The French part of a world icon: “In France with Madonna”

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Queen of Pop’s career, this film explores the close and unique bond between Madonna and France. The word is given to French artists with whom she has long surrounded herself to cross all fashions. Source of inspiration and creation, France is at the center of the planetary star’s life. Watch on Monday 17 October at 9pm on France 5.

I think for her France is really chic, avant-garde and a bit scandalous.

Leila Slimani

Madonna delves into French culture to create her image, draws inspiration from its values ​​to fuel her provocations. This film offers testimonies from close collaborators and French friends who helped create her unique artistic universe: Maripol, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Julien d’Ys, Nicolas Huchard, Marion Motin … And today’s artists. – Florence Foresti, Leïla Slimani, Victor Weinsanto, HollySiz … – tell of the extraordinary influence of the icon, a figure of emancipation and source of inspiration that goes far beyond music. The story of a “revolutionary in the country of the Revolution”, in the words of Leïla Slimani, who chose, the day after the attacks of 13 November 2015, to get up to support the victims by improvising a concert in the middle of the night in Place de la République.


“Maripol decorated me like a Christmas tree!” ” Madonna

“I already had a rebellious temperament when it came to fashion, I loved vintage and I dressed a little crazy: maybe that’s what attracted her … and the fact that I was also French!” Maripol, stylist and photographer

“They will understand each other very quickly … they are an obvious couple! With Jean-Paul Gaultier there is an artistic direction. ” Loic Prigent, fashion documentary maker

“The costume of a man pierced by conical breasts … his armor to conquer and have power … It is both a protection and a provocation” Jean Paul Gaultier

“For me it is a breast-phallus … I wish, it is the image of an erection. “ Leila Slimani, writer

“Become the embodiment of a powerful woman: this is what it means to work with Gaultier. ” Didier Varrod, musical director of the antennas of Radio France

“At the time, for most of the militant feminists, Madonna was by no means an emancipatory figure … The paradox is that she played on this representation of the woman-object” Agnes Gayraud, pphilosopher and musician

“She is not a woman-object, she is the first woman-subject” Florence Foresti

“As early as 1979 Madonna confronted the French art scene when she herself had not yet started her career. “ Muriel Frimond, artistic director

“Patrick Hernandez firmly believes in it: for him she is a future pop star. ” Carole Boinetdeditorial director of Unbreakable
“One day she looked at him and said, ‘Today you are number 1, tomorrow I will be.’ “

“Mirwais didn’t twist what she was, she just turned it into her sauce” HollySiz / Cecile Cassel, muSicilian

“You could say he gave her a passport to earn another ten or twenty years in the music industry. ” Didier Varrod

“Madonna really has the genius of pop, which is to say, gathering a crowd around the same message. “ Carole Boinet

“There is a bond with artistic and human France which is strong at home and which continues to travel through time. ” Marion Motin, dancer and choreographer

“She is an enemy to all fundamentalists, she also tells the world that pop culture is the territory of all freedoms and progress. “ Didier Varrod

“Madonna is truly inclusion ahead of its time. You have always shown empathy for those that society puts aside … “ Leila Slimani

In France with Madonna

Madonna and France: a true love story.

Leila Slimani
Andwriter; Julien d’Yshascapillary artist; Agnes Gayraudpphilosopher and musician; HollySiz / Cécile CasselmuSicilian; Florence Forestihhumorist; Jean Paul Gaultier, seamstress; Carole Boinetdeditorial director of Unbreakable ; Didier Varroddmusical director of the antennas of Radio France; Nicolas Hucharddpresenter and choreographer; Muriel Frimanddartistic director; stefano jamoisfyear of the Madonna; Victor Weinsantovsfashion designer; MaripolS.stylist and photographer; Sophie BramleypI photograph; Jacques MetgesAndx-director of promotion at WEA Music; Loic Prigentdfashion documentary maker; Marion Motinddancer and choreographer

Documentary (90 min – unreleased) – Authors Elise Baldovino And Julie Delettre — Result Giulia Lazzaro– Voice Alysson Paradiso – Co-production Bangumi and France televisions

In France with Madonna airs Monday 17 October at 9pm on France 5
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