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Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam on September 23, 2022 signed a decision on the establishment of the University of Law, updating the Faculty of Law of the National University of Hanoi. This is his 9And member.

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2022 Graduation Ceremony of Doctorate and Master at the Faculty of Law, now University of Law of the National University of Hanoi.
Photo: UD – UNV / CVN

According to the decision of the institute, the University of Law will be a public university education institution, a member of the National University of Hanoi (VNU), which exercises its autonomy in accordance with the law. It has its own legal status, seal and account and is under the direct management of the UNV. Its updating and development inherits the 46-year tradition of the Faculty of Law and its predecessors.

The established position and role

On 30 July 1976, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (now the Ministry of Education and Training) issued a decision on the establishment of the Faculty of Legal Studies (predecessor of the VNU Faculty of Law), the leading training institution legal status of Vietnam.

Since the year 2000, the Faculty of Law is a unit for training and scientific research in the field of law, which has its own seal and account dependent on the VNU with the orientation of development in a university.

In more than 46 years of development, the University of Law has gradually established its position and role as one of the centers of scientific research, high quality legal human resources training, legal policy advice for the country as well as a great science legal research center for Vietnamese jurisprudence.

With these results recognized by the Party, the State and society, she was awarded the Order of Labor of 2And class in 2016.

The University of Law currently offers four undergraduate degrees, nine research masters, five practice-oriented and six doctoral programs.

For this school year 2022 it has 3,228 students, of which 726 in masters and 53 in doctorates. In recent years, its training scale has increased both quantitatively and qualitatively, which has always been highly valued by society.

Currently, the University of Law has 127 civil servants and employees including 78 teachers. The number of doctoral students is 70, that of Associate Professors and Professors 24. It is therefore one of the legal training institutes with the largest number of Doctors, Professors and Associate Professors.

In addition, it has a team of over 200 part-time lecturers and long-time collaborators who are the foremost experts in the field of legal sciences, working in National Assembly agencies, government, courts, prosecutors, NGOs, corporate professionals, national institutes. and foreign countries for training and scientific research.

The school is also one of the VNU members with excellent results in scientific research activities. It is the focal point for bringing together national and foreign scientific personnel to carry out scientific research activities. Many scientists and teachers have been well trained at home and abroad and are fluent in at least one common foreign language in the service of research activities.

In the last five years the school has published 200 books (textbooks, monographs, reference works) and tens of thousands of scientific articles in national and international law journals. It has organized hundreds of symposia, scientific conferences nationally and internationally attracting many prestigious Vietnamese and foreign experts, making important contributions in the field of science and technology.

The school managed four scientific research projects at national level, 30 at UNV level and 9 belonging to the “State Management and Administrative Reform” program funded by the Danish government.

Expand international cooperation

Executives and teachers of the Faculty of Law, which has now become the University of Law of the National University of Hanoi.
Photo: UD-UNV / CVN

The University of Law always attaches great importance to its international cooperation. He currently collaborates with many prestigious research institutes, NGOs and universities around the world from countries such as Russia, France, Belgium, Germany, England, United States, Canada, Australia … In particular, he has collaborated with international partners to organize several joint undergraduate students and postgraduate training programs. For example, the school coordinated with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to successfully undertake the Vietnam – Japan law degree course from 2004 to 2014. It has collaborated with three prestigious French universities: the University of Bordeaux, the Toulouse Capitole University and the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University to organize, since 2001, the Master in International Business and Economic Law.

The pioneering legal education programs in Vietnam implemented by the Faculty of Law have also received the support and collaboration of foreign partners, such as the Master of Laws Program on Human Rights sponsored by the Human Rights Center the man of the Faculty of Law of the University of Oslo (Norway), by the Danish government and currently by the Australian government; the anti-corruption funds of the British and Irish governments and the LLM program of the state administration.

The institution has also achieved many notable achievements in national cooperation. She is the co-founder and co-leader of the Vietnam Law Schools Network. Its national partners are companies, organizations, institutions …

With its potential and experience, the University of Law will contribute to the refinement of the development model of the VNU and to the improvement of the quality of legal training and research in Vietnam, meeting the requirements of high quality human resources at the service of the international integration process. and national development in the new context.

Dam Danh Liêm / CVN

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