10 inventions from movies and TV shows that we would like to see real

The promise of exponential improvement has been a real disappointment so far. Many minds in the past have predicted that by 2022 robots will look human, cars will fly, and virtual reality will surpass waking life.

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Yet here we are, replenishing energy from the wires dangling between the wooden logs and praying that the Wi-Fi won’t be interrupted by bad weather. It goes without saying that reality could use a boost from science fiction.

Thirsty? Stop sweating

Planning a spice mining expedition? Water is hard to find in Arrakis, so once the Old Ornithopter is charged and ready to go, be sure to pack a wetsuit.

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Recycled sweat may not be the sexiest innovation science fiction has ever imagined, but the green benefits of DunesThe combinations are many. For starters, technology that converts body waste – saliva, urine, sweat – into safe drinking water would alleviate the challenges that regions vulnerable to drought and pollution face.

Sneaking into traffic just got a lot easier

prisoner of azkaban

The bus of the elastic rider Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban it always seemed more the brainchild of a mad scientist than a spell produced by the wave of a magician’s wand. Does the bus itself expand and condense, or does the vehicle exert some kind of gravity-defying force to alter the surrounding space? Either way, public transport around the world should care.

Again, tons of high-speed combustible rubber folding the fabric of reality is sure to cause some creases. The Harry Potter the franchise might seem like a weird place to turn for ideas on what technologies the future might hold, but, like Arthur C. Clarke famous writes: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

You can mute loud cars, noisy buildings outside the window and even people!

Christopher Walken and Adam Sandler in Click

Click on it may be a warning about unintentionally missing out on significant moments in life by avoiding boring and hard times, but those who claim they wouldn’t use a handheld tool to speed up time and skip too long a line at the grocery store are lying. Furthermore, the rapid advancement of an eight-hour shift does not pose the same ethical dilemma of forking and enslaving one’s conscience.

And who can even say that such a device would be used primarily to pass, rather than enjoy, time? Reliving a vacation seems to be just as likely a function as turning off a business seminar.

Why go on when you can forget?

Jim Carrey as Joel Barish who erased his memories.

Growing from mistakes and learning from the past is noble and all, but some of us have jobs! If you’re short of time and energy to deal with a painful breakup, Lacuna Inc.’s excellent neuroscientists have you covered.

Sure, you may wake up after the procedure feeling like an empty shell of yourself, but don’t worry, there’s a pill for that! You’ll be back at work (and free from the ghost of past relationships) in no time.

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Maximize living space without ever paying for storage

If you are someone who wants more than your home can hold, you are probably not looking. Resizing for its warnings on climate change. Instead, you see dozens of new opportunities to accessorize and decorate. If items that are normally too heavy to handle can be reduced to a small size and stored on a closet shelf, why not have a sofa for every day of the week?

And think about how much easier it would be to move to a new home if our belongings could be miniaturized and bagged. We would never need to hire movers or deal with the whims of transporting furniture again! Even the most valuable and noisiest load can be reduced. There’s no better time than moving to say, “Honey, I’ve made the kids smaller.” “

Here’s to never wake up earlier than 5 minutes before work


From sleek USS-Enterprise transporters to haunted shoes, teleportation devices of one kind or another have always been part of popular narrative. The benefits for individuals and society as a whole that such technology would theoretically bring are too numerous to count. Public transportation, congested roads and motor vehicle accidents would be a thing of the past; air quality would improve; you will never have to run anywhere again!

But given the amount of radiation we’re exposed to during routine X-rays and TSA scans, perhaps the atomic dematerialization of our bodies is a stone best left unturned. However, that’s not to say there aren’t any other practical applications a teleporter could serve, as long as Amazon InstaPrime shipments are wrapped in ionized cellophane.

Robot of the Swiss army

Sox in the light year

Light year it may not have taken off with mainstream box office audiences, but many have seen it toy story spinoffs agree that the Sox are for the best. Buzz’s tech feline friend is essentially the same friendly robot companion you’ve met throughout Star Wars to Interstellar, but why take R2-D2 when you can explore the cosmos with a talking yellow cat? Even moments of greatest despair will be relieved by the Sox’s deadpan comic timing.

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It has a laser that can cut steel, magnetic feet and tranquilizer darts (in case you are being chased by an intergalactic militia). Practical, smart and adorable, Sox is an all-in-one survival kit.

Soon on a history class near you

alex wreath

What if you could discover the past not through the bells and whistles of the entertainment industry, but through an algorithm capable of reorganizing matter and projecting it over time? How banal As fun as dramatic reenactments can be in a documentary, nothing beats the chance to look back and witness real historical events.

A relatively intelligent multiverse thriller, Alessio GhirlandaFX miniseries Developers it asks incisive questions and offers fascinating insights, but what will remain long after it finishes its eight episodes is an image of computer geniuses staring speechlessly at a screen after discovering Christ. In fact, it’s hard not to be impressed with Garland’s vision.

I’m still waiting


Installed in 2015, the Back to the Future The second entry in the trilogy promised a generation of kids that they would ride the hoverboard in their lifetime. But the world still looks much more similar First part That II.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll wait a while for tech to let us cross town like Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox). The next best thing is a key equipped with magnets. Super Scott, what a disappointment!

Traditional medical care is becoming obsolete


What if months of intravenous treatment and radiotherapy could be replaced by a few minutes inside a device that looks no more complicated than a tanning bed? This is one that won’t do well with members of the medical profession.

Lysiuspaints a gloomy and uneven picture of the future. But would such a technology necessarily increase disparities? At the very least, we can be optimistic that the unprecedented engineering required to produce this theoretical device would have wide-ranging and universally beneficial applications.

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