Interview. Sleeve. Brawl at the Rendez-vous Soniques: “Music that dances and thinks”

Bagarre will be in concert in Saint-Lô (Manche) this Friday, November 11, 2022, for a big party with Aloïse Sauvage and Lewis OfMan. (© Pierre-Emmanuel TESTARD)

With its new formula, Bagarre invites the public to his club. An explosive Sonic Rendezvous scheduled for November 11, 2022also with Aloïse Sauvage and Lewis OfMan on stage.

News: Since you formed ten years ago, you want to highlight the collective, also for this interview released on behalf of everyone, why?

Fight : Quite simply, when the five of us met in the Paris region, we all wanted to step forward (laughs). Everyone had their own musical universe, their own physique, their own experience, their own different desires. We have decided to put these five “solo” projects at the service of the collective, horizontally, without leader, it is our DNA. That is to say that we all compose songs, and that we sing all five, we take the lead in turn, with the other four on instrumentals and backing.

And why did you opt for nicknames?

Fight : We have nicknames (editor’s note: Emmaï Dee, La Bête, Majnoun, Maître Clap and Mus) that allow us to reinvent ourselves, to go beyond the person we are every day, to push certain cursors to move towards ever more freedom. We chose the name “Bagarre” because we had things to say, causes we wanted to fight for. Each member brings their own stories, their own struggles, their own observations on society and we all discuss them together to rework the texts and put the pieces in place.

Your concerts are most of the time explosive, does live play a predominant place in your career?

Fight : The stage is what we wanted to start for … But to do gigs, you have to make records! We have fun live: in our club, artists and the public must be on the same level, as if there was no hole, to dance and sing together in complete freedom. The party is a militant place, the dance floor is an open place. Without limits, without borders, without gender. The party is combative, we mix it up, we are free to be whoever we want. So we create pieces that make you move but also think, music that dances and thinks.


Wednesday 9 November: 10 am: “Mater Nature” by Vocal Illimited (sold out); 14: White paper for urban connections; 20:00: Terrain + Pierre De Maere + Laura Cahen; 20:30: Souleymane Diamanka.

Thursday 10 November: 7pm: Lyrix Lost Hours; 20:30: Juliette Armanet + Oete (sold out); 20:30: Naâman + Star Feminine Band; 10pm: Kid Be Kid + English teacher + SPRNS & Zélie (DJ set).

Friday 11 November: 1:30 pm: Lyrix Lost Hours; 16:30: Charlene Juarez; 18: Piers Faccini (sold out); 20:00: Deluxe + Suzane + Mountain Honey; 9:00 pm: Herman Dune + Agathe; 22:00: Deeper Dan + Neal Francis + Dupont (DJ set); 22:00: Brawl + Lewis OfMan + Aloïse Sauvage.

Saturday 12 November: 1.30pm: Charlène Juarez; 16:30: Tab + Garz; 18:00: Dahu of the Black Sea + Lewis Evans; 20:00: Roméo Elvis + Lujipeka + Chilla; 20:30: Fishbach + Bertrand Belin; 22:00: Evil Eye + Snake + Marian Call.

Sunday 13 November: 14: Horzines Stara; 15:30: Stage; 18:00: La Chica; 20:30: Véronique Sanson.

It’s hard to label your music … Electro with a punk energy, all sung in French, is that a good summary?

Fight : In France, we separate the text songs from the dance songs, we combine the two! It never occurred to us to sing in another language. Create stronger bonds with our audience who can sing the lyrics with us. Links that we also develop thanks to social networks. We wrote a live song with our fans on our Twitch channel, which we then played during a special evening at Trabendo in Paris. It is interactive and breaks down barriers. Our music is protean.

Video: currently on Actu

After Musique de club in 2014 and Club 12345 in 2018, are you working on a third album?

Fight : The first year of Covid put us on hold, and it also allowed us to breathe after four intense years of touring. Then we went back to composing songs, inspired by what we can find on the internet. And we are back on stage in 2022 with great pleasure. We did festivals like the Vieilles Charrues and played new titles. The direct allows you to do tests, to see what works or not, to take risks. This helps shape the project for the next album. Our new formula for clubs is vocal turntables. In the West, things are generally going well. I remember we played in Cherbourg (ed: Théâtre des Miroirs in December 2015) and at the Chauffer dans la Noirceur festival (July 2016). Without the public we are nothing. As we repeat at every concert: We are Bagarre, the Club is you! “

Beware of counterfeit banknotes

Care must be taken when purchasing tickets for the 13th edition of Rendez-vous soniques, which began on Tuesday 8 November 2022.

In fact, since the opening of the ticket office, the festival team has been notified of the sale of tickets on the dedicated ticketing platforms of the CSE (Social and Economic Committee), “not authorized for such sales”.

He calls for vigilance, “because buying on unofficial sites involves many risks: people who have bought these tickets will not be able to attend the concert because the tickets that these sites claim to resell do not exist; these sites sometimes show exorbitant prices and / or charge significant fees. One certainty: you only have to go to authorized distributors.

The official sales points of the Rendez-vous Soniques are the festival’s online ticket office on “”, the kiosk of the Jean-Lurçat cultural center, place du Champ-de-Mars, in Saint-Lô, the France Billet Network (Carrefour, Magasins U, Géant and “”), Ticketmaster network (Auchan, Cora, Leclerc, Cultura and “”), Seetickets network (“www.seetickets. Com”) and the Ticketswap official resale site (“”).

Electro pop evening in Normandy, 25, place du Champ-de-Mars, in Saint-Lô, Friday 11 November 2022, at 10pm Doors open at 9.30pm In order: Aloïse Sauvage, Lewis OfMan and Bagarre. Prices: € 15 subscribers, € 20 in advance, € 25 on site. Information and ticketing on the site

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