. He or his accomplice was spotted by a bank surveillance camera taking money from the couple’s credit card, the latter found not far from Assya’s phone.

We contacted Assya’s family, according to which, with these two arrests, “Justice is done“, despite “he will not give us back Michel and Assya“The Basque couple had lived in Mexico for several years and ran hotels there. They disappeared in late August and left strange messages to their loved ones.

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