Valogne. Health: from Monday the extraordinary treatments return to the hospital

The Regulated Care Hospital Unit (UHSR) opens on the morning of Monday 7 November 2022 in Valognes (Manche). This is a new step for the nursing home. (© DR)

A little more than two years after the closure of the center, in the heart of Site of the Simone-Veil hospitaldue to the lack of available professionals, the Cotentin Public Hospital Center (CHPC) is relaunching a unscheduled assistance service from the Monday 7th November 2022, in Valognes (Manche). A new chapter in a story full of twists and turns of the last few years.

Shock for the closure of the emergency room

the 6 August 2015the management of the CHPC notifies it closes the emergency service of Valognes, indefinitely. The reason: a shortage of medical personnel that the establishment cannot fill.

To make the whole system, which includes the Cherbourg and Valognes sites, work, we need seven emergency doctors during the day and four at night. Today we are unable to guarantee such a workforce.

Bénédicte Gastebois explained that dayDeputy Director of the CHPC

The threat had already weighed in for several months since then, not just December 2014, a delegation of hospital staff warned the local elected officials of the decision taken by the management of the CHPC and the ARS (Regional Health Agency) of a partial closure, announcing, in their opinion, a total and definitive closure in the more or less long term . Even Patrick Pelloux, the best-known emergency doctor in France, stated that “we are in a case of serious malfunction to qualify the situation, causing a certain grinding of teeth. Thus, in the Norman Versailles, which is not inclined to be a land of contention, 2,500 people to have mobilized from 22 August to request the reopening of emergencies as soon as possible.

Subsequently, several appeals were launched, including summary ones before the administrative court of Caen, by the Citizens’ Defense Association of the CHPC and by the municipality of Valognes (in the end they were rejected). A petition circulated, bringing together more than 22,000 signaturesto be deposited at the ARS headquarters in Caen.

Experience of extraordinary care

the 21 October 2015a delegation of elected officials made up of parliamentarians Geneviève Gosselin-Fleury e Stefano Travertin addition to the mayors of Cherbourg and Valognes, Jean-Michel Houllegatte and Jacques Coquelin, was received at the Ministry of Health.

The Office of the Minister undertakes perpetuate the SMUR antennaregularly in trouble, e reopening of the emergency room (as an extraordinary assistance service) initially from 8:00 to 20:00 The forced reconfiguration of the emergency reception services of the CHPC, lack of a sufficient number of emergency doctors, with the disappearance of 24/7 emergencies in Valognes for the benefit of the creation of the after-hours assistance center. At the time it was a experimentation. the March 7, 2016the center to open.

Video: currently on Actu

Operational from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 18:30., the team consists of a doctor, a nurse and a receptionist. That year, theincrease in the number of daily visits to the emergency room in Cherbourgafter the closure of the Emergency Department of Valognes is of the order of 22%. The first months, 23 patients on average per day They are welcome. The average duration of treatment in Valognes it is relatively resized compared to traditional emergency services (96 minutes). And 99% of the patients who present to the CSNP are there supported directly (without redirection to an emergency site).

Quickly, the system shows its limits. Already, users do not necessarily accept the fold of coming to Valognes for the plagues. The repetitive closures they end up creating doubts among users, who no longer know when the service is open or closed. The difficulty in finding doctors remains unresolved. The center Locked down to thesummer 2020.

A new format, governed by the 15

We should no longer be talking about Unscheduled Care Center (CSNP), but aboutHospital unit with regulated care (UHSR). Two different acronyms, for a different operation. This time, the login will be complete ruled by the Samu. In fact, it will take call 15who, depending on the information retrieved and the patient’s situation, will refer either to the emergency room in Cherbourg for the most serious cases, or to this new unit in Valognes.

In fact, it won’t be it is not possible to appear spontaneously at the reception. It will be necessary to have phoned before. It is in fact a unit in which hospital care can be carried out, too cumbersome to be coordinated in private practice, especially when medical images or laboratory procedures are associated, but without life-threatening emergencies. The team of this new service is made up of a doctor, a nurse and a caregiver. The UHSR addresses the inhabitants of the outskirts of Valogne, but also toentire population of northern Cotentin which can be referred to the unit according to the evaluation of 15, regardless of the place of residence.

Initially, this service will be open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 18:30.

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