Macron promises a “fairer” France in the storm

Paris (AFP) – Emmanuel Macron vowed Wednesday to “protect the weakest” in the face of the looming “storm” by supporting purchasing power and small businesses affected by rising energy prices, and paved the way to an extension of the contribution period for pensions.

“We are going through a crisis, crisis, too”, launched the Head of State, guest for the second time in two weeks of the new program “L’Evénement” on France 2, pointing out the war in Ukraine and its consequences on energy and prices.

The continuation after the announcement

“We must overcome this storm (..) and we will overcome it together”, like that of Covid, he hammered as the clouds thicken on growth in France and Europe as winter approaches.

“To succeed, we must protect the weakest (..) and we must push those with more strength to do even better”, insisted the head of state.

“This is my goal, a stronger France to be more just and peaceful, and there will be no others”, he insisted, while questions are multiplying in his own field on the dynamics and significance of this beginning of the second five-year period. .

Emmanuel Macron has again engaged in a pedagogical exercise, with supporting graphics, in the face of the many questions of the French, from inflation to pension reform on which the executive has chosen to stall, without giving up.

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– “We must resist” –

He insisted on protective measures put in place since late 2021 to control rising energy prices, believing that they had allowed France to cushion the inflation shock better than its neighbors, with 6% versus 10%. somewhere else.

“It’s difficult, but we have to resist,” he hammered, as gas and electricity prices will rise by 15% in early 2023.

From January, aid will be “targeted” to those who need it most, to the most modest families, to students and to the most fragile companies, he said.

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The executive “will guarantee a reasonable price” of electricity to local authorities and small and medium-sized enterprises. A counter will also be set up, including advances, also for “medium-sized companies and large groups”.

The Head of State, on the other hand, ruled out an indexation of wages at prices requested by some unions, renewing his calls for a “more equitable distribution” of profits in companies, through social dialogue.

While the executive continues negotiations on pension reform, Emmanuel Macron has declared himself “open” to a postponement of the statutory retirement age to 64, and not to 65 as he promised in the presidential campaign, in the event of an extension of the contribution period. .

Ten days after the murder of a 12-year-old teenager, Lola, by an Algerian in an irregular situation, refuted any “existential link between immigration and precariousness” but reiterated her desire to “harden the rules” for a better “fight against illegal immigration”.

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– “Disorder and cynicism” –

“We cannot fail to see that at least half of the delinquents, of the acts of delinquency that we observe, come from people who are foreigners, or in an irregular situation or awaiting authorization,” he said. by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin between immigration and delinquency.

The Head of State also denounced the “disorder” and the “cynicism” of the opposition with which his party has had to fight since it lost the absolute majority in the Assembly in June.

He accused the left of going “hand in hand with the National Gathering” to vote on Monday a motion of censure against Elisabeth Borne’s government, which failed because it did not rally right-wing voices.

The continuation after the announcement

Emmanuel Macron also wanted “an alliance” with the deputies of LR and those of the centrist Liot group for the adoption of the texts in the Assembly, believing that he had “sent a clear message” by not voting on the censorship motions presented in the budgets.

“The cynicism, the disorder is you, Mr. Macron. Your anger unmasks you. To keep yourself in power you are only counting on the larbinization of the LR,” replied Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Twitter.

For Olivier Marleix, president of the Lr group in the Assembly, “after all we still don’t know where Emmanuel Macron wants to lead the country”. “A daily management, subject by subject, which makes debts but does not engage in politics”, he accused.

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