5 recipes to be made with 3 ingredients max!

The cuisine is good, but with few ingredients it is even better! There was no need to buy a lot of food to prepare good meals. To prove it, we invite you to discover 5 recipes to be made with up to 3 ingredients. Something to delight the whole family as well as your wallet!

Prepare a meal with few ingredients, it’s possible ! Upon returning from concert or just the lazy evenings, we don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen venturing into great recipes … And that’s normal! Don’t worry, with a little you can do a lot! To make dishes with three times nothing, choose the starchythey will be perfect as a base. Pasta, Rice, potatoes, semolina… You can eat them with all sauces. Add fresh cream, cheese, or spices for flavor. The protein I am also a good ally, egg where is the Ham it mixes with almost everything you have in your refrigerator. Of course, you can also mix your starches seasonal vegetables as the mushroomsof the carrots or some spinach. This way you will have fun while saving to the maximum.

👨‍🍳 Ingredients to always have on hand:

More dishes simple they are often the best! Some ingredients are essential to have in your cupboard to make many recipes with little. Cream, cheese, box of tuna, box of chickpeas, pasta, rice, pastry, eggs, ham, spices, are essential. You need a little imagination and inspiration and that’s it! Mix the chickpeas with tuna with a tablespoon of olive oil or brown the pasta with good cheese and sprinkle it all with a few slices of ham. In two three movements, you have a meal Good And economic.

So, without further ado, discover our 5 recipes to make with up to 3 ingredients!

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starred pasta with melted cheese

The pasta they are our greatest saviors! They come in all shapes and sizes, but we often have our own preferences! Easy And rapid for cooking, they are perfect when we have the laziness. You can prepare them as you want, Butterwith a dash of‘olive oilwith sour cream or with cheese… This starch never disappoints us, we love it! We invite you to discover our simple and effective recipe.

On the menu: starred pasta with melted cheese. For this dish you need pasta, half a stock cube and your favorite cheese. You can opt for Camembert, Comté or Emmental.

In 15 minutes it is ready! Enjoy your meal !

Croque-monsieur in a pan

We all have to bread lying in our closet! It’s time to use yourself to make yourself one meal rapid, economic And greedy – greedy – greedy. Here we offer you a recipe 100% cheese. Take your slice of bread, put on a slice of Gruyère and close it all with a second slice of bread. Cook your sandwich in a pan for an ultra-melting result. Nothing could be simpler, 1 minute, is ready to be tasted. Of course you can add White Ham for a classic croque-monsieur or mountain hamfrom sausage to change a bit of a habit.

With 3 ingredients, you have a dish that will make you melt with pleasure! If you want, you can accompany yours Croque Monsieur of a good green salad or add a egg on the top.

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rice with curry

Like pasta, Rice it can be enjoyed in several ways. Mix this starch with a spice and you will immediately have a great result! We offer you a very simple recipe to make: rice with curry. For the ingredients, let’s assume you already have water and olive oil in the house. You will therefore need to bring two cups of rice, a stock cube and the curry powder with you. Once ready, i.e. in 30 minutes, you can eat it alone or add other ingredients. In fact, if you want, don’t hesitate to incorporate meat or fish. the chicken and the shrimp goes very well with curry.

Eating a complete dish with only 3 ingredients is possible! Find out the steps to follow!

Potato and bacon omelette

And if we were preparing a good dish rcomforting ? Eggs, potatoes, bacon… Our mouth is already watering. With those 3 ingredientsyou will prepare a full meal, enough to delight young and old. In addition to being delicious, this recipe is inexpensive! Of course, you can add any ingredients you like. Incorporate into your omelette cheeseof the onions or also vegetables like spinach. If you have a big appetite, accompany your dish with a salad well seasoned.

Here is our super recipe ready in 20 minutes flat! So go to the stove!

Boursin-style stuffed mushrooms

Nothing more simple rather than cooking your favorite vegetables, in particular stuff. The mushrooms de Paris are perfect for preparing this type of recipe. You just have to clean them, choose the tail and then prepare your mixture. Here we offer you purse but you can very well use the tartare according to your wishes. Cook everything for 20 minutes for an ultra-gratin finish! This tasty dish is ideal for when you get home from work! You can accompany these mushrooms with a meat oa fish if you want!

With just mushrooms, boursin and parsley, you’ll make a great recipe!

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