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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced the launch in Europe of a new range of Bespoke products, demonstrating the company’s commitment to become the leading brand for the most environmentally friendly, beautiful and smart appliances at the same time.[1].

This new Bespoke collection consists of a range dedicated to the care of linen[2] and a custom-made AI oven™, as well as the Bespoke Infinite Line (these ranges are currently available in France with the exception of the Bespoke Infinite Line which will be available in 2023).

Samsung is constantly pushing its limits to create innovative products that help improve people’s lives by evolving and adapting to their needs. “ said Hyesoon Yang, Samsung Electronics Vice President and Head of Customer Experience of Digital Home Appliances Business. ” This new Bespoke range features a variety of features, both clever and aesthetically pleasing “.

AI ™ bespoke washing machines and dryers: lower energy consumption washes

The new Bespoke AI ™ laundry care range was developed in collaboration with the Patagonia apparel brand and features innovative technologies aimed at reducing the amount of microplastic released from garments. Available this summer, the Bespoke AI ™ washing machine will offer a wash cycle by 2023, thereby reducing by 54%[3] these waste.

The bespoke AI washing machine it is also equipped with features aimed at limiting its environmental impact on a daily basis, while maintaining optimal washing quality. As the most energy efficient washing machine on the market[4]the Bespoke AI ™ washing machine features AI Ecobubble ™ technology[5] Samsung exclusive.

Using cold water instead of hot water (without affecting the duration of the washing cycle) you can save up to 70%[6] energy with SmartThings Energy’s AI Energy mode[7]. And by allowing the detergent to quickly penetrate fabrics and remove dirt, AI Ecobubble ™ technology also ensures effective washing of clothes even in cold water at 15 ° C.

In addition, the Bespoke AI washing machine it is equipped with AI Wash sensors that measure the weight of the laundry and the level of cleaning to automatically adjust the levels of water and detergent to be used during the wash cycle, minimizing waste.

The SpaceMax ™ technology, on the other hand, allows the washing machine to have a larger basket without increasing its external dimensions, offering an extra large capacity of 11 kg.

Finally, with its flat design and wide range of colors, the Bespoke AI ™ washing machine adapts perfectly to the interior, whatever the space available and the tastes of the users.

A smart and healthy cooking experience with the AI ​​Bespoke oven

The Bespoke AI ™ oven, scheduled for launch in European markets in December, is packed with smart features for an even easier cooking experience. AI Pro Cooking technology[8] uses a camera to recognize food and suggests the best cooking settings while monitoring food to avoid overcooking. Users can remotely monitor their kitchen on the SmartThings app[9] and make the kitchen more interactive by creating time-lapse videos and sharing them with friends and family on social media.

The new Bespoke AI ™ oven is equipped with various steaming functions, a concept long associated with healthy cooking. The Steam Assist function (adding steam)[10] gets crisper, more delicate textures with a fondant center and crunchy exterior, making it the perfect baking choice for many dishes. Thanks to the 100% Steam function[11], steaming vegetables or fish and preserving the natural flavors of their dishes while preserving their nutrients is done with minimal effort. The Bespoke AI ™ oven also features a Dual Cook Steam double cavity[12]. This allows you to cook two dishes at the same time with different settings; which saves time and energy by preheating only once.

This oven with touch opening is equipped with a flat door, without handle, to harmoniously harmonize with the kitchen furniture. Just press lightly on the control panel to open the door[13]. The oven is available in a palette of modern colors and finishes, including Clean Navy (glossy midnight blue), Satin Beige (matte beige) and Black Glass[14].

The Bespoke AI ™ oven is also equipped with functions connected through the SmartThings Cooking app[15]. This app provides recipes[16] customized according to the tastes of users, their diet and the ingredients available in the refrigerator of the Family Hub range. Additionally, SmartThings Cooking can sync with Samsung Health to track users’ calorie intake goals and habits and recommend suitable recipes.

A dream kitchen with the sublime Bespoke Infinite Line range

Samsung is proud to announce the launch of Bespoke Infinite Line, a full range of premium appliances, initially focused on the kitchen. Inspired by Samsung’s Bespoke design vision, the Bespoke Infinite Line brings together exceptional quality products to deliver a premium dining experience. It will be available in France in 2023, starting with a so-called “1 door” module, available in the fridge, freezer and cellar.[17].

The Bespoke Infinite Line range is designed to fit perfectly into its environment, with vertical lines, refined materials and sophisticated finishes. The Infinite design features a shiny metallic finish, greige color and elegant golden copper finishes.

Inside the refrigerator doors, the Black Metal Cooling system[18] it retains the cold and helps to quickly restore any heat loss. The lighting consists of a strip of LEDs that runs around the cavity; which allows light to be projected in all directions and illuminates every corner of the refrigerator. The Auto Open Door function allows you to open the door automatically with a simple touch[19], emitting a sound to warn of its opening. In addition, the absence of a handle gives it an elegant appearance.

Other features include a self-filling water carafe that fills with filtered water when placed in the refrigerator. Thanks to its integrated infuser, you can add fruit or infusions to create deliciously flavored drinks[20]. The temperature-controlled Flex Pantry drawer allows you to perfectly adapt the temperature to the nearest degree based on the type of food stored.

[1] All energy labels and product dimensions are available on the website.
[2] The white model of Bespoke AITM washer and dryer with silver top band is already available in France.
[3] Tested with a 2 kg load of 100% polyester hoodies, comparing the “Synthetic” cycle on the classic Samsung WW4000T model and the “Microplastic” cycle on the WW7000B. Results may vary depending on clothing and environment. Tested by the Ocean Wise Plastics laboratory.
[4] Based on an energy saving of 70% obtained with the AI ​​Energy function and the Ecobubble cold wash (15 ° C). (August 2022)
[5] This technology injects air into the detergent and water mixture creating a high-performance foam that quickly penetrates fabrics and removes dirt.
[6] Tests carried out on the basis of the IEC 60456-2010 standard / 4Kg washing load / Super Eco cold program (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. 40 ° C cotton without eco-bubble (WF0702WKU). Results may vary depending on how the washing machine is used.
[7] SmartThings Energy displays monthly energy consumption and projected electricity costs and sends alerts if consumption is too high.
[8] Only available on some models. The plate must be positioned in the center of the oven to obtain the best possible recognition. Accuracy of recognition may vary depending on actual conditions of use, such as the type of ingredients, cleanliness of the cavity and ambient light. For more information, refer to the user manual attached to the package.
[9] Samsung application that allows the control and management of compatible connected objects. For more information:
[10] To use the assisted steam function, simply fill the water tank and select the “convection steam” mode.
[11] Only available on some models. To use the 100% Steam function, simply fill the water tank, place the steam pot in the oven (hood) and select the “Steam” mode. .
[12] Dual Cook Steam allows you to cook two dishes in two separate cavities, one of which includes a steam cooking mode. A steam cleaning function is also integrated.
[13] The door does not open on request if the fire-cleaning or child safety functions have been activated.
[14] The colors and finishes available differ according to the models.
[15] SmartThings Cooking is available in Samsung’s SmartThings app.
[16] Available in select languages ​​including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
[17] The dimensions of all RR9000 models are 595 x 1,855 x 688 mm (W x H x D).
[18] Metal Cooling is a metallic coating present in the refrigerator that optimizes the cooling of the appliance.
[19] The door opens automatically about 25 mm. If you do not open it further, it will automatically close after 2 seconds (automatic closing may not be possible in some environments).
[20] To make flavored water, the infuser must be filled with fruit or infusions before use.

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