Health: pharmacists authorized to vaccinate from 7 November 2022

Pharmacists now have the right to inject mandatory vaccines in their pharmacies. Until now they were allowed to vaccinate against seasonal flu and Covid-19. Here’s how to benefit from this device and the reimbursements provided by Health Insurance and your mutual insurance.

Vaccinated by my pharmacist

The prerogatives of pharmacists are expanding. From Monday 7 November, these professionals can play the vaccination of persons with a prescription for the product. I am interested patients aged 16 years or olderso the 14 mandatory vaccines and their boosters are recommended in their vaccination schedule:

  • diphtheria,
  • tetanus,
  • poliomyelitis,
  • whooping cough,
  • human papilloma virus,
  • invasive pneumococcal infections,
  • hepatitis A and B,
  • meningococci of serogroups A, B, C, Y and W,
  • anger.

So far, only the vaccine against seasonal flu and the Vaccine against covid it could be administered by pharmacists. The vaccines mentioned above can only be injected by the following healthcare professionals:

  • a doctor, general practitioner or specialist
  • a midwife
  • a nurse, to persons over 15 years of age without prior medical prescription for the act of injection.

The objective of this provision present in the National Pharmaceutical Convention signed last March is that ofimprove vaccination coverage in France effacilitate the patient’s journey who wants to be vaccinated. Behind this device there is also the desire to do so unlock GP surgeries entrusting the execution of this operation to another qualified healthcare professional act of prevention.

Power administer mandatory vaccinespharmacists must be format And declared to the Regional Health Agency (ARS). The agreement also provides for the creation of a fee for the injection of prescribed vaccines or when the vaccine does not require a prescription.

How to get vaccinated at the pharmacy?

The procedure to be able to do it vaccinated by a pharmacist depends on your patient status and the vaccine in question:

  • the seasonal flu vaccine : if you are one of the priority people, in particular people aged 65 or overpregnant women, obese people and people with certain chronic conditions, you have received an invitation and a voucher from Health Insurance, to collect the vaccine for free from your pharmacist.
  • the Vaccine against covid-19 : vaccination is open to anyone from 5 years. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 can only be vaccinated against Covid-19 by a doctor, a midwife, in a vaccination center that offers pediatric vaccination, or in a health center. Vaccination in pharmacies is authorized between 12 and 17 years.
  • other vaccines:doctor’s prescription it is necessary to benefit from the vaccination in the pharmacy, authorized for patients from 16 years of age.

What reimbursement for vaccination at the pharmacy?

All vaccines, mandatory or recommended, such as eg yellow fever vaccinethey are reimbursed by the Health Insurance at Rate of 65%.the rest to be paid can be supplemented by mutual health through the prevention package.

Three types of vaccines benefit from 100% reimbursement from the Social Security:

  • the MMR vaccine (measles-mumps-rubella) for children up to 17 years and beneficiaries of AME (State Medical Aid);
  • the seasonal flu vaccine for vulnerable people
  • the Covid vaccine for everyone.

The vaccine injection is covered:

  • 70% if performed by a doctor or midwife during a consultation
  • 70% if performed by the pharmacist
  • 60% if performed by a nurse.

Only the people with long-term illnesses (ALD) are fully reimbursed by Sécu for the injection of the vaccine.

From 7 November 2022, the vaccination fee at the pharmacy is set at € 7.50 excl. in mainland France and € 7.88 excluding VAT for overseas departments and communities. Sécu then pays 70% of this price and your mutual health insurance company completes the reimbursement.

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