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On the occasion of COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, from 6 to 18 November, France Télévisions continues its commitment to environmental protection through the “Aux Arbres Citoyens!” “. The highlight of this mobilization: a major live program developed with environmental activist Cyril Dion, presented by Léa Salamé and Hugo Clément. Tuesday 8 November at 9.10pm

“Citizen trees!” © DR

In his latest book, written in collaboration with Nikolaj Schultz, Memo on the new ecological class (edited by La Découverte), the late Bruno Latour summarized the current awareness (” We are no longer human beings in nature, but we live among other living beings “), Before call to “sgreen “. Secologize, in other words: overlap the world we live in with the world we live in to finally take stock of the threats facing the planet and find the means to do soact, of maintain the habitable conditions of the planet »Finding dother cognitive, affective, political and scientific frameworks than those that have prevailed up to now.
Always aListening to the concerns of our society and more than ever aware of the need to preserve our biodiversity and our resources, France Télévisions intends to help us to ” green and in turn utters a cry ofalarm: “To the city trees! While the drought, exceptional heat, devastating fires and deadly storms of summer 2022 have accelerated awareness in France and around the world of a crisis that ignores borders and requires multiple responses, solutions and actions, both at the level of institutions, companies and citizens, the group takes the trees as they take up arms. S.n all territories, in regions and abroad, it is mobilized Lall its branches, editorial offices, programs, platforms, social networks to multiply editorial offers and conversations with the public of all generations on environmental issues and climate change. A theme in tune with the upcoming COP 27 to be held in Sharm el-Sheikh from 6 to 18 November.

After the summer just passed, the fires that devastated the south-west of France, the drought everywhere, the Mediterranean Sea “on fire”, 5 degrees above average, we could not continue to look elsewhere. Public service mobilizes for the climate! And it starts with the trees, our allies, our friends: the city trees!

Lea Salame

An evening event

Highlight of this mobilization: a great evening of public service, in collaboration with France Inter. Live and in public, from the majestic greenhouses of the André-Citroën park in Paris, France 2 proposes an evening event presented by Léa Salamé and Hugo Clément, accompanied by the activist Cyril Dion, with, as godmother, Marion Cotillard and, as godfather, Yannick Noah, to understand the causes of climate change, highlight and implement numerous and concrete solutions to address it, acting in particular for the regeneration of our forests and their biodiversity, everywhere in France.

There is a climate emergency and France is no exception. But we are not condemned to watch our house burn and do nothing! Observing trees, learning from them and protecting them: this is the first step towards a world that is more respectful of the environment and more liveable for mankind. France Télévisions is mobilizing to lead this great battle!

Ugo Clemente

Trees protect us, refresh us, beautify our daily lives, make us happier, offer us tangible ways to combat global warming, and are a tremendous source of inspiration for imagining and building a more positive, sustainable and equitable future. The evening will be structured in three parts to concretely identify the role of our trees: protectors of life, allies to adapt, a source of inspiration to reinvent ourselves.
Furthermore, during this exceptional evening, and in collaboration with France Nature Environnement, viewers of France 2 will be able to take immediate and concrete action by participating in an invitation to donations in favor of the regeneration and conservation of our forests and their biodiversity, everywhere in France, including overseas territories.

There is an ecological emergency. More than ever, we measured the effects this summer. It is time to propose solutions and to mobilize the French people extensively. The time for small gestures is over. We have chosen to do it through the trees, because this crisis is above all a crisis of our relationship with the living world. It is by reconciling with it, observing it, drawing inspiration from it and cooperating with other species that we will emerge.

Cyril Dione

Call for donations

A call for donations to projects for the regeneration and conservation of our forests and their biodiversity. The collection of donations is entrusted to France Nature Environnement, a non-profit association recognized as being of public utility since 1976.
Three options will be offered to viewers to make a donation:

  • Via SMS to 92312, with the keywords FNE5, FNE10 and FNE20: possibility of donations of € 5, € 10 and € 20
  • On the France Nature Environnement website, by credit card, bank transfer, ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal. Donations will be specifically earmarked for this operation
  • By check made out to France Nature Environnement, sent to the following postal address: 2, rue de la Clôture, 75019 Paris
Léa Salamé and Hugo Clément -

Léa Salamé and Hugo Clément present the evening “To the city trees!” “

© Morgane Prod

Special program – Presentation Lea Salame And Ugo Clemente – Result Frank Broqua – Editorial production Cyril Dione – Production Morgana production

“Trees of citizens! Is an eco-product program: Morgane Production is committed to a global eco-responsibility approach, strongly favoring existing buildings over the use of particularly energy-intensive ephemeral structures. All teams will apply an ecological production charter aimed at to minimize the carbon footprint of the program for each item. The energy, obviously necessary for this type of “fair” production, will be provided by hybrid systems, which will power, in particular, the low-consumption LED sources, which will form the main part of the lighting plan of the event.

Club France TV offers you eco-responsible activities near you

Club France TV Up for grabs: eco-responsible activities near you

Play with Club France TV

© DR

On the occasion of the operation “To the city trees! », Club France TV offers you the opportunity to win eco-responsible activities near you to limit your carbon footprint and goodies with the colors of NOWU (for” Now You “, in other words” To you now “) , the media in favor of the environment, multi-format and eco-designed, which will offer, on the Twitch channel of France Télévisions, an hour and a half of live coverage to follow the news related to COP 27.

To participate, go to Club France TV

The mobilization of digital antennas

  • “A planet” collection from Friday 4 November on will offer a collection on the environment made up of national, digital, regional and overseas documentaries.
  • “End of the world” collection on from Thursday 22 December
    The last colony, Carpe diem And The garbage attack : three films that ask us how we would behave if we were threatened or had experienced a catastrophic situation.

  • The girl with the pig heart France TV Slash from Monday 11 November
    In This unreleased new series, Nina, a heart-sick teenager and daughter of a hypermarket boss, sees her worldview turned upside down when she discovers she has always lived thanks to a pig valve transplanted into her heart.

  • Original digital programs of regional branches related to environmental protection

  •, the Overseas digital offer from France Télévisions

  • On Lumni from Monday 7 November
    all on your sea : on the occasion of COP 27, Lumni offers a series of educational and unprecedented documentaries to understand the essential role of the ocean in maintaining life on Earth, that of all living beings, including human life.
    Between two : on the topic of global warming, Alix Grousset receives Rodolphe Meyer, engineer, doctor of environmental sciences and science communicator on YouTube.

Posted 08 November 2022

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