Champions League – Mathilde Gros: “Try new things …”

His career changed completely (on the bright side) one evening in October 2022. A few weeks ago, Matilde Gros (23 years old), who was still struggling to shine on the international scene, won his first world gold, in individual sprint, at the World Championships track cycling at the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Velodrome. Thus confirming his enormous potential, the one who had already triumphed on the continental scene (two titles in keirin) has made an appointment with Olympic Games of Paris which will take place on the same track. Pending the Paris Olympics, the tricolor cyclist will take part in the second edition ofChampions League on the UCI track which will be held in five rounds, including the first Majorca on 12 November. An interview conducted by our colleagues from Sport 59/62 And Jean-Marc Devred with which he raced on the Olympic track Matilde Gros And Matthew Richardson.

Video – Mathilde Gros before competing in the UCI Track Champions League

“I just want to have fun, go as far as possible …”

It is true that since I started track cycling, people say they have been waiting for me. But at some point I stopped thinking about it. I ride my bike for fun, work, live on my bike, eat on my bike, sleep on my bike … all this to experience incredible moments on the track, sporting moments with my family and precisely I stopped exerting that pressure on myself. Since January I have a new trainer on a mental level, who agrees with my current trainer. Now I am well surrounded and this allows me to get to the races with confidence. I just want to have fun, go as far as possible in tournaments, have no regrets and have fun with my family“, To explain Matilde Gros.

“It’s clearly a boxing fight when you get on the track”

The new individual speed world champion also spoke about the specifics of track cycling. “When we get on the track, we play our life. We take shots, we give them … not physically, but mentally that’s all and we feel it. It is clearly like a boxing match. When our competitor gets on the track or when she gets off, we have to go get her, touch her, get out … it’s clearly a boxing fight when we get on the track“, explains the 23-year-old Frenchwoman who will participate in the second edition of theChampions League on the UCI trackwhose first round will take place in Mallorca (Spain) on 12 November.

“L’UCI Track Champions League, the right competition to try new things “

I take this competition with great pleasure because I think it is really something good for our sport, for our discipline … The track is not too publicized, nor too well known. This will allow me to race in speed or keirin events, because in the end we don’t have enough matches in the year that we can express ourselves. It’s the right competition to try new things, without putting too much pressure on yourself. We will have to take advantage of it, because it will be something incredible, especially the Paris round, and give everything in every round. This competition is not just entertainment. It’s also very physical and intense, so it’s a good test“, he concludes Matilde Gros.

L’UCI Track Champions League, the user’s guide!

From 12 November to 3 December the second edition ofChampions League on the UCI track will be played in five rounds: Mallorca on 12 November, Berlin on 19 November, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines on 26 November, London on 2 and 3 December. 72 track riders will compete head to head in two different disciplines: sprint and endurance. How are the riders selected? From their results obtained a World Cup 2021 and 2022during the first Champions League and throughout the 2022 season.

As for endurance, the two reigning champions will defend their precious. The American Gavin Hoover and the British Katie Archibald will try to get rid of their rivals. In the sprint, the Dutchman Harrie Lavreysenrecent double gold medal al Worlds, will also be present to win the second consecutive Champions League. Among the women, the German Emma Hinze decided to jump to rest. French side, Rayan Helal, Tom Derach, Matilde Gros And Marie-Divine Kouame he will be engaged in sprints on the various European tracks.

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