Castelnaudary. 20 years of culture: the Trois-Ponts theater celebrates its anniversary

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Twenty years ago, the city inaugurated the Trois Ponts theater to the delight of residents and cultural associations.

Twenty years ago, on November 10, 2002, the Scènes des Trois Ponts theater opened its doors. A great event for the city and the population. Culture entered through the front door with a professional tool for access to culture for all, the primary objective of the municipality. Goal largely achieved in 2022.

A week of shows, meetings, conferences. And the scoop for the twenty or so local associations that premiered this stage on Sunday presenting mini-shows from 14:00 to 20:00 There was enthusiasm in the boxes and pride in getting on a real stage.

In the 20th anniversary program, only one association experienced this euphoria, the Elan dance school in partnership with ECAS. Christine Sicre will present with her young dancers a show on the same theme as 20 years ago.

Nathalie Artigue du Castelet des Métamorphoses remembers her fascination with this professional instrument “We had never seen it”

The municipality had come up with a program worthy of the event, within a week. Concert with the pianist Miguel Angel Estrella, freestyle dance demonstration by 30 dancers from Toulouse, Montpellier, Perpignan, theater with the Cie du Chêne noir d’Avignon

Debates and conferences on “Culture in small towns”

A week to bring culture to the center of this magical setting. The magic didn’t go away 20 years later. Spectators will be able to rediscover it on Sunday 13 November.

Theater, dance, music and singing, this Sunday, to make an appointment

On this 20th anniversary, these cultural associations will animate the afternoon with local companies on Sunday 13 November from 2 pm (1:30 pm public reception). Free admission, reservation on 04 68 94 60 85 or by e-mail:

“We start from the principle that as a cultural place, it is important for us to work in a network. For many seasons, the Scènes des Trois Ponts theater has therefore developed collaborations with various companies and cultural associations in the area.” officials explain.

On the program theater, dance, music, singing.

14: Ideal Cinema company : reading by actor Laurent Soffiatti, “My favorites, poetry reading”.

2:25 pm: Schrödinger’s company of cats. “Cow Suicide in Switzerland” is a dark and jarring farce that orchestrates the escalating social, professional and moral pressures. Humor, cynicism and insolence.

15:00: Kaïros / Récréaction companies. Theater of clowns: a band of misguided clowns rushes onto the stage and can invent a new sport, or a visionary philosophy of life, a 6.0 toaster… Who knows?

15:25 – Eloquence. Extract from the choreographic creation of 2022, “Seuls Ensemble”. “Yin Yang”, “Yang Yin”, “Requiem pour un cœur” Seuls Ensemble, questions the human relationship, with oneself, with others, with the inner and outer world. Dance sublimates the bond with oneself and others. “

15:40: Art and Passions. Every two years, Arts et Passions produces a Fiesta Comédie show. It is an opera comedy, a story with twists, humor, theater, songs, dance, musicians … and good humor

4:05 pm: Company of the Quintessence. “Dance flip-flops”: this old skin that tears, peels, suffocates, pulls, makes the bowels boil. The silent works and lets the soul express itself, discovering its many facets towards uniqueness. “

4.15pm: Choirs of Lauragais : song-choir: presentation of some pieces with the new conductor Priscille Coutureau. Preview of the Christmas concert.

16:35: ECAS-Elan dance school. Music “Encounter” Hugues Le Bars. For the 20th anniversary of the theater, the Elan Dance School in collaboration with the Asso ECAS resumes “Rencontre” created in 2002, for the inauguration of the theater. A bouquet, a fireworks display where heterogeneous and unusual “Encounters” meet. “

16:45 – Carmen Rossa. Les Invisibles: a text that looks at the fate of the forgotten, the dispossessed, of those whom capitalism has left on the street. A living flame that looks the public in the eye to witness the world and talk to it.

17:10 – Gospel Blue 11.The Gospel Blue 11 choir continues to pulsate for nearly 5 years despite all the circumstances.

17:35 – D-KLIK Crew Association of hip-hop dance offers a breakdance demonstration, accompanied by their teacher Kader.

Theater: Reception every Tuesday and Thursday from 14:00 to 17:00 The box office opens 30 minutes before each show.

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