Here are 9 recipes for family meals under 5 euros and they are irresistible


Inflation has been breaking records for several months. The economic context is complicated by shortages in the fields of energy, fuels and some foodstuffs. So the purchasing power of the French is decreasing every day. In this article we will provide it to you inexpensive recipe ideas to satisfy your impoverished bags. In fact, you can have fun and prepare good meals, even on a limited budget. The demonstration below with 9 recipes for less than 5 euros.

Easy and inexpensive recipes for family meals

For several months the French have been paying attention to all their expenses. Indeed, all areas of life have increased, especially the essential. For example, the bill has been steadily rising in recent months in large retail stores. In fact, some French families fear the salty note when shopping. It’s not a pla * s * r game at all. But, then, how do you keep preparing good recipes for your family while controlling your budget? With the onset of the fall season, we crave comfort food. So, we share with you 9 ideas that will suit all budgets and all taste buds. With less than 5 euros you will become a real cordon bleu again! Your loved ones will be happy.

9 ideas to inspire!

  • Gratinated dumplings, special sauce : tomato sauce, fresh cream, onions, grated cheese, thyme, voila! Long live Italy!
  • Risotto with shells, ham, parmesan and champignon mushrooms : children love pasta shells, try offering them a variation on the classic ham and butter!
  • French fries, chorizo ​​cream and eggs : potatoes are good in all their forms! With a little chorizo ​​to flavor everything!
  • Easy pumpkin gratin : When the temperatures cool down, we like to make gratins in the oven.
  • Gratin tartlets : the essential recipe when the winter period arrives.
  • Poultry stew : an easy recipe to make with chicken legs and vegetables!
  • Gruyere ham tart : cakes are practical, because you can garnish them with whatever you want. But, in the winter, we stick to the cheese theme!
  • Cheesecake : another idea to vary the pla * s * rs.
  • Savoyard toast : To change from the classic savory pie, sandwiches are also a good way to offer something else to loved ones. A raclette on a slice of country bread, try it, it’s worth the detour!

Here are the recipe sequences on the site of scullery. Thanks to our colleagues for their good ideas!

Supermarkets that are committed to the purchasing power of the French

As you know, to reduce your spending bill, here are the operations of the different brands. What allows you to prepare your recipes serenely.

Until October: Lidl promotion voucher

The German giant continues its operation “The push that is worth the cost” launched on May 19th until the end of October. It is intended for customers who own the “Lidl Plus” virtual card. They will thus receive a 5% discount coupon valid on the entire cart, starting from 50 euros of purchase. For information, the application can be downloaded to your smartphone and is free. The coupon is displayed on the 1st of the month and all you have to do is activate it and scan it at the checkout.

Until November 30: prices blocked at Carrefour

Carrefour has frozen the prices of 100 everyday products from its private labels for 100 days. The operation can be found throughout France and on until 30 November. Here is the list of all the products on offer on the Carrefour website.

Until December 4th: prices blocked at E.Leclerc

E.Leclerc has implemented an “inflation shield” on 234 everyday products (milk, rice, coffee, flour, baby diapers, etc.). They are available in stores and on drives, for loyalty card holders. Price increases are compensated with E.Leclerc tickets on the customer’s loyalty card. Tickets will be usable from the following day. The list of affected products is available on the brand’s website.

Until December 31st: Prizes locked at the Casino

Casino has frozen the prices of 50 Leader Price products, sold for 50 euros in Géant hypermarkets, or 30 products for 30 euros in the group’s supermarkets, until the end of 2022. Price increases are reimbursed in the form of vouchers.

It’s up to you to find good little recipes to satisfy your loved ones!


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