10 TV Shows That Would Work Best As Movies, According To Reddit

The MCU’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will conclude on October 13, 2022, concluding the nine-episode series. One of the criticisms of She-Hulk is for the filler episodes which wouldn’t have been a problem had it been more of a feature film.

The editors have already compiled the TV shows that they think would have been much better if they were presented as a movie rather than a series. These range from Western miniseries like Godless to other MCU TV shows that can be found on Disney +. They are worth checking out as the Redditors have provided some insightful reasons as to why the TV show’s format damaged these stories.

Without God (2017)

Godless is considered to be one of the best Western TV shows to come out, winning numerous Emmy awards. However, Redditor NightsOfFellini thinks the miniseries served better as a movie because “it was too subtle, it could have been a tight little western.”

Godless follows a runaway outlaw through a small town run entirely by women, and his new setting provides perfect cover. While there’s a simple story from start to finish, Godless has some filler time to fill in any episodes that could have been cut to tell a more concise Western story like a movie.

Wake up (2012)

Awake has an extraordinarily intriguing premise about a detective who can draw on two realities, one in which his wife survived a car accident and another in which her son survived. The editor touched on but believes Awake had a “solid prime minister but didn’t try to structure the week’s case”.

The show’s layout seems more suited to a movie than a series of weekly episodes, as Awake’s interesting story would benefit from a limited duration. Awake didn’t last more than a season, with the general mystery set aside to justify the 13-episode order.

Designated Survivor (2016-2019)

Designated Survivor is a political thriller that follows the protagonist after he is sworn in as president of the United States when everyone in the line of succession is killed in a bomb blast. Editor wookiewin disliked the fact that “the main concept of the show was scrapped pretty quickly.”

Designated Survivor quickly put aside the general mystery to become similar to the standard scheme that has been seen many times in the genre. It was even considered a “so bad as to be funny” show for its later premise. The Designated Survivor storyline would have worked well with a film in which the protagonist searches for the real culprit and ultimately demonstrates his courage as president.

The unknown (2020)

The Outsider is based on a Stephen King novel, which follows a weary detective investigating a horrific new case that reminds him of his son’s death. Redditor CapeshitConnoisseur writes that “the ending of episode 2 was at the center of the book, but they extended it for another 8 episodes”.

The general story of the Outsider is about the protagonist’s psyche and how it is affected by the investigation. With 10 episodes to fill, much of the focus has been on supporting characters that wouldn’t happen in a feature film. The Outsider has received fairly positive reviews, but it could have been better remembered as a mystery movie.

The hostess (2020-22)

Even with The Flight Attendant’s various twists, there was quite a lot of filler that should have created a future season. Editor Kawfikawfi echoed these sentiments, writing that “In the end, he was just preparing for a second season.”

The Flight Attendant looks like a classic yellow film on paper, centering on the titular character when she realizes her lover has been killed by unknown means. It’s hard to sustain a multi-episode thriller with this scheme, which is why The Flight Attendant may have enjoyed a theatrical release.

Jessica Jones (2015-19)

Editor Kthranos thinks Jessica Jones didn’t need 13 episodes and “could have benefited from a budget for the film as well.” Jessica Jones follows the superhero detective as she solves various crimes as she battles her old demons

Jessica Jones’s Case of the Week style doesn’t suit those used to the usual MCU offerings, as the series takes a slow approach to wrapping up the main story. With a bigger budget for fight scenes and a concise storyline to follow, Jessica Jones had the potential to be one of the most memorable MCU movies to come out.

Loki (2021-)

Loki follows the cheat god as he works for the Time Variance Authority, falling in love with his variant while associating with a TVA agent. Editor NiAlexNorAlice thinks that “most of Sylvie and Mobius’ interactions with Loki have been repeated so many times throughout the series”.

While MCU fans love every appearance of Loki, the character basically has the same things to say to Sylvie and Mobius. Most of the dialogue involved Loki trying to dissuade Sylvie from being vengeful and trading jokes with Mobius. An abridged version would have been possible with a two-hour movie that didn’t need to be stretched like the Disney + series.

The Hawk and the Winter Soldier (2021)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier didn’t have much of a break between episodes, with the ending of each episode shocking to many. Editor TriscuitCracker writes that the series “felt like watching a six-part film”.

The six-episode series was primarily about the titular duo preventing a terrorist group from wreaking havoc, which drew inspiration from the MCU films rather than the traditional TV show format. With Captain American: New World Order on the horizon, it looks like the MCU has decided to stick to the film format for the characters in the future.

Sharp objects (2018)

Sharp Objects follows a troubled reporter who returns to her hometown to cover up a mystery that then brings her back to the toxic relationship she has with her overbearing mother. Editor DreamyDeen believes the series had an “expansive atmospheric landscape, and its twists and intensity would translate just as well, if not more, into the cinematic format.”

Sharp Objects received generally positive reviews, but there were a few scenes simply dedicated to showing how claustrophobic the protagonist’s surroundings were, which is already easy to understand. A film format would have cut down on unnecessary cinematography and done better justice to the pace of the story.

Schmidadon! (2021-)

Schmidadon! is a musical that follows a couple traveling through a city that is permanently stuck in a musical and must fix their relationship. Redditor Any___forever23 writes that Schmigadoon! it’s clearly a “sitcom-sized movie, with musicians making a song and confused protagonists making sarcastic comments.”

Since the main characters have no idea what’s going on, they often end up noticing the bizarre nature of the musical characters doing their thing. This would not have happened in a movie due to the shorter duration, which would have saved Schmigadoon! engage in a filling dialogue.

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