ITW / Le Mag – Mathieu Burgaudeau: “Being efficient in the Tour de France”

A year ago, the resident of TotalEnergies team had expressed a desire to raise his arms to the microphone of Cycling news : “Anyway, I want to win and any race would suit me very well!“When we take stock of its year 2022, we can logically say it Mathieu Burgaudeau achieved its goal, if not better. the originally from Noirmoutier-en-Île so he raised his arms during a World Tour event, on the occasion of Paris-Nicelast March, where he showed talent and class. For the rest, the23 year old runner – who he could also have raised his arms again during the Tour of the Doubs (2nd) – bad luck was not spared with several falls and injuries (collarbone and shoulder blade fractured last March following a fall when The classic Loire-Atlantique, for example). Maintenance.

Video – Burgaudeau: “There is only to do better in 2023”

“My success at the Paris-Nice is a trigger for the years to come”

Mathieu, what do you remember about this 2022 season?

There have been good and even less good, but overall it’s hard to take the good part without talking about the things that didn’t work out. I have had several physical problems. It really ruined my season and I think without it I could have had a solid season. Overall, I’m having a great season. As soon as I was at my level, I was able to fight for the victory or at least I was not very far from it, and this is positive for the future. I won a big victory at the Paris-Nice [le 11 mars dernier], but I would have liked to have done better … My success at Paris-Nice is a trigger for the years to come. It did me really good morally to have finally raised my arms on a professional race.

Now I know I can do it and in any race. At the end of the season, I was not far from winning another event [2e du Tour du Doubs, un podium sur une étape de l’Arctic Race of Norway…]. What tarnishes my record a bit are my many falls. Whenever I was fine, I was the victim of a great fall [clavicule et omoplate fracturées en mars dernier après une chute lors de la Classic Loire Atlantique, par exemple]. In particular, I was unable to navigate my dynamic after the Paris-Nice. It is a little disappointing. It happened again in June when I stumbled upon the road race for the French championships. I arrived at the Tour de France not 100%. This is really what bothered me this year because there was a way to achieve great things.

“The whole TotalEnergies collective performed”

What about the results of your Team TotalEnergies team?

Overall, we have had a really good season with results from the start of the season and consistency in our performance over the months. [la formation TotalEnergies a remporté 15 victoires en 2022, soit 9 de plus qu’en 2021]. What was interesting in 2022 was really the whole collective that performed. It’s good because he has given a positive dynamic to the whole group since the beginning of the season with the victories we have achieved. After this good start to the season, the team did well in the months and in the races. There was always a driver on the team to get a result. It’s really good and we just need to do the same thing in 2023, or even better.

“Peter Sagan is rarely mistaken in his words”

What led to the arrival of Peter Sagan?

In 2022, Peter joined our workforce. He brought us more professionalism and little tips that can help us especially during an event. There was also the arrival of very good equipment. Peter gave the team a good boost. He is not one who talks a lot. That’s why when he talks, we want to hear him because he’s not going to bullshit. He will not speak at all and rarely makes mistakes in his words, so we listen carefully. It’s really interesting to listen to what he says, to follow his advice … It’s very rewarding to have him on the team and I think he makes you progress even more.

“I set myself high goals and I like to have responsibilities”

The team is counting more and more on me. I like it because I set high goals and I like to have responsibilities. The team remains happy with me overall. We just have to do better in 2023. We don’t really have a 2022 season rating. There, we cut a little bit with the holidays. We forgot the bike for a month, the time to cut through all this, to decompress the season just ended well. We will make a small update in December during the first team meeting to get the next season off to a better start.

“Pogacar, Evenepoel … there are great customers for riders of my age”

What do you think of Pogacar and Evenepoel, who are almost the same age as you?

Tadej Pogacar is my generation, he is the same age as me (23 years). With him I have done all the junior and hopeful races, so I know him very well. It is true that Tadej exploded in his first year as a pro. He was very strong from the start, he is a cador, he has class and a natural talent. This allowed him to pass the rankings very quickly. The same for Remco Evenepoel, perhaps much worse. He had a big injury in 2020 which slowed his career down a bit but yeah … there are great clients for the riders of my generation. (laughs). But that’s okay, we tell ourselves that no matter the age, we can be right up front.

That challenge for the future and make you want to be even stronger to be able to compete with them in certain races. However, there are no more small events, both in the World Tour and in the other categories. It is true that we are going full throttle all day and we have to fight to be part of the escape. The average level of the group has increased over the years, I’ve seen it since the days with the pros (trainee in 2017, but first full year with professionals in 2019). The elders say the same thing. This is particularly due to technological progress … The Tour de France average, for example, has been beaten this year, which shows that things are accelerate. To get results, you don’t just have to be good, which makes it very difficult to achieve success.

“The Tour de France 2023? I want to do it, but above all I want to perform there”

Do you like the route of the Tour de France 2023?

The course is quite interesting even if it is very very difficult. I like the beginning because I love the Basque Country and its streets. I think it’s great that there are three stages in this region. Overall it is a very difficult Tour de France with all the French massifs, there will be several stages in the central massif. It will be a great Tour de France. Do I want to participate in this new edition? Sure, I want to do the Tour [Mathieu Burgaudeau a déjà pris le départ de deux Tour de France], but above all I want to perform there. I want to be 100% to finally be able to fully express myself, not like this year I crashed after a week “.

“In 2023, I especially want to have a full season …”

What about your goals for next year?

I have not yet set my goals for the 2023 season. I am really returning to fun mode, without having a specific training program. I let my feelings speak out during this month of November. I’ll report on my goals in December. Above all, next year I want to do an entire season, without recurring injuries, to be able to express myself 100% from January 1st to October. I think that if I don’t have injuries, I have the means to have a good season. As for the races, of course I want to do the Tour de France, but we’ll see, there are also other races besides the Tour during a season …

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