10 things movies make too easy, according to Reddit

With Avatar: The Way of Water being prepared for a December 16 release, fans are more than ready to return to an unprecedented imagery franchise. However, one of the main differences with this new iteration is that the effects will only improve when viewers spend most of their time watching an underwater world.

While the film is sure to play on the difficulties of living and fighting underwater, many films underestimate their premise. After all, depicting a scientifically accurate underwater civilization would be next to impossible and should seem much more difficult to manage than current films do. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that movies seem too easy.

Solve crimes

Movies like The Batman may lean on detective work, but still underestimate how difficult it can be to extract fingerprints or find DNA evidence. This Reddit user complains about “how crime labs solve crimes with DNA testing and unrestricted access to all cameras in every building in the city.”

The best detective fiction films often feature detectives who make connections easily, connecting two unrelated topics to find an author. Criminal labs don’t have infinite resources, and finding connections between suspects and crimes can be difficult, which is why many crimes remain unsolved.

Survive on alien planets

It is not uncommon in films like Interstellar for humans to settle on an alien planet and struggle to survive the garbage. Yet while they often describe their problems, Reddit user SleepyMage complains that “the only thing to worry about in space movies is whether or not a planet has oxygen.”

Even when Interstellar pays homage to the idea that gravity is stronger on alien planets, they would have had to struggle a lot more after so long in space. Food, water and psychological implications should also have come into play, along with concerns about bacteria and foreign diseases.

Lifting of a manhole cover

In films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it can be easy for the characters to push a manhole and get out of a sewer. Even films like Enchanted present it as a minor event, although raising a manhole is an incredible feat of strength that movies rarely recognize.

“People who come out of a sewer system in the middle of the street with the manhole easily pushed aside,” is unrealistic, according to Reddit user p38-lightning. “Those damn things are heavy. Even the most powerful characters in the MCU should struggle with this, as they are specifically designed to be too heavy to lift.


Driving in movies seems like the easiest thing in the world. Characters from movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious can sit back and have a full conversation without looking down the street with no worries. Reddit user Llamathrust even claims to “have a constant conversation with no wind or car noise, especially if something has happened to the windows / doors like in some action movies.”

However, what even the best car racing movies fail to recognize is that driving is difficult and requires concentration. Characters cannot direct their attention in the wrong place, otherwise they could easily get into accidents. To make matters worse, trying to have a conversation can often be difficult, especially when the driver is focused on the road.


When you watch Wargames, it can be easy to assume that hacking is downright easy. After all, “computers are basically the new deus ex machina … I crossed the plaque with the average rainfall in each region,” the Reddit user says nowhere here, “so the killer is probably in this range of. three blocks.

In reality, the piracy has nothing to do with the films that portray it. It’s a chore that often involves weeks of hard work and brute force, which can lead to many sleepless nights. It can also involve spreadsheets, datasheets, and hours of dedicated work that can leave hackers incredibly stressed out. It’s not as simple as entering a code or two and running a system check. Also, even in WarGames, which is pretty accurate, the implication that no one is checking to see if the notes or data have been changed is pretty ridiculous.

Fleeing the explosions

Movies like Iron Man and Mission: Impossible include epic explosion scenes with characters walking or jogging leisurely away from an explosion. “Apparently you just have to worry about the flame and the impact of the concussion is really minimal,” says Reddit user bootorangutan.

Of course, the reality is that trying to escape an explosion would be much more difficult. Even if the characters managed to avoid the explosion of the flames, they would still be thrown forward by the force of the explosion. Ear injuries are also said to be common solely due to the sounds of the blast. Also, given how slow humans run, it’s much harder to escape explosions in real life.

It’s not uncommon for great movies like My Cousin Vinny to feature courtroom scenes that make working as a lawyer a breeze. The trials are quick and engaging, and the jurors are as involved in the unfolding of the story as anyone else in the audience.

“The thing is, rehearsals tend to be pretty boring and slow-paced in reality,” says Reddit user mikenmar. “And they rarely have the kind of dramatic moments depicted in the movies. In reality, bureaucratic lawyers have to go through some rather ridiculous procedural rules, navigating the judicial system is more difficult than it seems.


Superhero movies like Captain America: The First Avenger make battles a truly fun experience where even inexperienced fighters can last for a long time and not suffer long-term effects later on. While skinny Steve Rogers always loses fights, he can always get up regardless.

In fact, “a fight is EXHAUSTING and almost always goes to the ground,” says Redditor soapdonkey. Even the strongest martial arts fighters will be tired after a long fight, and many can still be shaken if they’ve taken a headshot along the way. Also, learning how to fight is not as simple as the montages show. It takes years of hard work and dedication. Real people can’t just take a serum and become great fighters.


Often, movies like Terminator 2 can feature characters like Sarah Connor picking a lock with nothing more than a toothpick, a hair clip, or even just a paper clip. In reality, the process of breaking a lock involves training, experience and the right tools.

“The collection is generally ridiculously bad. Nobody ever applies the voltage or uses the right tools, “says Reddit user 77ZZ77ZZ7. While this is more prevalent in video games, where lock picking is ridiculously easy, movies have the same problem. Many writers just don’t know how much it can be. be difficult, because all they know is how difficult the characters are at picking locks.

Play an instrument

Playing an instrument is something that many viewers will already be able to do, but the characters certainly don’t. When they pick up an instrument, “they hold it upside down, with the back side facing up, their hands are not even close to being on the right keys / holes. Horrible fake bow on the strings and terrible fake guitar strumming. Being able to learn an instrument instantly, etc. says a Reddit user.

In fact, it takes years of training to learn how to master an instrument. Films about fictional musicians often don’t want to portray the long days of hard work and dedication it takes. School of Rock features students starting to learn their instruments, but it doesn’t show the historical progression of skill development, and it certainly doesn’t show the hard evenings of practice at home as each character struggles with difficult chords and the learning process to read the moving notes.

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