Cherbourg. Health: Why is Pasteur hospital attracting more and more interns?

The institution is experiencing a certain dynamic. As of May 2020, only 37 interns had completed their semester in Cherbourg (Manche). (© La Presse de la Manche)

At the center of the Emergency Department of Cotentin public hospital center (CHPC), in Cherbourg (Manche), Lucile begins to find her place. Arrival at the beginning of the month of November 2022 in Cotentin, the young woman began her year of young doctor. In the past year, she has almost all the knowledge and skills necessary for the exercise of medicinal. Gradually, in the next few days, it will definitely gain its autonomy.

A record winter

When it comes to choosing yours Scenic site, Cherbourg turned out to be the best option for her. “Coming from the Paris region, the Normandy was very attractivewith a certain quality of lifesays Lucillo. I have done several internships at the University Hospital, where there are many disciplines. Last year I discovered Cotentin while spending a semester in pediatrics. It was a specialty I was a little afraid of. The team was fantastic, I was very well received. This experience made me want to return. Especially here, we feel well surrounded and accompanied. “

Beginning of November, seventy-three interiors started a one-semester training adventure at CHPC. Usually, a promotion very rarely exceeds fifty boarders.

It is a very important number. Especially since it is a winter promotion, usually less expected for us than in spring.

Severine KarrerHospital director

Among the newcomers starting the semester, some will perhaps make careers in the hospital or in the city in Cotentin. The challenge is to give them good reasons to return to an area lacking general practitioners, but also professionals in different specialties. To do this, the hospital relies on several assets, starting withrenewed attractiveness of certain services.

We fought for coronary angiography, to modernize our radiotherapy department. We work collectively, discreetly and get results. This hospital is struggling, like so many others. But it is moving forward, with many projects in the pipeline.

Benoit has arrivedMayor of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and chairman of the hospital supervisory board

For welcome studentsthe file of construction of a new college push forward. New announcements should be made very soon.

The key to support

Each service and specialty prepares an accreditation file, with a educational project. Even his “identity card”. Or the medical school does not believe that the institution is suitable to accommodate them, it will not validate the approval. The Cotentin public hospital center works mainly with the faculty of Caen. Some interns sometimes come from other regions, through agreements between university hospitals, to allow young people to do so discover specialties in other contexts. “I wanted to go back to Nord-Cotentin, says Dr. Charlotte Saint, who has just entered the emergency room after being an intern there. There is good dynamics in the team. The atmosphere inside the hospital is more familiar than in a university hospital.

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To welcome young people, it is necessary to have sufficient staff to be able to supervise them. “However, they participate in the activity, but under the responsibility of the elders, explains the hospital director. Any act, diagnosis or prescription must be evaluated by an experienced professional. They are not counted in the timetables. They come more. It is a commitment for the elderly, who invest time. You have to adapt, individualize. A cultural revolution has taken place in the medical community. “

During the semester at the CHPC, trainees benefit from a support for the realization of their thesis by the clinical research unit. He has developed a specific training allowing trainees to discover research activity and providing them with data collection software, providing methodological advice and helping to carry out statistical analyzes.

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