From the High Pyrenees, Design & Bois designs wooden packaging for the luxury industry

BottomAndand in 2015 in Laborde, in Upper PiraeusNoted, Design & Bois specializes in the production of high-end wooden packaging for theluxury industry. Combining technical perfection with artistic inspiration, the company is discreetyouAnd crand bottles for cosmetics and perfumes, bottles of wine, champagne and spirits or even boxes and gift boxes.Lgloves to sublimate the products.

This know-how and natural wood processing did not originate fromyesterday. Indeed, they wereyouhanded down by geNotgenerationNotventilation. The current leader ofcompany, Cyril Larrouy, took over thefamily business originally founded in 1920. It has redeveloped this business while maintaining its tradition egaddressing new marketsS.

IsuccessAndit is my grandfather that he himself had taken over thehis father’s businessD. Jhaddeveloped new products, positioned L’business in new markets, invested in the latest digital machinesre gAndNotventilation to make production. JI still maintained L’workshop, in particular the handcrafted part and the ancestral machines that allow the creation of prototypes, unique pieces, limited series and quality finishes “, explains Cyril Larrouy, founder of Design & Bois who took over the ancestral know-how of 27 years old.

100% French wood

The little companyyouthe choice of nuse only hard woodversusais from the forestpirAndNotis protectedgand and in a sustainable wayrby the National Forestry Officets. the morningAndre firstera thus originates fromabout ten kilometers aroundGarage. Design & Bois takes care of theversuscapacitywood as well as L’ecodesign and biodiversity. Choosing a pre woodonit locally allows to limit transport over long distances, thus reducing the energy balancenerdethics and greenhouse gas emissions.

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they are privilegedI amare the trees that have beenyoushot down by stormsyour. Every yearand, between fifty and a hundred trees, of boxwood, walnut, oak, caphasmore taigner, coolNotyew or even beech, are personally selected by the manager of the companybusiness starbenist from training and transformedS.

“Contrary to fromother materials, wood is renewable, ecological, 100% recyclable and biodegradable. In addition to being a beautiful material, it allows you to better preserve some products such as wines and spirits, becauseit is an insulator that maintains a temperatureconstant cancellation. “

Also, no woodit is wastedAnd. The waste, in fact, is used to make corks or to heat workshops and offices, for example. The surplus feeds a downstream boiler room in a retirement home.

Unique products adapted for each client

The different packaging models, perfect harmony between artisan tradition and modernity, are kingalisés with machines, but also therehuman intervention that allowsto have ” luxury details and finishes . L’the family business is able to create customized containers, suitable for the specific needs ofa customer. Therefore, all the products made are customizedS.

In 2019 it was almost 500,000 eurosyouis invested by Design & Bois to modernize its workshop, acquire improved machinesliorAnd the abilityis of production and license to produce large volumes and thus satisfy the demand.

“What challenges ustrademark, cit is thereoriginalityis packaging, their finishes of the highest level and the modern design that comes out of itordinary. Everything is cut into the mass and redonealisit is without glue. When I design a project for a client, it will be dedicated only to him and templates will not be offeredS. to another. How versusa, their product, my product is unique and does not fall under standardization says the boss ofagency.

Financially rewarding positioning

Todaytoday, the customers of the small companyyoué are only luxury houses and large French distilleriesversuscomfortable and European. Its customer portfolio includes about fifty customers. For reasons of confidentiality, nis quotedAnd. We work with many perfume and liqueur houses such as cognac, armagnac or whiskey prsays the boss. Through its clients, Design & Bois exports its creations to the four corners of the world. Lexport repAndfeel close50% of its business. Discreet, Cyril Larrouy claims that the company is financially stable without himvincrease its financial results.

Ito have has established my reputation on discretion and respect for confidentiality, whether it be the name of the house, the product or the project. There are good forecasts and prospects and good markets, especially in L’export. Everything is alright if rdelight those who placed their business on the luxury market about fifteen years ago‘aAndI am.

The latter works alone to develop the ancestral knowledge structure. He manages everything from design to manufacturing and customer relations. ” I am currently training my son for a possible succession if he continues to like it rAndvhe says.

Pending a possible succession, Design & Bois hasyouAnd S.elected by the Chamber of Commerce eOccitan craftsmanship to represent the Hautes-Pyré departmentNotand during the 10th edition of the Made in France fair to be held from 10 to 13 November, at Paris. A honor for Cyril Larroy thatIs oldNotgenerally present ” only in one or two fairs at the most per year .

“Made in France is a reputation and all that I amthey have always developed. I fought for local French productsversusais, to update the ancestral work, modernize it and make it knownIto be. The living room will beopportunity to meet new clients and see the ones I work withIto and who will come to meet me concludes.

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