Le Bleuet de France and the National Gendarmerie: a lasting history

In 2021, as part of their mission to protect the population, 7,600 gendarmes were injured (physical and psychological injuries) and three were killed. Behind these figures there are families in mourning, sometimes destroyed, orphaned children but also seriously injured, gendarmes, men and women who must begin the greatest challenge, that of rebuilding themselves. To help them, support them and support their families, many initiatives have been put in place, led by the BAS (Office for Social Action of the Gendarmerie) (Military Injuries and Sports Matches – RMBS, Ad Victoriam challenge with injured and able-bodied, Invictus Games , National Day of the Phoenix, Ad Refectio Course involving the wounded and families … ..). But to strengthen its action, the institution also turned to an association which, since the First World War, has given itself the mission of “helping those who remain”: the Bleuet de France.

Joint actions

On 8 November 2022, a blueberry sales stand was set up at the entrance to the mixed circle of the General Directorate of the National Gendarmerie in Issy-les-Moulineaux. The funds, which will be raised today, will then be delivered on November 15, 2022 in the form of a check by a representative of the ONACVG, to General David Galtier, president of the Maison de la gendarmerie foundation, who will sign an agreement on the same day to the program of support for orphans “Blue pupils”. This action perfectly embodies the links between the gendarmerie and the Bleuet de France.

Sharing the same military DNA (the gendarmerie has no longer been associated with the Ministry of the Armed Forces since 2009), these two institutions in fact carry out numerous joint actions every year. Initiatives carried out at regional and national level with the participation of the gendarmerie in various commemorations organized by the ONACVG, its participation in city and school workshops and the relay of prevention and awareness actions on the various communication channels of the gendarmerie.

This joint work between the gendarmerie and the Bleuet de France intensified in 2015 with the signing of an agreement that provides, like soldiers from other armies, to integrate the children of wounded or killed gendarmes in service into the ONACVG protection program. . The agreement therefore provides for the establishment of financial support with exemption from certain university fees, economic aid for families, access to scholarships for students, access to military high schools and development of the partnership for reconstruction through sport. A particularly developed commitment in the gendarmerie. In 2021, under the pen of the Major General of the Gendarmerie, General Bruno Jockers and the Director of the ONACVG, Véronique Peaucelle-Delelis, the agreement is renewed, and with it the mutual trust between these two institutions.

Signing of the protocol of the Village of the Wounded between the Gendarmerie and the Army

The Major General of the National Gendarmerie and his counterpart in the Army signed, this Wednesday, November 2, a protocol that frames the contribution.

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Common values

If the above actions are recent, the links that unite the two institutions are ancient and can be explained above all through common values ​​of solidarity and memory, finding their origins in the history of the Bleuet de France itself. Mis en place à la fin de la Première World wars, qui fera 10 millions de morts et plus de 20 millions de blessés, cet office est, en effet, créé pour aider les familles des militaires tués au combat et les blessés qui ne peuvent plus to work. Among them, there are already gendarmes.

In 1991, the Bleuet de France association became Œuvre nationale du Bleuet de France and was annexed to the ONACVG. A work of memory, anchored to the present, the Bleuet de France now includes soldiers from all the army corps victims of wars and terrorist acts in the districts of the nation.

Today, the blueberry of France and the gendarmerie through the house of the gendarmerie foundation, have the same mission, the identification and accompaniment of the victims, and that, in a double approach, solidarity and memory. A duty of remembrance that is concretized in the gendarmerie by the participation of the institute in national ceremonies such as those of 11 November, 8 May and 14 July, the regular rekindling of the flame of the unknown soldier through promotions of non-commissioned officers and officers students and through the ceremony of the daily heroes, which takes place every year on February 16 and which highlights the gendarmes whose heroic deeds have saved lives, sometimes at the risk of their own.

To find out more, find here the complete interview with the spokesman of the national gendarmerie, foreman Nassima Djebli.

Bleuet de France mobilizes for war wounded and victims of acts of terrorism

Like every November 11, the Bleuet de France launches its campaign to appeal for donations. But unlike in other years, due to the pandemic, this one ..

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