9 movies to watch when you’re single

By Francois R.

– Posted 11 Nov 2022 at 11:01 am

For International Singles Day, Melty offers you to drown your grief or solidify your position, it depends, with 9 movies to choose from … just follow the guide!

Today is International Singles Day. Yes, yes, it exists. And to get you on the pill, comfort yourself in your position, make you forget the lost, give you hope or just have fun alone … Melty offers you a short day or an evening at the cinema, according to your availability, with no less than 9 movies to watch when you’re single. of the comedyof the romancefrom the actionfrom teen moviesfrom sex and evenlove… Everything is possible. Request the program and follow the guide! Spoiler alert : you can spend some time with Virginie Efira, Jonathan Cohen, Lindsay Lohan or Keanu Reeves.

The children (netflix)

Alain Chabat, Max Boublil. A retiree, his son-in-law. Two retarded teenage fans of rock and weed who decide to go with a roommate after dumped his wife and girlfriend. The crisis of the 1950s and 1930s seen through the prism of regressive but enjoyable comedy. Sacred laughter reminiscent of the best friends American comedies produced by Judd Apatow (Brothers in spite of themselves, Supergrave). Chabat’s humor and Boublil’s gritty side too!

First vacation (netflix)

As we say Camille Cottin in this sentimental schoolboy comedy: Holidays are the worst test for the couple“. However, Marion and Ben are not in a relationship. Well, not really, the two met on Tinder and shortly after at your placewe decide to go on vacation together on a whim. Direction: the Bulgaria. For the best and for the fun. First vacation twists his neck to the codes of the classic “romcom” revealing himself alternately trash, funny, sad. Camille Chamoux And Jonathan Cohen shape a perfect person of rare tenderness.

Sex with friends (netflix)

The fashion of sex friends is it obsolete? Possible, because today we switched to planc anonymous and fast via dating app. However, this butt but not butt comedy, starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, may bring you back to some heartwarming memories. Sex with friends it is less a film about love than about the indecision to commit to someone, the great sentimental evil of our time.

20 years later (PrimeVideo)

Watch out for: sweet nugget and feel good movie. 20 years later is intended for all eternal romantics, suffering souls, lovers and lonely lovers who no longer believe in love with a capital A. A banal but fair story, that of a young man who falls into the spell of a milf but not too much. Clash of generations and field of all possibilities, the alchemy between Pierre Niney And Virginie Efira make this film the cult sentimental comedy of an entire generation. excuse me The heartthrob.

John Wick (PrimeVideo)

For a brief moment we forget about love, feelings and the couple. Or rather for 1:40. Fancy a good big steamer with American sauce? John Wick it’s perfect for forgetting sentimental galleys and failures on Tinder. Imagine: a former hitman who takes back his guns because bad gangsters killed his dog. If the tone of this action movie fits a PQ coupon, John Wick however it fulfills its entertainment mission raw paint stripping. Honestly, even if not violent, man or woman, they would refuse to spend two hours in the company of a Keanu Reeves sweaty and dark? None, of course.

Lolita in spite of myself (PrimeVideo)

Did you know ? The original title of Lolita in spite of myself is Average Girls. Comprehend : bad Girls, In French in the text. A much sharper and more equivocal title. This cult comedy brought by Lindsey Lohan and Rachel McAdams may not be the film that will make you forget your celibacy the most, but this biting reinterpretation of the teen movies it is a fat party of pleasure. And a certain nostalgic return to the thankless age – or innocence, it depends – of high school. Ready to take out your flip phone?

Sentimental state … It’s complicated (Cine +)

ManuPayetundecided, que-blo between two lovers. Initially, on paper, we would not have thought this romantic-cool comedy would be so successful. Nevertheless, Sentimental state … It’s complicatedreleased before a certain advent of social networks and the dating app trend, serves as Proust’s madeleine for all the quiet singles who were fell in love of the popular high school girl or boy. Not convinced? How to resist the irresistible Anais Demoustier and how not to succumb to the proud Emanuele Criqui ? Still not convinced? Ask Manu!

Kaboom (Cine +)

In 2010, the American punk and gay director Gregg Araki unleash this little bomb with the evocative title that detonates the campus film way American Magpie. Kaboom is an explosion of the senses, LGBT-friendly, mixing euphoric drugs, raw sex, Wicca witchcraft and … global conspiracy. It must be admitted that, ten years later, Araki had quite anticipated our contemporary era and more particularly the perpetual evolutions of customs and sexualities. Thanks who? Thanks Gregg, the visionary.

Bridget Jones’s diary (VOD channel)

Last but not least. How not to conclude this small list of movies for singles without giving up Bridget Jones Diary the tribute it deserves. This sentimental comedy so British And super cool with the Spicy Trio Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant And ColinFirth has become the standard of the genre year after year. Often imitated, quite parodied but never equaled, Bridget Jones it has become such a pop-cultural object that it transcends cinema that we almost forget that it is a fiction. But, sometimes, fiction meets reality. Since the film’s success, many single people have identified with Bridget Jones to the point that the heroine has given her nickname to a syndrome that immortalizes female celibacy over the age of 30. Don’t worry, many men also eat large tubs of Häagen-Dazs ice cream in front of a movie when downloaded … Not everyone is as perfect as Hugh Grant, indeed.

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