Social. Transport, education, health … Should we expect Black Thursday?

This Thursday a new day of inter-professional strike is announced, at the appeal of the CGT, mobilized “for the revaluation of wages and pensions”. The first day took place on October 18th. The CGT had therefore identified nearly 300,000 demonstrators in France (107,000 according to the Ministry of the Interior). Another movement had taken place on October 27, but this one was little followed, in the middle of the school holidays.

For this Thursday 10 November the confederal secretary of the CGT, Céline Verzeletti, says she expects a mobilization equivalent to that of October 18. But unlike in mid-October, when FO, Solidaires and FSU had joined the national appeal to demonstrate, for this Thursday, FSU and Solidaires only called to join the processions locally.

>> Let’s take stock of the expected interruptions:

Many manifestations

On Thursday, 150 to 200 demonstration points are planned across France.

In Paris, the event will start at 2 pm from Place de la République. In Lyon, the event will start at 11:30 from Place Jean Macé. In Mulhouse, the event is scheduled for the end of the day, at 4pm from Place de la Bourse. All the places of mobilization can be found on the CGT website.

In urban transport

Many disruptions in public transport are expected.

In Paris, the watchword is “zero meter, zero RER”. Seven subway lines will be completely closed and another seven will be open only during rush hour, the RATP said. Only two lines will function normally with a “risk of saturation”. As for the RER, one in three trains runs on average on line A and one in two on line B during peak hours.

The CTS transport of the Strasbourg Eurometropolis also presented a strike notice for this Thursday. The CTS indicates on its website that the circulation of the trams will be ensured all day, but that they will circulate with modified timetables and frequencies. It will be the same for some bus lines.

There are no trams in Nice due to the strike, as well as around thirty buses.

In Lyon there are no interruptions on the TCL network.

At the SNCF

Unlike urban transport, the SNCF should experience few disruptions. The railway company told BFMTV that TGV traffic would be normal and Intercity traffic would be slightly cut off.

On the TER side, nine out of 10 trains will run nationwide, with local disparities. The SNCF Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes website therefore indicates that “TER traffic will be very disturbed from Wednesday 9 evening and Thursday 10 November”. In Brittany, Pays de la Loire and New Aquitaine, traffic will be interrupted on some lines. In Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the SNCF also indicates that “on Thursday 10 November it is likely that the circulation of trains will be interrupted”.


On Thursday the occupational health workers go on strike. The CFE-CGC trade union for occupational health “joins the strike movement of November 10, 2022,” it said in a press release.

The Union Syndicale Union of public assistance CGT of the hospitals of Paris also called “the hospitals on strike for the increase of the index point to 6 euros”.

For its part, the Federation of Health and Social Action of the CGT filed a strike notice but for 11 November.

In Education

Many cities, such as Le Havre, Fréjus or Bourg-en-Bresse, have announced interruptions in after-school reception services and school canteens. “The reception of children will be made difficult, in some cases even impossible, in the nurseries, in the lunchtime catering and in the evening nursery”, indicates in particular the municipality of Bourg-en-Bresse on its website.

In Bordeaux “some morning kindergartens in kindergartens will be closed and the functioning of some school restaurants will be changed”.

Some university libraries have also announced modified operations or closures. In Le Mans, for example, the opening hours of the university library are staggered. In Saint-Etienne, the BU also indicated that schedules may be disrupted.

In Paris, the Sorbonne building will be closed to students.

In public service

The CGT Federal Union of State Unions also joins the strike movement on Thursday. In a statement he denounced the “fragmented and insufficient measures” of the government and “asked to make November 10 a new culmination of inter-professional mobilization”.


The CGT of the Just Eat delivery service also calls on the consignees to strike this Thursday “to maintain the pressure”.

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