“Made in France”: new schemes to support industrial relocation

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On the occasion of the anniversary of the “Made in France” brand, five French everyday objects are presented on 9 November in Bercy: toys, watches, bicycles, fabrics and shoes. Five objects that are part of the government-led industrial relocation movement through the France Relance and France 2030 plans.

In this context he presented Roland Lescure, Delegate Minister for Industry a series of new support schemes for industrial relocation projects.

Counseling missions to facilitate removals

Launch of Bpifrance two consulting assignments entitled “Reindustrialisation strategy” and “Make or Buy”. These will make it possible to support 200 companies by 2027, or about forty a year, in their relocation strategy.

The Advisory mission “Reindustrialisation strategy”. it is a mission 10 days. It allows companies to identify reindustrialization opportunities for their products or new projects. Concretely, it helps companies to define their priority challenges for reindustrialisation, to map their supply chain and its vulnerabilities and to co-construct an action plan for a future reindustrialization project.

Discover the consulting mission “Reindustrialisation strategy”.

The “Make or Buy” mission. it is also a mission 10 days. It allows companies to make the best choices between in-house manufacturing and outsourcing. In particular, it must make it possible to establish a numerical comparison between different industrial scenarios to decide the distribution between doing and having done.

Discover the “Make or Buy” consulting mission.

The study of the industrial strategy of the territories

La Banque des Territoires has developed an offer permitting support the territories in their industrial relocation strategy. This involves the definition of territorial diagnoses of industrial sector dependency, opportunity studies to characterize the relocation potential of certain products and to identify new value chains at the regional level.

La Banque des Territoires undertakes to carry out two sector studies per region.

Discover the offer of support to the territories in their industrial relocation strategy

Accelerators dedicated to relocation

The network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) will be established in each region, from 2023, accelerators dedicated to supporting relocation and reindustrialisation projects for SMEs.

With the support of the State and the Regional Councils, this system will allow companies to optimize the supply chain, to internalize all or part of their industrial production or to develop subcontracting in France.

At the same time, the network of KICs must ensure contact between clients and subcontractors at the local level, in close proximity, in particular through tools such as the CCI Business platform.

In the end, CCI France will launch an investigation with a representative panel of French industry to highlight other industrial relocation projects, beyond the 5 sectors highlighted today.

Existing and still available devices


The “i-Demo” call for projects of the France 2030 plan aims to develop industrial and service companies in growing markets, creating value and competitiveness and contributing to energy, ecological and digital transitions.

Apply for the “i-Demo” call for projects

France 2030 regionalized

Endowed with 500 million euros, this component points to support innovation, start-ups and SMEs in particular, throughout the national territory. The peculiarity of the territorial component lies more precisely in its co-financing method: each euro invested by the state is supplemented by one euro invested by the regional government. One billion euros is therefore mobilized by public authorities to support the most transformative innovative projects.

Discover the Regionalized France 2030 component

Call for expressions of interest “Industrial recovery”

Endowed with 100 million euros, this device of the France 2030 plan allows support territories in the face of changes in the transport sectorin particular automotive, in a rebound logic.

Apply for the call for expressions of interest “Industrial rebound”

New loan to the sector

Bpifrance has set up a loan to finance industrial demonstrations, pilot plants or the construction of a new production plant which still carries a high technological and / or industrial risk in France.

Discover the new sector loan

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