Medical transfers: Justin Trudeau “stubbornly persists”, plague Legault

The Premier of Quebec says that Justin Trudeau does not understand the pressing needs of the provinces in terms of health and that he insists on not wanting to increase federal transfers.

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“Justin Trudeau does not understand that all provinces need help,” François Legault said this morning at the entrance to the cabinet in Quebec. “I don’t understand that Justin Trudeau is obstinate in the face of the unanimity of the provinces and territories”.

Quebec is demanding an additional $ 6 billion to pay for ever-increasing health care costs. The increase in costs also affects the other provinces which pay 78% of health care costs.

“The increase in medical transfers is a unanimous request from all the provinces. So, it’s not a quarrel between Ottawa and Quebec, ”said François Legault, noting that the provinces are already in a difficult financial situation. “We have already started spending the money.”

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Compromised controls

However, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is very critical of Quebec in this matter, due to the checks that will be sent to Quebec taxpayers to combat the effects of inflation on their wallets.

Again this morning he said Quebec will have to justify sending checks instead of improving their health care system.

“If a government chooses to send checks to citizens rather than invest in the health system, it is a choice that will have to be justified by the citizens,” he said.

The measure confirmed this morning will cost Quebec $ 3.5 billion, more than half the amount required for medical transfers.

“I can’t believe Mr. Trudeau is coming to say that Mr. Legault shouldn’t help Quebecs cope with inflation. He remembers that Quebec is the place where taxes are highest. At some point, you also need to be able to fully understand the problems and not fight useless battles, “he said, reiterating that healthcare spending is the fastest growing in the country due to the aging population.

“The federal government finances only 22% of the provincial health expenditure and yet receives 40% of the taxes. So he has to do his part, “she said.

Quebec is demanding that the federal contribution increase from 22% to 35%.

As he hinted at the Federation Council this summer, François Legault reaffirmed that “Justin Trudeau believes himself better than Christian Dubé at telling how to spend money” of taxpayers.

In a press conference to announce how the pledged $ 400 and $ 600 campaign money will be distributed, the finance minister dismissed the federal argument opposing medical transfers and assistance from Quebec to counter inflation.

“No, that’s not a good argument,” Eric Girard said, comparing it to Ottawa’s military spending and federal dental program. “What we are asking for is legitimate […] It’s a one-time amount, “he said.

Not negotiable

As soon as he arrived from Vancouver, where he was meeting his provincial and federal counterparts, the Minister of Health insisted that respect for Quebec’s areas of jurisdiction is not negotiable.

«We have been saying for months, for years that healthcare is a province of competence. We need more money because everyone [connaît] the state of our network. And it’s common to all provinces, it’s not just a dispute between Quebec and the federal government, ”Dubé said.

He assures us that the common front with the other provinces and territories is “very strong”. In the past, Ottawa has often challenged provinces to sign separate agreements. “It is a very clear common front and it is unconditional,” she added.

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